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Dec 14, 2021 | 08:07 am 4157 0

Worst cars for hunting

Worst cars for hunting

Going hunting is not just an ordinary event for each of us. This is the concentrated moment that we are waiting for and for which we are preparing. We usually start collecting for the raid long before the actual departure. We carefully pack ammunition, weapons, optics, night vision devices, thermal imaging devices, products, and specially selected clothing. We clean the weapons, check the integrity of the night-vision goggles case and pack everything in the hunting backpack. And, every day, our excitement grows and intensifies because ahead of us is a real adventure in the wild, which contrasts so strongly with the measured pace of ordinary life with its routine and gray colors.
When all things are packed and loaded into the car, all that remains is to arrive at the location of your raid. It seems to many that this is a completely ordinary task that should not be given much attention. But let's be honest, it isn't.
All plans can be disastrously spoiled if you do not reach your destination or get stuck in the mud near the campsite. In this case, the disappointment will be incredible. All fees, all plans, all preparation will be simply unnecessary. And, instead of exploring the forest and looking for traces of the game, you will look for a place where there is mobile network coverage to call towing assistance.
The car is the most important element for the hunter. He will not only take you and your equipment to the point of interest in safety. But and will provide an opportunity to bring home all your trophies. The car can be your home. It can save lives and provide an island of comfort in inhospitable and harsh conditions. We do not get tired of talking about it. We have talked more than once about how to choose the best car for hunting. We gave advice and talk about the most common mistakes. But, today, we will be extremely frank. And we will tell you about the worst cars for hunting.

What makes a vehicle good for hunting?

Any good hunting vehicle must have a few basic parameters that are critical to the hunter. The main ones are cross-country ability and reliability. Everything is self-explanatory here. The ideal vehicle for a raid is an SUV with a good ability to drive over rough terrain. The locations you will be visiting do not look too much like highways or suburban roads. So, it is quite natural that Mini Cooper or a family minivan will not only not be your assistant but also create additional, unnecessary problems.
In addition, the manufacturer designed trucks and SUVs to conquer places that are not intended for driving. Have you seen the Jeep Wrangler climbing rocky hills? Or how is a Ford F-150 storming a muddy country road washed out by rain? Their success lies in the fact that the manufacturer created these masterpieces of engineering for exactly these tasks.
Moreover, you should pay attention to the volume of the trunk and free space in the car. As well as the possibility of securing the load. You will not only need to load trophies into the car but also transport your equipment. And, it is better to do it carefully. You don't want to damage your expensive night vision binoculars or thermal imaging goggles just from off-road driving, do you?
But even cars that meet the stated requirements by specification may not be the best choice. It is about these machines that we will discuss below.

Hummer H2 SUV

The civilian version of the military Humvee, at first glance, is the quintessence of a true American off-road vehicle. But only at first glance.
This is a huge car. Too huge to be your hunting partner. Riding a Hummer H2 SUV on a raid is like trying to sail an aircraft carrier down a narrow river. This car is too big, too impractical, and consumes too much fuel. If you think that passability compensates for these disadvantages, then you are mistaken. The Hummer rides well on a flat road, but in mud, it has only one job - to make life difficult for you as you pull it out of the mud.
This is a nice, expensive and original car. If you want to impress someone, then choose this car. But, if you are going to hunt deer, then buy something else.

Dodge Dakota

As it is not surprising, even with such reliable and proven manufacturers like Dodge, not the most successful models happen. Dakota is one of them.
At first glance, this car looks like the perfect choice for a hunter: small but sufficient size, excellent technical performance, and reasonable price. But, the problems arose unexpectedly. In addition to losing oil pressure due to sludge build-up, the model was not very reliable due to problems in the braking system. And, believe me, such problems are not at all what you want to get in the middle of a forest or desert.

Chevrolet blazer

Surprisingly, this legendary truck is also difficult to advise real hunters. Its main problem is outdated technological solutions and the complete absence of security elements. This is not great news, whether you are driving on the highway or storming mountainous areas.
In addition, there are serious questions about the wheelbase and the width between the wheels. In general, in addition to the stylish vintage look, the car is not adapted either for comfortable driving on the road or for off-road driving.

Suzuki samurai

Let's be honest. We are not too inclined to choose Japanese cars. They may be good for taking kids to school or for street racing, but they will indeed look unnatural in the middle of the forests of Montana. This applies not only to Suzuki but also to Toyota, Subaru, or Mitsubishi. And all the other Japanese and Korean SUVs.
You can be misled by the cocky and aggressive look of this car. It feels like he's ready for adventure. But, this opinion is wrong. Disgusting handling and lack of space will be a real problem if you offer a real challenge to this car.

Mercedes G-Wagon

Like Audi, Porsche, Mercedes decided to enter SUV production, not because they know and understand what to do, but because they wanted to master a new target audience. These guys know how to make luxurious, comfortable, and beautiful cars. But, all these qualities are not very useful in the middle of nowhere.
Mercedes G-Wagon will look organically on a good, high-quality road surface, but not in a forest. On the hunt, you will find that this car's benefits are pointless in a raid. But, the price for such a choice will be very high. Do you need it? We doubt it.

The car is just as important on the hunt as your hunting clothing, weapon, night vision rifle scope, and equipment. You shouldn't save on the car, but you shouldn't overpay for it either. The right step is to carefully study the market and find the option that will be ideal for you. Well, we will be happy if our advice will help you.

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