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Fusion Imaging

Fusion Imaging devices

The AGM Fusion Imaging devices combine low-light optical detector or image intensifier tube (IIT) and thermal imaging technologies.


  • An innovative design that’s always well-suited for any nighttime missions, and which enables exceptional visibility and adaptability for different users
  • The highest-quality lens materials and ergonomic, durable construction for increased reliability
  • A large selection of included and optional accessories, such as a detachable extra long-range infrared illuminator, advanced range-finding stadia, upgraded carrying and storage cases, and more

The AGM Fusion Imaging devices combine low-light optical detector or image intensifier tube (IIT) and thermal imaging technologies.  Bi-spectrum devices can observe and search targets at night, in darkness, under extreme environments such as smoke, fog, rain, snow, etc. It can be widely applied to scenarios including patrol, search and rescue, drug interdiction, and suspect apprehension.
The AGM Fusion Imaging devices can be outfitted with high-performance image intensifier tube or ultra-low light optical detector and 12μm high sensitivity thermal detector. The user-friendly interface, comfortable and ergonomic operating controls makes adoption and application of the device incredibly simple. The device offers different variants of image view: thermal, night vision, and enhanced fusion image that can be easily adapted depending on different environmental conditions.


- Bi-spectrum image fusion and object highlight
- Detail enhancement and target recognition
- Selection of thermal view channel, visible/night vision channel, or both them combined
- High sensitivity thermal detector
- Ultra-low illumination optical channel
- High-performance image intensifier tubes

Fusion Imaging Monoculars

Fusion Imaging Binoculars