Spare Parts

Full-service support

in parts and accessories

Allowing to

customizable build own device,

purchase spare

lenses, tubes or housings.

Spare Parts

AGM is now offering full-service support in both parts and accessories for thermal and nightvision products. Allowing you to customizable build your own device, purchase spare lenses, tubes or housings to upgrade older or pre-existing units, or carry additional parts and accessories for quick / easy repair of existing devices. All AGM product carries a 3yr warranty, and is expertly crafted and perfected for commercial and professional use. We realize that the investments made in products in both NightVision and Thermal Imaging typically far outlast the manufacturer warranty, and AGM wants to provide added support through parts and accessories at affordable pricing to keep your devices functioning for years to come.

SKD Kits

PVS 14 Spare Parts

PVS 7 Spare Parts