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Oct 05, 2021 | 04:16 am 1878 0

Best cars for hunting

Best cars for hunting

Today we would like to talk about the last stage in the evolution of a real hunter. You will probably agree that we went through certain stages of our formation as hunters. In childhood, under the strict guidance of our father, we hunted with slingshots, then we received the first air gun as a gift, which seemed to us the ultimate hunting weapon, and it seemed that now nothing was impossible. You do not have a heart if you do not want to shed a nostalgic tear from such memories.
Then there were the first cheap rifles, used night vision devices of the second generation, and cheap rifle optics. These things taught us, gave us a piece of new knowledge, and helped us avoid mistakes when buying new equipment. After that, we concluded that it is not worth saving on quality hunting clothing, and it is essential to buy waterproof and reliable hunting boots.
Soon your man cave will be filled with various weapons and gadgets, and your stories will be listened to with great attention over a glass of beer in a pub. You will have your own philosophy, personal traditions and superstitions, favorite routes, and professional secrets. And your hobby will become the most important part of your life. Now there is only one piece of the puzzle left for you to complete your transformation from amateur to professional and advance to the big leagues.
There is only one step to this. To buy the best car for hunting.

What makes a vehicle good for hunting?

Choosing your first hunting vehicle is an important and responsible process. And, at times, it seems that all the answers lie on the surface and are very simple. But, as usual, the devil is in the details. First, decide what you need: a car that you will use exclusively for raids and trips into the wild, or a car you will use every day. Let's say right away that we are eco-friendly and aware of nature`s issues, but believe me, today, there are no decent hunting cars built on green technologies. So we won't be looking at innovative Jeep models, much less all those little cars scurrying through modern cities since they can function only in urban traffic conditions and not collide with wildlife. And now you will understand why.
After all, the first thing you need in a car is cross-country ability. Tackling difficult terrain is one of the main tasks that your car is designed to solve. Let's be honest. You are unlikely to be tracking a deer on the highway. Forests, prairie, snowy corners of the USA, and desert - this is where your path leads. A Toyota Prius or Chevrolet Volt won't help you there. Here you need an all-wheel-drive, reliable SUV that can overcome even areas that can hardly be called a road.
From this follows the second most important requirement - reliability. The last thing you need is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, you need a reliable and durable machine. But, this is also not enough. You must follow and take care of the car. Then you will have at your disposal not just a vehicle but a reliable hunting partner.
The location also matters. Not only so that you can pack all your rifles, weapon optics, ammo, night vision binoculars, thermal imaging rifle scope, and much more. You will also need a place for trophies.

The best choice for a hunting car.

Let's not make a secret of this - we are sure that a US manufacturer produces the best car (and not only for hunting). The same as in most other cases. For example, US night vision manufacturers make a device that is much more reliable than others.


It's the same with cars, and no Toyota Land Cruiser, Subaru Forester, or Suzuki Samurai will ever compare in any way with a Jeep. This is not just a car. It is a symbol that gave its name to a whole subtype of car, which has become synonymous with a reliable car that can go everywhere.
Of course, if you buy a Jeep Gladiator, Cherokee, or one of the luxury models like Jeep Wagoneer or Grand Cherokee, you’ll be truly prepared for any challenge wild nature can give. Even the junior Jeep Compass will become your reliable tool for conquering uncharted horizons. But, our choice is the astonish Jeep Wrangler. This car is literally made to go where you can only fly in a helicopter. Such a car on the hunt will be as reliable as a Swiss watch or night vision goggles by the famous national NVD manufacturer AGM Glob-al Vision.


A well-known brand that is part of the Chrysler consortium. All cars that come from the factories of the legendary company are worthy of attention, but our choice is Ram Rebel. Full size, mighty, with high flotation. This SUV is lightweight, but it has a lot of room to store your trophies and gear, and there will still be room for friends unlucky enough to own such a great truck.
In addition, the Rebel is finished with expensive materials. It is comfortable and convenient. The only drawback is the high fuel consumption, but this is a reasonable price for such a choice.


Another legend of the American automotive industry that will not leave you indifferent. But, only if you buy not a Ford Fiesta, but a Ford F-series.
There is definitely a reason why these cars are the best-selling cars in their class. They are large, walkable, roomy, and look amazing. Given all the other advantages, the high fuel consumption and some lack of maneuverability are unlikely to make a big difference.


This company offers several options for a car for a real hunter. A long and glorious history ensures that you won't regret buying an SUV from this extensive manufacturer. But our favorite today is Colorado.
This model loses to its competitor in almost everything and, first of all, in cross-country ability. But, with all this, the car will easily offer you everything you need for a hunter, so you can safely pay attention to it.

We often talk about how difficult it is to choose the perfect night vision device. How many parameters do you need to consider to buy a rifle night vision scope and what to look for when buying a thermal vision monocular. There are a lot of tips for this on the Internet. And you can talk about it for hours. But, we always say that there can be many tips, but the main advice is one. Choose a reliable and trusted manufacturer.
For buying a car, this approach works the same way. We talked about several models that we like the most, and the manufacturers of these models are real American symbols. And whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed.

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