Night Vision Binoculars



AGM Globalvision Night Vision Binoculars: Technologies and Features

AGM Globalvision night vision binoculars provide our customers with high-quality performance, use advanced image enhancement technology and innovative construction materials to collect all of the available light in a given area (including infrared light), amplify it, and translate in form of image. Our night vision binoculars feature:

  • Dual eye viewing system for long viewing sessions
  • Tripod mountable
  • Rugged and versatile design
  • Limited three-year warranty

Our night vision binoculars enable observation using two oculars to achieve depth perception from two slightly different projections onto the retinas of the eyes. AGM Globalvision night vision binoculars combine a single high-quality image intensifier tube with a dualized optical axis and double eyepiece, making it applicable for long viewing sessions.

AGM Globalvision is committed to using the most recently-released technologies to develop superior night vision binoculars. All of AGM Globalvision binoculars are made using top-grade aircraft aluminum alloy, making them lightweight, long-lasting, and durable.

Our Night Vision Binoculars

We offer a wide variety of field-tested, Military-grade night vision binoculars, which feature:

  • Compact, rugged housing with solid and ergonomic construction
  • Long-range observation capabilities
  • Easy-to-operate controls
  • A limited three-year warranty

Our selection of night vision binoculars is diverse and always evolving. Each model is agile, adaptable, and available with a variety of included and optional accessories. When you want a product that offers technical dexterity in mission-critical situations, AGM Globalvision has you covered.

The AGM Globalvision Promise: Superior Visibility for High-Stakes Missions

All AGM Globalvision night vision binoculars are built to last and designed for maximum agility and comfort, ensuring that you feel safe and in control during covert missions, law enforcement or military trainings, terrain exploration, and more. Our binoculars are tough, weather-resistant, and made for the most demanding tactical experts and military professionals. AGM Globalvision customers know that our products are of superior quality, delivering exceptional performance and longevity that is convenient and cost-effective.