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Night Vision Clip-On Systems



AGM Global Vision Night Vision Clip-On Systems: Technologies and Features

Our night vision clip-on systems are built using the latest advances in night vision clip-on technology available , Our NV clip-on systems can be easily mounted in front of existing day scopes that are secured to a weapon, without rezeroing. Our night vision clip-ons also feature:

  • Advanced Shutterless technology for exceptional visibility and versatility
  • Manual gain control
  • Bright-light cut-off system
  • Limited three-year warranty

AGM Global Vision night vision clip-on systems are designed for mid-range night time shooting, deliver exceptional clarity, reliability, and versatility providing the most significant functionality.

With AGM Global Vision products, converting an existing day scope into a night vision device is simple and fast. You’ll never have to waste valuable time removing and replacing daytime optics again; our clip-on systems allow you to reveal and track targets even in severe weather conditions and total darkness.

Our Night Vision Clip-On System Products

AGM Global Vision offers a robust selection of tried-and-tested, professional-grade night vision clip-on devices. Each device boasts an array of features, such as:

  • Fast, easy conversion of daytime scopes into night vision devices
  • Factory boresighting to ensure that no rezeroing is necessary after mounting
  • A quick-release mount
  • Remote-controlled operation
  • Powered by a single Alkaline AA or standard CR123A battery

AGM Global Vision catalogue of night vision clip-on devices includes an advanced solution for every activity, from routine law enforcement and security detail to specialized military operations and combat. With AGM Global Vision products, you’ll always get advanced functionality and features at the most practical price point.

The AGM Global Vision Promise: Professional Solutions for Experts and Enthusiasts

AGM Global Vision is dedicated to integrating advanced night vision technology into our night vision clip-on systems, including innovative image intensifier tube. Tactical professionals can feel confident and in control during high-stakes missions, and enthusiasts will enjoy military-grade features that add greater safety and accuracy when using day time optics.