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Aug 15, 2022 | 08:06 am 805 0

Preparing for the autumn hunt. Tips and checklist.

Preparing for the autumn hunt. Tips and checklist.

We have always believed that the question of what your favorite season is wrong and incorrect. The time of year is not your favorite football team or beer. Each period has its advantages and charms, which, with their uniqueness, can fall in love with even the most cynical and unromantic skeptic. Even the stony heart of a professional hunter can melt at the sight of spring meadows full of bright colors and scents of nature reviving after a cold winter. Yes, and winter constraints, despite their snow-covered rigidity, lull peacefully with their pristine whiteness and purity.

Hunters, wildlife and bird watchers, and even mountain hikers are the prime beneficiaries of all of North America's incredible, unique nature. Each change in it is another fantastic page in the life of each of us. As it is not sad, but each of us, God measured a limited number of such moments that we can enjoy. It would be a crime to neglect them.

Today, while we are writing this article, autumn has already entered the fight against the rushing summer heat, seriously intending to seize what will become its rightful place as soon as the calendar changes to September. Unfortunately or fortunately, we have no power over these processes. All that remains for us is to humble ourselves and get ready to enjoy all the delights of the coming time.

But, do not forget that autumn is not only a riot of colors of foliage, coolness, gently cooling our bodies after the summer heat, and suspicion of upcoming holidays. This frontier period, preparing us for winter, is characterized by pleasant emotions. He can present unpleasant surprises, especially for those who do not want to meet the changes in a cozy chair with a cup of cocoa near a cozy fireplace.

First of all, we are talking about hunters. About those who will be at the forefront of meeting autumn with all its surprises and challenges. Without a doubt, such people will not be frightened by either cold or heavy rain. We are sure that hunting is not just a way of life, but a vocation, a need coming from the depths of the soul. Even if the world were suddenly left without comfortable, warm clothes, a modern night vision device, a good car, and the best hunting rifle, this would not prevent a true hunter from going far into the forest. Even naked and with a homemade bow.

But, our civilization has not collapsed yet, and we have not slid down to the primitive system. And this means that on the eve of the new autumn season, your only problem will be to check your equipment and supplement it with what is missing. To help you with this, we have prepared this article.

Clothes for autumn hunting.

Let's start with the most crucial aspect of not only hunting. No matter what goals you set for yourself, clothing is the most critical factor on which your comfort and productivity depend. If you watch birds or wildlife, you will need a warm, light, and comfortable suit that will not restrict movement, keep you warm in the cold, will not get wet, and will have a resource in case of unforeseen situations.

That's the whole secret. Following these rules, you can find the perfect outfit for a raid or a hike in the forest. But the devil, as usual, is in the details.

Choosing clothes, any clothes, start with a clear understanding of the purposes for which you choose them. If your task is to prepare for the hunt, then extra, conveniently located pockets will not be excessive. The area where you are going to spend time is also critical. Each location is characterized by a specific color and a set of color palettes. Your form should resonate with this location, especially if you do not want to return from hunting without a trophy. You must blend in with the terrain and be invisible to animals.

Another prominent piece of advice follows from this rule. Keep clothing clean and free from harsh and noticeable odors. This applies not only to perfumes and deodorants but also to your smell. Animals, in their natural habitat, are superior to us in everything. They are faster and deadlier; most can see in the dark and distinguish even elusive smells much more clearly than we do.

Also, when choosing a pattern, you should consider non-obvious factors, such as the time of day you intend to use it. Therefore, if you are a fan of night hunting, you should proceed with this fact.

Once you've figured out which camouflage pattern will perfectly correlate with the terrain, it's time to consider the temperature range in that area. You don't feel cold tenderly while hunting. But experiencing heat and discomfort from excessive heat is just as bad a plan. The market now offers a wide variety of fabrics. Many manufacturers today offer their developments not only in the style of hunting and military clothing but even in materials. Today, this industry is almost as technologically advanced as the space industry, and popular membrane fabrics are not the only alternative.

