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Weapon Mounts

The ultimate guide to scope mounts

An essential structural element of any weapon is scope mounts (SM). They help install optics on a rifle, shotgun, or carbine, making them more perfect. The result will be a versatile weapon capable of hitting even distant targets.

What are scope mounts?

Scope mounts are an essential element of small arms. It is designed to mount various types of sights used by the military and civilians. This product is available in dozens of different types, each with its characteristics. All of them are suitable for a specific type of weapon and are selected depending on the features of the sight.

The sphere of scope mounts application

Owners of various types of weapons widely use scope mounts. These products allow you to install sights and use them for multiple tasks.

Scope of scope mounts:

  • hunting with the use of weapons with a scope;
  • protection of secret objects;
  • recreational shooting at distant targets.
  • conducting counter-terrorist operations;
  • onducting military operations;

Types of scope mounts

More than ten types of scope mounts can be found on sale. They all have individual characteristics and are suitable for certain types of weapons. To understand all the nuances of these products, it is necessary to study the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the most popular of them.

Popular types of scope mounts:

One-piece mount

This type of mount is distinguished by its simple design, making its operation as comfortable as possible. It is straightforward to install on weapons (mainly rifles) and does not require additional adjustment. The one-piece design also eliminates the need for frequent inspections. The only drawback is the enormous weight of the product, due to which there is a slight weighting of the weapon.

Weaver SM

This classic version is designed for scopes mounted on rifles. It has a one-piece design or may consist of two identical elements. Each has memorable holes for the screws with which the SM is attached to the weapon. This model is slightly outdated but remains in demand to this day.

Scope rings

This type of SM is one of the most popular among fans to shoot from a long distance. It is compact, lightweight, and relatively low cost. At the same time, scope rings also function effectively for an extended period. Among the shortcomings of models of this type, only the need for proper installation is called, which can be difficult for a beginner.

Dovetail SM

This type of fastening is one of the easiest to install. This quality makes it ideal for all beginner shooters. In addition, products of this type are reliable and easy to use.

Integral mount

This type of attachment is one of the simplest. It is easily installed on the weapon and works effectively for an extended period. At the same time, the integral mount is far from suitable for all types of weapons, which significantly reduces its popularity.

Picatinny SM

This mount is an improved version of the Weaver SM. It has a unique design, thanks to which it is suitable for most types of weapons. Such versatility makes the Picatinny SM popular with the military involved in various combat operations.

Leupold STD SM

This type of SM is designed for certain types of rifles. It is made in the form of a system of rings that firmly fix the front of the sight while the back is left movable. The position of the latter is adjusted using special screws. This design requires careful adjustment and is primarily used by experienced shooters.

Quick detach mount

This mounting option is attractive because it makes it possible to install and remove the sight from the weapon quickly. Thanks to this, the user can select the most suitable type of sight for each case and promptly put it in place of the previously used one. Another advantage of a quick detach mount is reliability.

How to choose and buy scope mounts?

Many manufacturers produce a wide variety of SMs suitable for installation on a particular weapon. The multitude of models available to everyone complicates choosing the optimal variant. To understand the nuances and find the practical component, you need to use some valuable recommendations.

Tips for choosing SM:

  • 1. In most cases, SM is made for a specific model of a shotgun or rifle. Therefore, before buying a particular product, it is necessary to check it for compliance with the existing weapon. Also, on sale, you can find universal models that should be purchased only as a last resort.
  • 2. You need to choose SM depending on the characteristics of the existing sight. It is essential that the purchased model is comparable to the length of the optical device and can easily withstand its weight. Otherwise, comfortable shooting will have to be forgotten.
  • 3. Most manufacturers separate day and night scope mounts. Therefore, before buying, it is essential to consider this nuance and choose only models from the appropriate category.
  • 4. When choosing an SM, it is essential to pay attention to the type of attachment used. The most expensive are modern quick-detachable models that allow you to mount and dismantle the sight in a few tens of seconds. All budget options provide the removal and installation of sights using additional tools.
  • 5. The first option is attractive for its strength and durability. At the same time, it is pretty heavy, which significantly increases the weapon's weight. Most of the manufactured SMs are made of steel and aluminum alloys. Aluminum alloy models are lightweight and durable. Their only drawback is the lack of resistance to mechanical stress.
  • 6. The quality of the offered products directly depends on the manufacturer's reputation. Therefore, experts recommend buying SM manufactured by famous companies with a good reputation and receiving a lot of positive feedback from customers. These products are made from high-quality materials and carefully checked before selling.

Maintenance of scope mounts

SMs are simple structural elements that do not require much maintenance. At the same time, they need to carry out preventive measures to maximize the product's life.

Scope mounts Service Features:

  • 1. After firing is completed, it is necessary to conduct a visual inspection of the product for the presence of various defects (for example, cracks). This approach will help identify various problems and perform timely replacement/repair of the product.
  • 2. The use of weapons in the open air allows partial contamination of all its structural elements, including SM. It is best to use a soft brush to remove dust. Water should be removed with a dry cloth and dirt with a piece of cloth.
  • 3. It is necessary to periodically remove the SM from the weapon to assess the general condition of the product. The frequency of such a procedure directly depends on the frequency of use of the sight. In most cases, 1-2 times a month will be enough.

Scope mounts - F.A.Q.

1. Are there universal scope mounts?
However, most buyers prefer to choose models designed for a particular model of weapon. Such products are easier to install and work effectively for an extended period.

2. How often should scope mounts be changed?
Most modern products are reliable and durable. They are made of durable materials that can withstand significant mechanical stress. Thanks to this, SMs rarely break down and, if properly maintained, can last for several years.

3. Does brand popularity affect the quality of scope mounts?
Most often, the highest quality products are the most famous brands. They undergo multi-level checks, which minimizes the risk of defective models entering the sale.

4. SM with what characteristics is best for beginner shooters?
For beginners, mounts as easy to install and maintain as possible will be the best. Also, a good option would be reliable and durable models of low weight.

5. Should I buy expensive scope mounts?
The more expensive the product, the better and more durable it is. Their purchase will be a profitable investment since you do not have to change the mount often and spend precious time on this operation.

How to choose the best scope mounts, especially for you?
Choosing SM is always tricky. This is especially true in cases where a beginner is engaged in selecting a suitable model. In such situations, you should rely on the opinion of experienced shooters, take into account the model of the existing weapon and take into account your financial capabilities. The last criterion is the most important, as it allows you to discard most of the options immediately.

When buying an SM, you also need to consider the product's weight. The best option would be the lightest models that will not make the weapon heavier and create additional discomfort during shooting.

Scope mounts are an essential element that allows you to install an optical sight easily. The latter will make the weapon more versatile and enable the shooter to hit targets at a great distance.