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Helmets & Mounts

Night vision helmets and mounts

It is no longer news to anyone that 90 percent of all information about the world around a person perceives with the help of sight. The eyes, of course, could be considered an ideal optical instrument if not for their limited spectral sensitivity. However, in almost complete darkness, the human eye distinguishes only large objects at a minimal distance.

The active development of the military-industrial complex in the 30s and 50s of the 20th century contributed to the creation of optical devices that could amplify and translate into the visible range radiation inaccessible to the human eye. The first night vision devices did not differ in outstanding characteristics and were relatively large. But night vision manufacturers did not stand still and today can boast of significant achievements in the development of night vision devices.

Types of NV devices

Night vision equipment is designed to observe objects at night or dusk when the brightness of things is not enough for the human eye. Night vision devices can also be used in closed rooms, basements of buildings if it is not possible or inadvisable to use open, bright light sources (lanterns, searchlights).

Currently, there are two options for classifying night vision devices: by functional purpose and by generating the image intensifier (image intensifier), which was installed in the NVD.

Currently, there are two options for classifying night vision devices:

  • by functional purpose and
  • by generating the image intensifier (image intensifier), which was installed in the NVD.

NVD classification by functional purpose:

night vision monocular

night vision binoculars

night vision goggles

- are designed for observation with two eyes without magnification (magnification one times).

In addition, NV devices are divided into


work in normal night light conditions


work with backlight, usually in the near-IR range


work with illumination in a strobe mode of the photocathode operation


increasing the brightness of the visible image


converting IR, UV radiation into visual

Modern night vision devices are produced in several main varieties

The simplest is a night monocular - a telescope held in the operator's hand, usually low magnification. Night vision binoculars have two image intensifiers and display an enlarged stereoscopic image.

Night vision goggles - fixed on the head, have a wide field of view, and do not magnify the image). Glasses can have two image intensifiers or pseudo binoculars when the idea from one image intensifier is fed to both eyepieces.

Benefits of NV goggles

Let us take a closer look at night vision goggles. Probably every professional hunter must have this device for hunting. In addition, employees of search and rescue, military, and security services use this device. The main advantage of this equipment is that your hands remain free. The answer to using NV goggles is straightforward: The device worn on the head does not cause discomfort and does not interfere with the hunting or searching process. Night vision goggles can be easily and quickly removed. They do not take up much space in a backpack, which is also very convenient.

The equipment operates based on an electro-optical converter. This element amplifies the reflected light from objects hundreds and thousands of times. Now, there are several generations of night vision goggles. The higher the era, the more influential the equipment, and the better the image quality.

Benefits of using night vision goggles

One of the advantages of this device is the ability to observe the terrain or object with free hands. The goggles are attached to the head or helmet using mounting systems for NV, which securely hold the device in a comfortable position for the user. They can be lifted at any time.

Thanks to the reliable and convenient mount for a night vision on the head, a person has the opportunity to hold a weapon, a video camera, a camera in his hands. Night vision goggles for drivers allow you to drive a car at night when the headlights cannot be used for some reason or while driving on unfamiliar rough terrain. Any obstacles on the way are visible even without the use of additional light sources.

A separate eyepiece for each eye and the lack of image approximation help estimate the distance between objects and their accurate dimensions. This is an imitation of a shared vision. Only now can everything be seen, even in the dark. It is possible to estimate the distance to the object and its size with stationary observation and during movement.

Most night vision goggles are protected against the adverse effects of dust and moisture. This means that the devices can be used in any weather conditions without worrying about the device's efficiency.

There are two main types of night vision goggles:

Pseudo binocular night vision goggles and binocular night vision goggles. The main difference between these two types of glasses is their structure.

Pseudo binocular night vision goggles

In pseudo-binocular night vision goggles, the image, falling into the standard lens of the optical channel, is amplified by an electro-optical converter and is divided into two eyepieces using the eyepiece system.

binocular night vision goggles

Binocular glasses have two independent optical channels, each consisting of an eyepiece, an image intensifier, and a lens. Thus, each optical channel displays the image separately.

As practice shows, binocular night vision goggles are justified when performing tasks in which a quick assessment of the speed of movement and the distance to the object is required. That is why special forces and helicopter pilots use binocular night vision goggles when performing night operations. For hunting or tourism, pseudo-binocular glasses are enough.

Helmets and mounts for an NV

Hunting is one of the activities in which night vision goggles are often used. Most wild animals are active nocturnal. You can track the beast even with the most budget models. For night vision goggles, there are a wide variety of accessories available for maximum convenience. Let us consider them in more detail.

The helmet mount is designed to mount the NVD on all types of helmets, except for helmets with a long visor. Almost all night vision goggles are mounted on a helmet mount without additional adapters. To mount monoculars on a helmet mount, you must use a drop-down bracket. The design of the helmet mount provides for the adjustment of the position of the night vision device in height within the ranges, which are sufficient for ease of use. It is not difficult to tilt the device by 120º and is carried out with one hand. In addition, it is possible to equip night vision devices with reclining shutdown devices. In other words, when the user folds the device mounted on the helmet mount, the device turns off without any additional manipulations.

For the high-quality implementation of the task, the soldiers of special units worldwide use additional helmet-mounted equipment. Special brackets are used to mount NVDs, flashlights, and cameras for camouflage - covers of the necessary colors, for integration of tactical headphones - adapters, and comfort during long-term wearing and more excellent protection - helmet pillows. All these accessories will help you in your work and increase the safety of the combat helmet wearer.

The presence of a helmet mask complete with NVD- equipment that allows you to mount the device on your head, leaving your hands free. Such equipment looks like a hoop and belt system. Many devices not equipped with a mask/helmet allow for attaching to it. Still, if the device is planned to be worn on the head, it is usually easier to buy a model with a helmet mask in the kit than to purchase additional equipment separately.

Mounts for optics are simple devices, but they play an essential role in an aimed shot. Reliable and high-quality machines contribute to accurate tuning, corrections when shooting.

High-quality optics are the key to effective hunting. Correct installation of telescopic sights ensures accurate aiming and shooting. In addition to mounts for classic optics, there are strips and brackets for various scopes, including night scopes. The shelves can be mounted from the top of the side, a variety of strips are adapted to different types of weapons.