With such a disposition, the priority of choice shifts from fabric to style. This task is highly debatable and depends on personal preferences. So, the main question is what to choose: pants or overalls. There is no correct answer. Of course, overalls are more practical and reliable. It's harder to get wet and easier to move around in. But, some of its features may repel you from buying. For example, urinating in these pants can turn into an adventure of its own, especially when weather conditions do their best to complicate the process for you. And, let's be honest: not all states consider this style classy.

If you opt for pants, then pay special attention to the belts. A good belt can be expensive - from $ 50 and up. But don't skimp on it. The wrong choice can cost you dearly and ruin even the best pants. A good and reliable belt, in turn, will not only be a comfortable element of clothing but will also become a multifunctional tool if you need to survive in wild forests or mountains

Generally speaking, the task of how to dress for autumn hunting comes down to making it impossible for you to get cold wind and piercing rain to your body and at the same time maintain mobility and ease of movement. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to your neck and getting buff. Not only will this item keep you warm, but it will also hide your face when the weather calls for it

Hunting hands are not just a part of the body. This is your primary tool, so choosing gloves is just as important as selecting the best hunting boots. Tactical or special gloves for hunting - there is not much difference; the main thing is that they can protect you from cold and moisture. Cold and moisture are your main enemies in the autumn hunt, and any part of your image should be ready to resist these enemies

But, there is one more nuance that is important for gloves - the coating on the palm. Still, the main thing you will do with your own hands interacts with the weapon, so ergonomics and contact with the gun are essential. In addition, there are different cases, and it will be good if your hands are protected when you accidentally grab the hot barrel with your palm. And, considering that the modern world is impossible without touchscreen smartphones, pay attention to the models of gloves with a special coating on the index finger, which will allow you to use the phone without taking off your gloves.

We will leave the headgear to your discretion because all the advice we gave earlier will allow you not to make a mistake when buying. Most importantly, make sure you look stylish in a new warm cap or hat.

We do not focus too much on practical advice, limiting ourselves to general tips. But, you can always dive deeper into the topic by reading our article "The best hunter clothing brands".

Boots for hunting. How to choose boots for hunting in the fall.

The importance of good shoes can hardly be overestimated in all spheres of our life: in the gym, in the office, on vacation, at a family celebration. Therefore, the advice to carefully choose shoes will always be relevant, especially if you have a long hike in not the most friendly conditions. Hunters know everything about cold natural conditions. It is about them that we will talk about.

We have already presented an article in which we considered all aspects and subtleties of choosing the right boots for hiking in the forest. You can read our tips in the text "Hunting boots. All you need to know before buying".

But, it is worth refreshing our knowledge and paying attention to the problem from a new angle. Why? It's straightforward: you spend all day on your feet. And, in ordinary life, you will not allow yourself to wear uncomfortable shoes. For training, you will buy Nike or Under Armor sneakers; for walking, you will probably have casual shoes by Tommy Hilfiger or Lacoste. Yes, and in winter, you will not let yourself freeze in Dr. Martens or Timberland. So, why should you limit yourself to where reliable footwear is not a matter of style but survival?

For obvious reasons, the indicator that you have made the right choice is that you do not even think about your legs throughout the day—the load for Forapparents reasons, the legs, for obvs many times over. At the same time, if something goes wrong, the legs will not let you forget about yourself for a second. To ensure this, try walking around in shoes with a small pebble. You look at many things differently.

Yes, the stakes are incredibly high. Our legs are a unique part of the body. Therefore, do not be trapped by illusions and prepare for a personal store trip. The fact that manufacturers have unified their products under a single-size marking does not mean anything. You can explain to the seller the length of your foot. But, as for the unique anatomical features of the foot, it will not be possible to define and measure. You should try on shoes and look for precisely the option that will perfectly correlate with your foot. In the case of hunting boots, this becomes even more important because the styles intended for trekking, military, hunting, and active life are usually very tough. And do not expect that the shoes will take the shape of your foot over time. Instead, your foot will take the form of uncomfortable boots.

