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Aug 17, 2021 | 12:05 pm 2247 0

Suit up for hunting!

Suit up for hunting!

If your hobby is hunting, wildlife watching, hiking, or bird watching, then the selection of hunting equipment and clothing will be your focus. A good choice will provide several undeniable benefits. It will allow you to maintain health in difficult weather conditions, merge with the terrain and get as close as possible to the target of interest, take a series of successful photos or videos, or, finally, get the desired trophy. Let's take a look at what hunting clothes are.

Hunting clothes.

Hunting clothing has several layers. The first will remove moisture from the body, the second will transfer it outside and keep warm, and the third will protect it from wind and moisture. The first theory of three layers of clothing was invented and put into practice by Patagonia. She used revolutionary materials for the time and forever changed the concept of equipment for active hobbies and sports.

The first layer.

As the first layer, we can recommend a sweatshirt with a hood made of synthetic materials or merino. Thin, super light, dries quickly, retains heat when wet, does not retain odors, is well ventilated, protects the head from the sun and wind. Some models may contain antimicrobial treatment. In cold weather, we recommend the same thin, lightweight pants, similar to thermal underwear. In warmer weather, lightweight, breathable, softshell trousers will do. They will keep you cool and dry. An advanced synthetic blend that stretches in four directions moves with the hunter and withstands heavy abrasion in scrubs and debris. Mesh-lined pockets for extra ventilation and an internal mesh pocket for kneepads provide extra protection.

The second layer.

The second layer will be a fleece sweatshirt with a hood, deep zip, a shank covering the lower back, and a thumb loop to help hold the product in place. As a rule, it has antimicrobial impregnation. It holds the body wonderfully. It is well ventilated due to the grooves in the fleece. It is light and dries quickly. Protect the throat and head from the wind if necessary.

The third layer.

The third layer will be a jacket with a hood to protect it from rain and wind. Three-layer GORE-TEX Dew Point, padded a super lightweight, is welcome. Can be rolled into pocket or hood if needed. Equipped with mesh inserts for heat dissipation, zipped pockets, taped seams to protect against water. As a rule, it has mounts for carrying night vision devices or thermal imaging devices, or other optics. We select trousers from a similar material in a pair for the jacket, but with a greater range of motion and a hinged fit. It will be useful to have zippers along the legs for easy removal and to don and the presence of mesh inserts for ventilation.

A layer of clothing for cold weather.

A hoodie or jacket with super-light insulation and GORE-TEX INFINIUM coating with WINDSTOPPER comes in handy in colder weather. It will protect you from wind, water, and cold, even if the second layer gets wet. It will conduct steam and moisture outside, helping to dry out the lower layers. The hood is desirable with enlarged brims for added protection from the elements. Typically has pockets for essentials with zippers and moisture protection.
In addition to the basic layers, it is great to choose a light merino hat, gloves with protection from water, wind, and cuts, as well as leggings, socks, and boots.

Hunting equipment.

Hunting equipment includes weapons; multitool, knife with replaceable blades; headlamp in a case and spare batteries for it; satellite messenger or navigator; outdoor edge flip saw; robust waterproof, shockproof phone case with adapter for thermal imager, night vision device or monocular; solar battery, power bank and phone charger; tent; sleeping bag; stove with a set of kitchen utensils and fuel; a lighter with an unquenchable flame; repair kit for a backpack, tent; first aid kit; toiletries; scotch tape or electrical tape; hunting backpack; bags for meat; tags for hunters; pen, some money, documents; pad for sitting on the wet and cold ground; sunscreen, mosquito spray; water filter; spray from bears in a holster; change of clothes; panama from the sun.
The list can be narrowed or expanded, depending on the conditions and wishes.

How to choose clothes for hunting?

The best selection criterion will be the wear resistance of materials, their ability to dry quickly, retain heat, lightweight, moisture resistance, and comfort. The determining factor will be the air temperature, the area's landscape, and the type of prey. Depending on the colors of the landscape, the hunter needs to merge with the surrounding landscape, to become invisible in clothes. Therefore, camouflage clothing to match the color of the terrain is the main rule for choosing the color of clothing. For each type of game and season, there is a camouflage pattern. It allows you to remain unnoticed on the hunt, for animals. The second rule of thumb for hunting success is to keep the hunter warm and dry. The three layers of clothing described above will be the best choice. We recommend choosing synthetics and wool over cotton. The cotton will hold in moisture and let you freeze.
Among the important recommendations, we note the level of noise emitted by clothing. Animals have a keen sense of hearing, and you don't want to make noise about your arrival—the choice of clothes that are not noisy when driving will be optimal. For convenience, it is important to take care of a pair of comfortable boots with good moisture protection, excellent grip, warm and light enough. There should be enough room in the shoe for a woolen sock and free air circulation. A pair of gloves that are waterproof, cut-resistant, and have a good grip on the trigger will be helpful. A hat that covers your ears will keep you warm.

Safety clothing.

To hunt safely, you need to stand out from the landscape from other hunters. At first glance, the idea is quite controversial - at the same time, wearing camouflage to hide and orange to stand out. Nevertheless, animal vision is not structured like human vision. Animals see orange as a shade of brown. For them, it almost merges with the terrain. Therefore, if you are going to hunt, then for your own safety, most states recommend wearing an orange vest or camouflage with orange spots.

The best brands of hunting clothing.

We will name such brands as Patagonia, Sitka, Kryptek, Striped, Osprey, Banded, among the brands that produce the best winter hunting clothes, deer hunting clothes, and drake-hunting clothes. The best and cheapest backpacks for hunting can be found at Nordace backpacks, Deuter, Eagle Creek, kings camo hunting backpacks.

We hope we helped you a little with the selection of clothing and equipment for hunting. Well-chosen gear will keep you healthy, safe, comfortable to move around, and not distract from your favorite hobby. In any case, we sincerely hope for a great time in nature and your luck during the hunting seasons.

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