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Dec 21, 2021 | 08:16 am 4022 0

How to prepare your hunting car

How to prepare your hunting car

The old wisdom of our ancestors says: "There is nothing that could not be done even better." Any gun can be upgraded with additional devices: a new stock, increased clip, night vision rifle scope, and other mods will personalize your weapon and make it more effective. Hunting equipment also has no boundaries for improvement: waterproof hunting boots, best hunting backpack, millions of useful little things by the best manufacturers. Ammo, knives, bows for hunting - everything can be improved, and something of a higher level can be chosen. It all depends on you, your choice, and your financial capabilities.
But, undoubtedly, a hunting vehicle occupies a special place in the heart of every hunter. It's not just a costly investment. This complex technique will operate in difficult conditions, where there is no road, and the whole environment is trying to stop or slow you down. A good and high-quality hunting car depends not only on how you get to your destination and what kind of comfort you will provide yourself on the way. At times, your safety or even your life can depend on this technique. We hope you understand why the choice of the right and reliable car needs to be approached with special care.
Also, it should be understood that buying a car does not end with anything. You must take care of her, then your experience will be extremely positive, and you will not be in for unpleasant surprises. To simplify this responsible process, we would like to provide tips on maintaining your hunting car and preparing it for a long raid.

Tips to prepare a car for hunting.

We will proceed from the definition that you have purchased the most common and logical option for hunting - a pickup truck or an SUV. That is a car with high cross-country ability, sufficient space, and rather large dimensions. We believe that such models are preferable for anyone who plans to hunt in the forest, desert, or other wilderness. Therefore, in all our advice, we will proceed from this.


We'll start with the wheels. On a trip on difficult terrain, the role of wheels increases many times over and cannot be compared with the role of tires in a small town car. Many people mistakenly believe that it is enough to buy an expensive and reliable car, and all other benefits come by themselves. But this is not the case.
Good tires are just as important as your shoes. Moreover, the price, like the size, is not the main indicator in this case. You have to analyze the capabilities and needs of the car, take into account the characteristics of the suspension and the dimensions of the wheel arches, then choose the optimal diameter of the tires with the ideal coating, specifically for the natural conditions in which you will drive most often.
And don't neglect your tire pressure. In the desert, for example, the pressure in the wheels is usually reduced to increase the tire's contact area with a loose and unreliable surface. Small flaws create big problems. Therefore, do not forget about it.
Well, it's hardly worth mentioning that you should keep an eye on your spare wheel for obvious reasons.

Car winch.

This device is not an essential part of your truck. But, believe me, its presence completely changes the rules of the game. A winch will allow you to pull yourself out of hopeless places. And, if you're going to travel to hard-to-reach places, do yourself and the emergency services a favor by installing a reliable winch on your Jeep or Ford.

Set of tools.

To the set of tools, it is advisable to take some more knowledge with you to understand how to use them. You should understand that your trails lie in uncharted territories, and in such places, you should expect the unexpected. The presence of basic tools and the skills to work with them will help you troubleshoot minor problems and breakdowns.

Protection from dirt.

Where you are going to go will be dirty. Very dirty. No matter how hard you try, you will be in the middle of nowhere, so don't tune in to cleanliness. Be discreet and leave a clean space for yourself. For example, purchase protective seat covers and stock up on clean clothes for emergencies.

Organize storage.

First of all, we are talking about the first-aid-kit. All your belongings should be secured, organized, and protected from moisture and dust. You must know and understand what and where you have it if you urgently need to use something. In addition, you should be able to quickly and clearly explain to an outsider where the essentials are.
Particularly noteworthy is the organization of storage for your weapons and ammunition. They should be secured in a sealed part of your truck and not allow access by unauthorized persons. Proper planning of such a space will bring you even more pleasure from hunting. Moreover, it does not depend on whether you use a gun or a bow.
We want to make a special emphasis on your night vision rifle scope, NV binoculars, night-vision monocular, and NVD, as well as on the rest of the optics and thermal vision device. These are expensive devices that are very fragile. Due to this, you need to take additional measures to protect these devices. For example, a night vision device hard case will be instrumental. Well, do not forget that such devices require special care and rules of use.

Car light.

In a dark forest, you need light sources. The headlights of a car installed by the manufacturer do not always provide the necessary overview. And, it is not always convenient for you to use your night vision device. Therefore, perhaps an additional flashlight or lightbar will help you. But, be responsible because powerful lights on public roads will not please other drivers or the police.

A place for a dog.

Hunting with dog - a hotel type to enjoy the raid. But remember that a dog is your complete partner and deserves the same comfort as you. You can transport the dog in the back of the cabin, but, in any case, take into account the weather conditions. If necessary, provide the dogs with warm bedding, freshwater, and food. Do not be lazy to make stops. Your dog will love you even more for this.

We did not begin to talk about the obvious things. Phone chargers, maps, navigators, mini generators. It all depends on you and how you plan your hunt. Most importantly, be reasonable and stay safe.

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