Ideally, you shouldn't feel your shoes at all. For this, you will have to work hard. And not only during the selection. You will have to wear some models at home, sometimes with two pairs of socks, so that the purchase adapts to your foot. But it's worth it.

A good piece of equipment should be waterproof. This is a hypothesis. Moreover, the boot must withstand not only falling into the rain but also accidentally falling into the river. If your shoes are not waterproof, the consequences will be highly unpleasant, mainly if your raid occurs in late autumn, during frosts. They are drying socks on the ice near a fire is a challenging task.

By the way, a few words about socks. Many mistakenly consider socks to be nothing more than an attribute of hunting equipment, preferring to save on them. This is a big mistake. Just like underwear, socks should be comfortable and made from natural materials. Comfort should be your constant hunting companion. Otherwise, its absence will turn into your enemy, which is useless to fight in the field.

High shoes will tightly fix your ankle and help to avoid injuries, mainly if you operate in areas with rugged terrain. By the same logic, you should pay special attention to the sole. The correct pattern and relief of the sole will provide a high-quality and firm grip on the surface. It is simply impossible to overestimate this. You'll remember when your boots won't let you slide down a steep hill.

There are no trifles in the matter of choosing shoes. Even the method of fixing the boots on the leg is essential. Let's say you bought shoes with laces; we advise you to use a hockey trick. It is necessary to process the laces with melted wax. This will keep them from coming undone and holding them tight after you lace up your boots.

And lastly, before buying, study the materials from which the shoes are made. It not only has to be durable, reliable, and waterproof. But should allow the leg to "breathe."

If you accept and practice all our advice, you can choose the ideal model for yourself. Also, save money.

How to choose a car for hunting.

This is an important topic. It is as important as all the others in this article. It is so important that we raised it more than once in our articles, releasing a whole series for our hunters. We talked about "Best cars for hunting", about "Worst cars for hunting". We talked about "How to spoil your hunting car" and gave advice on "How to prepare your hunting car". We've covered more than enough on this topic.

But, the question of how to choose a car for hunting is too important. In many ways, its priority is dictated by the cost of a good SUV is much higher than the cost of good boots or a hunting jacket. The price of a mistake is too high. And, we advise you to study all aspects of the issue before buying a machine.

But, first, answer yourself the question of whether you need reliable transport for hunting. Chances are you won't be hunting directly from a car. Various methods of such hunting are often based on the fact that animals are lost and disoriented, falling into a bright beam of light. We do not welcome such cruel methods. Moreover, they are often illegal.

Hunting is not just getting food; it is a process of unity with nature, searching for your inner predator, and returning to the roots. Cruelty should be alien to anyone considering hunting a significant part of his life.

herefore, transport in the life of a hunter is a tool for moving into the raid zone and returning home with prey. And again, the question of choosing the type of such transport is closely correlated with the location where you are going to hunt. It can be a snowmobile, an ATV, a boat, or a motorcycle.

But, if we talk about the ideal solution for most situations, we choose an SUV. The off-road vehicle will provide you with comfort and enough space for equipment and loot and access to places that few people can visit. At the same time, our advice will be pretty straightforward and specific: buy yourself a pickup truck.

This car combines the comfort of an ordinary civilian SUV and the transport capabilities of a small truck. Modern models are very variable in modifying the car's cargo part. You can turn it into a vast closed trunk in minutes, install unique boards for transporting livestock or prepare it for transporting bulky goods. Multifunctionality, high cross-country ability, and modern comfort. This recipe can expand your travels' scope and give you new emotions.

