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Night Vision Clip-On Systems


AGM Global Vision Night Vision Clip-On Systems: Technologies and Features

Our night vision clip-on systems are built using the latest advances in night vision clip-on technology available , Our NV clip-on systems can be easily mounted in front of existing day scopes that are secured to a weapon, without rezeroing. Our night vision clip-ons also feature:

  • Advanced Shutterless technology for exceptional visibility and versatility
  • Manual gain control
  • Bright-light cut-off system
  • Three-year warranty

AGM Global Vision night vision clip-on systems are designed for mid-range night time shooting, deliver exceptional clarity, reliability, and versatility providing the most significant functionality.

With AGM Global Vision products, converting an existing day scope into a night vision device is simple and fast. You’ll never have to waste valuable time removing and replacing daytime optics again; our clip-on systems allow you to reveal and track targets even in severe weather conditions and total darkness.

Our Night Vision Clip-On System Products

AGM Global Vision offers a robust selection of tried-and-tested, professional-grade night vision clip-on devices. Each device boasts an array of features, such as:

  • Fast, easy conversion of daytime scopes into night vision devices
  • Factory boresighting to ensure that no rezeroing is necessary after mounting
  • A quick-release mount
  • Remote-controlled operation
  • Powered by a single Alkaline AA or standard CR123A battery

AGM Global Vision catalogue of night vision clip-on devices includes an advanced solution for every activity, from routine law enforcement and security detail to specialized military operations and combat. With AGM Global Vision products, you’ll always get advanced functionality and features at the most practical price point.

The AGM Global Vision Promise: Professional Solutions for Experts and Enthusiasts

AGM Global Vision is dedicated to integrating advanced night vision technology into our night vision clip-on systems, including innovative image intensifier tube. Tactical professionals can feel confident and in control during high-stakes missions, and enthusiasts will enjoy military-grade features that add greater safety and accuracy when using day time optics.

Night Vision Clip-On Systems
– Buyer's Guide

Great fantasy writers present bold and daring ideas to people. And courageous people, in turn, rush to put these ideas into practice. And who knows what discoveries humanity is still on the verge of. But what we can say with 100% probability is that human imagination and effrontery are limitless. And the great minds of world history only confirm it. However, the source of inspiration is not so far away from us. After all, it is what surrounds us. Man tries to enhance his abilities with instincts or properties that he does not possess. But which other living organisms are endowed with. Only if it is given to them by nature can we create it by hand.

Whether this is a need or a whim is a philosophical question. Perhaps both made man think about the ability to see in the dark. And almost 100 years ago, during the Second World War, the first devices appeared, endowing man with this ability. And from that moment, the Night Vision manufacturers rapidly developed.

Main night vision clip-on scopes characteristics

The process of creating something is a titanic effort in which much time is invested. But after the successful result of the work done lies before its creator, nothing ends there. Now there is a task of an entirely different nature. How can this be developed? How can we make it more convenient, safer, more compact, and more mobile? How to improve its functionality, which one will be more comfortable in different situations. The Night Vision devices are a relatively young invention. But during this short period, it managed to recommend itself in other spheres. That is what makes this device so variable in functionality and appearance.

Clip-on systems deserve special attention, which incredibly expands the variety of tools for any hunter and military. To get the most out of the use of such equipment, you must be perfectly familiar with its characteristics and performance. This is what will help you find the perfect device and a reliable supplier.

Let's not forget to mention the sights mounted on the gun, thanks to the screw mounting. They are equipped with a reticle and a centering mechanism, making it easier to hit the target.

The purpose of the sights is known to all. A person with poor vision needs them to improve his ability to see. The function of night vision goggles is the same. They are supposed to enhance your ability to see, but in this case, in a low light environment. They cannot magnify the picture, unlike the previous two members of this class. But a big plus is that you don't have to hold it in your hand and take it out when you need it. For this reason, they are more often used by military or law enforcement officers, mounted and fastened to the helmet. As a rule, this type of electronic device is much more expensive.

At NV clip-on systems, the same factors are critical that you will consider when choosing a conventional night vision device. Nothing is surprising in this because the technology remains the same.

Therefore, in this challenging task, the issue of the generation of the device remains just as important. This question is closely related to your specific needs that you want to meet with clip-on sight.

Therefore, the leading group of characteristics remains the same as when choosing other devices:



Operating range

Battery capacity

Ability to record video

But, there are also unique characteristics, neglect of which can ruin the experience of using even the highest quality device.

One of the main points you should consider is the rifle attachment mechanism's lightness, reliability, and ergonomics.




This is where the related indicators follow. For example, the weight of the equipment. Not even the weight itself, but its balance with the weapon. As you can imagine, the gun and devices must be in harmony. Otherwise, it can bring objective difficulties in shooting and operation.

Benefits of Night Vision Clip-on scopes

Having understood the classification of the Night Vision devices, it is safe to say that each device, each type of this equipment has several advantages and disadvantages. But first of all, it is necessary to be guided by the purpose of its operation. And from this depends on the choice of this or that copy.

There is a widespread belief that multifunctional things are inferior to things that have only one function. Clip-on systems can hardly be classified into one of these two categories. On the one hand, this is not a night vision device, although it has a complete set of characteristics that are inherent in such instruments. On the other hand, such a device will save you a lot of money and nerves if you do not want to change your favorite weapon sight. This small device empowers you, saves money, and gives you an incredible experience. In that case, of course, if you carefully and thoughtfully choose the ideal option for you.

With their lightweight and low power consumption, these devices provide excellent visibility and picture quality. With all the benefits of similar single tube optics, they are designed with the perspective of absorbing the recoil from your shotgun.

And extensive specific options such as a reticle make this highly specialized device an excellent choice for a hunter or a soldier.

Clip-on systems for Night Vision devices

We want to emphasize once again the fact that it is more and more challenging to create something radically new. The presence of problems that impair the comfort of use of any device only contributes to its development. And modern technologies, which have already entered our everyday life, are just improving in appearance, functionality, convenience. Therefore it was necessary to improve not only the device itself but also mounts for night vision. Mount for Night Vision can be divided into a clip-on system for weapon sighting and mounting systems for Night Vision.

The conditions and reasons that have spurred the progress of improvements in the first category are pretty obvious. Setting up a scope is a very fragile and delicate job. And it was very labor-intensive, at one time, to change a day sight to a night sight. The servicemen had an option of carrying a second rifle, but it was cumbersome. This option was discarded, and they began to think about the possibility of attaching this type of sight to the weapon without disturbing the optics. Now the mount for night vision is a clip, thanks to which the device is fixed on the gun. And there are variants where the optics, which improve the ability to aim in poor light conditions, are set on the day sight.