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AGM Global Vision Laser & Illumination: Technologies and Features

AGM Global Vision Laser & Illumination devices combine the best in multispectral laser design and technology including:

  • Rapid active target acquisition
  • Class I and Class III lasers available for both commercial and professional markets
  • Illuminators using high power, IR-emitting diode

AGM Globalvision provides multispectral laser aiming devices, as well as visible and invisible IR illuminators. These accessories allow for rapid active target acquisition, as well as increased visibility during night time operation. These devices, allow you both daytime function for visible laser target acquisition, as well as true night vision compatible mode. IR illuminators provide additional visibility for Night Vision devices in low light conditions. By adding a higher powered IR to your Night Vision you can increase visibility up to 600m (depending on the quality of tube and generation of your night vision device).

AGM Globalvision always strives to use the most compact, rugged and technologically advanced laser and illumination product offerings, providing consistently durable, practical and economical solutions.

    Our Laser & Illumination Product Offering

    We offer a wide range of tried-and-tested, Military-grade thermal devices, including:

    • Class 1 and Class 3 visible / invisible lasers
    • High powered infrared illuminators
    • Visible and invisible laser designators
    • Add on IR Lights that increase visibility up to 600m
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