There are many options for these cars. Popular Japanese Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi L200, German Mercedes X-class, and VW Amarok - no one will stop you from becoming the owner of one of these cars. But, we have a particular opinion on this matter. If you decide to make such a purchase, use our favorite rule: no compromises! In our opinion, even if you take these cars closer, the Toyota Hilux will turn out to be a delicate Japanese mechanism, the Mitsubishi L200 is something resembling a family banal family hatchback on big wheels, and the VW Amarok is a dummy that will break as soon as it leaves the highway.

Our choice is a real American car! Which was explicitly created to conquer the vast expanses of the United States, regardless of the road surface and obstacles. If you look at the RAM, the Ford F-150, and especially the Jeep Gladiator, you'll no doubt that these off-road monsters will get you out of trouble. If there is anything to advise an experienced hunter who has gathered in the forest or mountain wilderness, then only these time-tested American cars!

But, first of all, decide for yourself whether you need transport. Indeed, for many, hunting is not so much an opportunity to get prey but also a walk among pristine nature and a chance to plunge into the wild

The best weapon for hunting.

If you go out on a raid with great equipment, taking first-class optics and a night vision device with you, this is not hunting. This is birdwatching or watching wild nature, for the apparent reason that hunting is impossible without prey. Because of this confrontation between man and nature, hunting culture has a romantic and attractive overtone that attracts itself.

There is something sacred in this process, something that awakens instincts dormant deep in us, lulled by the comfort and benefits of the modern world and civilization. It pulls us deep into the forest and high up the mountain to challenge the wild and its eternal inhabitants. Only there do we have the opportunity to clash with the elements from which we were born millions of years ago at the risk of our own lives and safety.

We often talk about how weak and helpless man is in the face of omnipotent nature. Man is deprived of the evolutionary advantages that are bestowed even on small and not very dangerous animals. We cannot survive even the slightest drop in temperature, our hands lack deadly claws, we have no sharp teeth, and neither our eyesight nor our poor hearing can help us at night. The only thing we can oppose the wild elements is our unique brain. Thanks to this incredible tool, the best of our species have invented many things that evened the odds.

Weapons are one of those things. It replaced us with both fangs and claws. And allowed us to survive in the process of a long evolutionary path. Now humanity no longer needs to use weapons as a tool for survival, but those who are obsessed with a craving for traditional hunting realize their aspirations using weapons. At the same time, it does not matter what you prefer: a classic gun, a bow, or a crossbow. The rules for preparing the main instrument are almost the same.

We have many articles on this topic, where we touch on an almost complete list of issues, from choosing the right weapon to storing it and selecting an optic. There are no correct answers, just as there is no end to the discussion on these issues. This is the beauty of the infinite depth of this topic.

Therefore, let's not dwell on obvious, general things. You probably know the basic rules about weapons regardless of what you use. Respect your gun and see it as something dangerous and capable of killing. Because that's precisely what it is. Your working tool must constantly be lubricated and in good condition regardless of its type, be it a gun, a crossbow, a pistol adapted for hunting, or even a slingshot. Transportation of weapons is allowed only in a discharged, and better - in a disassembled state. Experienced military men say: "A bullet fired by accident flies most accurately." Never forget this, an accidental shot can be a tragedy and a disaster. Things happen, but believe me, even if a tragic accident happens, you will overcome the consequences more quickly if you know that you did everything to avoid it.

The same rules apply to ammunition. It is foolish to think that a cartridge is dangerous only when loaded into a weapon. It can detonate and release bullets from a strong impact, mishandling, and extreme heat, such as being caught in a fire. Respect and safety are your main tools for preventing and overcoming all, even the most unexpected accidents and coincidences. If you want to ignore our instructions - study how the winners of the Darwin Award received it. You don't want to be one of them, do you?

Many hunters are very frivolous about such a piece of equipment as a weapon case. Some even say: "This is a Mossberg Maverick 88; it is reliable and reliable, like the defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers; what can happen to it?". The answer is simple: anything can happen. Always expect the unexpected. Even Maverick 88 can surprise you at the most unexpected moment if it is not made in Texas.

No matter how much money you have and your gun costs, you want it to last as long as possible. Therefore, it is evident that ensuring its safety is the least you can do. In addition, you hardly want to experience an incredible range of emotions from the fact that your Remington or Benelli got stuck from a piece of cake or a petal of tobacco that ended up in your trunk, especially if you find it by shooting a wild boar charging at you.

The autumn and winter periods are the most unpleasant and dangerous in keeping weapons intact and clean. High humidity, dirt, dust, and temperature changes - all these natural factors will be your enemies throughout the hunting season. Consider this and take into account the specific features of your hunting weapon. Leather and wood parts, especially those not covered with unique compounds, can quickly become unusable under temperature extremes or in cold conditions. Such shortcomings may not be reflected in the shooting quality but will become critical for the ergonomics and value of your tool.

What advantages and ease of caring for weapons during the autumn hunting season? The fact that all the rules and laws are not only evident and logical but also simple. It will not be difficult for you to use and follow these rules; in this case, your favorite gun will still serve your grandchildren.

Optics for hunting. Night vision devices and thermal imagers.

Man has a unique ability to create problems for himself. For example, even a century ago, people were puzzled and obsessed with the desire to improve their eyesight, if only for hunting. Now, when the market is oversaturated with a wide variety of optical equipment, you are left with only two problems. The first is to choose the perfect optic for you, which, incidentally, can help many of our articles. And the second is how to extend the life of your favorite optical device.

We'll talk about this. Optics are a costly part of your equipment. Naturally, we are talking about the optics that are not sold in a children's store. And, we do not mean cheap fakes from China, India, and other countries where the desire to make money prevails over the need to comply with international laws. We do not doubt that your choice will be a quality and reliable device from the best night vision device manufacturer or any other device you need.

Such things are expensive. A good NV scope or thermal clip-on can cost thousands of dollars. If you don't have extra millions in your bank account, then you probably want to extend the life of your device as much as possible.

And again, your enemies in this will be autumn humidity, temperature changes, dust, and dirt. The only logical advice here is to take care of your treasure and use the same direction we gave in the weapons section. But, there is one more secret - carefully study the instructions for your device, mainly if you use thermal or NVD optics.

This is an entirely separate issue. We have discussed this very often, but we will touch on it again because of its unconditional importance. Ordinary binoculars, monoculars, collimators, and standard sights do not require special care and storage algorithms. Another thing is if you have a night vision device or a thermal imager.

The thing is that NVD is a unique example of engineering and human genius. In this small device, sensitive and fragile elements are concentrated that allow you to simulate the vision of, for example, a domestic cat. A complex ensemble of chemical and technological elements greatly amplifies the weakest light and processes it, converting it into a clear picture of a monochrome spectrum. This applies to any device, regardless of size - from bulky NV goggles of early generations to technological and compact NV clip-on systems that can be mounted on with any ordinary scope.

Thermal imagers have a different principle of operation - they register thermal signatures and convert them into a contrast image of different shades. It is no doubt like magic but has a prosaic scientific explanation, which we have presented in an accessible form in our article "How Does Thermal Imaging Work?".

The bottom line is that both technologies provide opportunities that science fiction writers of the past could not even dream of. Human genius has put unique technological possibilities inside small boxes, adding many more: reticles, wi-fi modules, hard drives, and variable options. Of course, the manufacturer has done everything to protect the valuable parts of his device. Shockproof and waterproof housings will be your main allies in keeping your night vision scope and other NV devices up and running.

Therefore, do not neglect the instructions. This booklet, which comes with expensive equipment, we usually throw away after flipping through it once. But, this doesn't seem right. All thermal vision devices and night vision devices are different. Even if their basic parameters are identical, they will differ depending on the manufacturer. It will be small things, but the devil is always in the details. If you pay attention, you will learn many exciting and valuable items. For example, how to store the device and batteries and clean your NV clip-on or binocular. This will help keep the device safe during the off-season and give you the knowledge to prepare for hunting.

But, these are tips for those who have already made their choice. If you are thinking about buying, weighing all the pros and cons - discard all doubts and discover the magical world of night hunting and observing nightlife. It's time to do it on the eve of autumn.

But, first, you need to decide what exactly you need. After all, as we have already mentioned, it will be an expensive and severe purchase. First, you need to understand some elementary, trivial things about how the technology works that will help you form an overall impression of its capabilities. Next, it's worth sorting out common misconceptions about why night vision is green or how to avoid thermal images. In addition to the fact that such knowledge will broaden your horizons, they also have practical applications.

Feeble, barely visible light. For example, if you understand how an NV device works, you will know that it needs light to work. You will know that your night vision monoculars will be useless if you go into total darkness. If you use artificial light, for example, the most reasonable option is IR light; you risk being seen by animals or other shooters. Some animals know the light in the infrared spectrum like hunters with specific equipment.

Also, it will be helpful to know that your night vision clip on will be of little use during a heavy snowstorm or rain. These are the features of the technology. Knowing all this, you will be able to understand which one: green or white NV light, will be comfortable for you. Yes, and in general, you will have information about NV generations, the future of night vision technology, and colored night vision. All this will become a sufficient basis for deciding which device to choose..

In turn, the thermal imager differs from thermal vision in almost everything, except that it allows you to see in the dark. In this case, the algorithm for a successful purchase is the same. For example, knowing how to hide from a thermal imager will give you straightforward suggestions for application areas. You will find that ordinary glass or a wall will become an insurmountable obstacle for the device. At the same time, it can work without light and in any weather.

The information you spend your time on will save you a lot of money when buying and in the future. Of course, we know the perfect recipe for a successful raid - have an NV and thermal vision device in your arsenal. This will allow you to become the ultimate hunter, which is effective at any time and under any conditions.

Hunting backpack. And necessary stuff to fill it.

Many things. It would help if you had something to feel comfortable wherever you drive or go and not die in unfricolditions. But, the good news is that all these things are small and can easily fit in your backpack. The backpack is the most important thing not only in hunting but also in life. This is a voluminous, comfortable accessory that has practically no weak points. With it, you can carry a large payload while freeing your hands. You can find the rules for choosing such an accessory in our article "How to choose the best backpack for hunting.". We also did a great review of the manufacturers of this amazing thing in the text "The best manufacturers of backpacks". We can assume that you are fully armed before going to the store or searching for the best option on the Internet. But, let's brush up on the basic qualities of your best backpack for hunting.

The main advantage of this type of bag is that you will carry it from the back. In this case, the main load will fall on your shoulders and back. Do you understand where we are going? Backpack straps should be soft and comfortable. They will be in contact with your shoulder area all the way, so if you injure your shoulders or cannot use your arms while doing this, the price for the wrong choice will be too high. The back panel of the backpack should also be technological and ergonomic. The bag should have solid padding that considers your body's physiology. But, at the same time, it should be soft enough to absorb the permanent load on the back. And speaking of straps and handles, keep in mind that you won't always carry your gear on your shoulders. Often you will have to take it like an everyday bag or load it into your car, so pay attention to the top handle. It should be comfortable, ideally anatomically correlated with the anatomical features of your hand. If it looks like a rope or a coil of wires, you will have an unforgettable experience of burning pain from wounds on your palms.

As with clothing, keep moisture resistance in mind. Here it is just as important as when choosing a jacket. All the things your comfort depends on are in one place and must be dry. It's even better if the backpack has a unique design that hides the zipper. This will prevent water from getting inside and protect the zipper itself.

A variety of flaps and compartments in a backpack are your best friends. If the backpack's design provides a particular room for a power bank and grooves for wires and headphones, this is an occasion to take a closer look at it and, perhaps, even buy it. Compartments, pockets, and fastenings are one of the priority aspects you should pay attention to when choosing. In this case, it all depends on your preferences and equipment. Just visualize in your head what and how you will pack in your backpack.

It also depends on the volume you need. Have you seen US Army soldiers who sometimes carry backpacks the size of a man? So: this is a good choice if you are going to a military base in another country, but it is not suitable for hunting. The volume of a backpack is an indicator that needs to be taken in a balanced and realistic way. Compare not only the amount of your equipment but also your strength. The fact is that the backpack's weight will increase with every mile, with every yard. Keep this in mind not only when choosing a bag but also when packing it.

The next interesting question is: what to put in your bag? Answer: everything you need, but no more than that. We have already mentioned that your cargo tends to gain weight on long hikes. So let's talk about what you can't do without. We also have a small tip for this. Before you start packing up and hunting, remember all the "based on a true story" thrillers. Beneficial will be those films in which the injured protagonist survives in the wild. Don't worry; we won't recommend drinking urine as Bear Grylls does. On the contrary, we will advise how not to reach this point.

Understand where you are going. Know the features of the area in which you will operate and its remoteness. Also, take into account the period for which you leave for the raid. After that, carefully assemble the medical kit. Or, you can buy a ready-made kit. The main thing is that you have the necessary medicines and medical equipment in case of an injury. Hunting is not only a pleasant pastime but also an activity with significant risk. Remember that not only you but also other people can be injured. And, believe me, if big trouble happens to you, and you are forced to survive far from civilization, a medical kit is the first thing you turn to.

Ah, here's the second thing you want: water and food. It will not be superfluous to purchase canned, dehydrated, freeze-dried food. You can prepare such products yourself or buy them. Today you can find many kits, army rations, or individual products. Luck is a changeable indicator, and you will not always be able to get yourself dinner. The products we recommend are more expensive than their fresh, standalone counterparts, but they are lightweight, compact, and can be stored for a long time. And let's be honest - they have a unique taste—the taste of adventure.

And, do not forget about sports nutrition. They are light, often tasty, and concentrated vitamin and protein warehouses.

With water, everything is much easier. You can bring a bottle or flask with you. But, it is unlikely that you will be able to carry the entire supply of fresh water for the whole raid. Our choice is a compact watermaker that will help in any situation. If you do not have it, do not neglect boiling water before drinking.

You will also need a tool. A knife, penknife, toolkit, ropes, and an ax are a must-have for any hunter. Remember the main rule? Expect the unexpected. All these things weigh minimally, and their usefulness in the field tends to infinity. If you find yourself in a situation that puts you on the brink of survival, then the value of the same ax will increase to a critical value. Ideally, you can find a lot of multi-tools that don't take up much space in your backpack but have endless functionality.

Remember, autumn is a time of rain, fog, and cool humidity. If you are melancholic and love to be sad, watching the rain through the window, warming yourself with a cup of cocoa, this is the best period for you. If you are a hunter trudging through the ancient forest searching for prey, this pastoral time of the year will present a problem for you. But, it can be avoided. Plan how you will make the fire. This plan should take into account wet wood and constantly pouring rain. Your lighter must be up to these challenges. Unique briquettes for ignition are also an indispensable part of your equipment.

This is almost a complete list of equipment you should take to the raid, packing it into the best backpack for hunting. But, we still hint at a small addition that will not be superfluous. Don't forget to complete your outfit with a small flask of liquid that will be able to keep you warm in a very critical situation.

Hunting is not just an opportunity to get your food and have a great time. This is a sacred act during which we touch the primordial nature and pay tribute to our ancestors, who managed to climb the food chain thanks to this craft. Modern achievements of humanity give us new opportunities that are updated every day. If you're just as obsessed with hunting as we are, stay tuned for these updates to make your raid more comfortable and productive.

We will keep you updated with all the leading news and continue talking about the best hunting devices.

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