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Aug 31, 2021 | 05:47 am 1966 1

Hunting boots. All you need to know before buying

Hunting boots. All you need to know before buying

Before getting out of the stuffy, overcrowded city into the wilderness, you need to choose your equipment carefully. Hunters pay a lot of attention to the choice of weapons, a thermal imager for hunting, a night vision device, a backpack, a tent, a camouflage suit, and completely overlook the choice of shoes. Meanwhile, footwear is the basis of comfort and safety for the entire journey. If the shoes are chosen incorrectly, this jeopardizes the whole event. For long walks, it's best to choose not your favorite sneakers but a pair of hunting boots. Even if you are not an avid hunter but love bird watching or hiking, hunting boots will keep your feet warm, dry, and completely much more effectively than any other shoe. In this article, we'll look at what to look out for before purchasing your perfect pair of hunting boots.

Why are the right boots important?

Just imagine that you have a top-notch rifle, great night vision for hunting, the right camouflage warm jacket, and trousers, and you sit in ambush, one hour, two, all night. The weather is deteriorating, it is raining and drizzling snow, and you have a pair of unsuitable shoes on your feet. Agree that the wet and frozen legs of a hunter will not give him pleasure during the hunt. The same unfortunate option would be using a flexible, super-light shoe on rocky trails with steep descents and ascents. Feet in such shoes will be tired and blistered after a few hours.  If the boots are not properly supported and protected, injury is almost inevitable. In this case, as we understand, there will be no time for hunting. Therefore, choosing the perfect hunting footwear is extremely important for human health and the event's success. It should be noted that not every shoe will provide a good degree of protection and will be appropriate for the given weather conditions and terrain. Take rubber-hunting boots as an example. Perfectly protect from water, excellent adhesion to the soil, there is no smell, like from leather shoes, but in conditions of hunting in the desert - they are completely useless. It is not enough to choose the right type of footwear; you need to decide on the material which will work best: leather, rubber, Cardura, synthetic mesh, membrane, or a combination of materials. In addition to the material, the weight of the product is important. The lighter the shoe, the faster a person can move. Here it would help if you chose a middle ground between protection and weight.

Preparation step.

Before going hunting, you need to do some research work—the type of terrain where the hunt will take place influences the choice of shoes. Wetlands will require specialized boots with good water insulation and excellent traction. It will be more convenient to conquer mountain paths in hunting boots with Vibram soles, support for the middle part of the foot, good fixation of the ankle, strong and protected from impact stones, moisture. It is good to pay attention to ventilation and protection from sand in desert areas and good grip. In places where there are many snakes, special hunting snake boots with bite protection will be required. The second determining factor will be temperature and the degree of mobility when hunting. If you have to sit still for a long time and the temperature is freezing outside, then hunting boots with insulation up to 1200 grams will come in handy. If you plan to move a lot, then insulation of 400-1000 grams will provide sufficient heat at the same temperature. Not bad. But remember the degree of individual thermoregulation. Some hunters, under intense loads, do without an additional layer of insulation in cold weather. In the presence of additional insulation layers, their legs overheat, they sweat, and the boots begin to rub. We are all different. Individual characteristics are important to consider when choosing shoes. At high temperatures in summer, hunting boots are looking for lightweight, heat and steam removal, the presence of a waterproofing membrane to protect against dew, light rain, and dust protection. When we have decided on the type of hunting boot, it is necessary to find out the bootleg height. If the terrain is flat, then additional protection and support of the ankle are not needed. When hunting on mountain slopes, marshlands, regions with snakes, a high boot is required.

Size is matter?

Yes, size matters. It would help if you chose shoes of your size unless the manufacturer has given any additional instructions. However, at the same time, you need to understand that, most likely, boots will be worn on a thick woolen sock. There should be room in the shoes for socks, little swollen feet in the evening, and freedom of movement for the fingers. The toes should not reach the toe of the boot by about the thickness of the phalanx of the index finger. In this case, freedom of movement will be preserved when descending, ascending, the additional weight of the backpack. Your toes will not rub against the inside of the shoe and will not get painful blisters. It is important to consider the completeness of the boot and the degree of fixation of the heel, taking into account the characteristics of your foot. It is preferable to use a material that adapts to the characteristics of the foot. Some models use memory foam. This significantly reduces the time it takes for the foot to get used to the new boot. Natural leather has the same properties. Leather hunting boots stretch over the shape of your foot and only get more comfortable over time. A good shoe sits on the foot like a glove, does not rub, does not dangle, supports all three arches of the foot, and fixes the ankle well during twisting movements. Therefore, choosing the right size is very important. Otherwise, it is tough to avoid injury. In shoes of inappropriate size, the feet sweat, overheat, blister, which does not add comfort to the hunter.

The portrait of your ideal hunting shoe.

When looking at the portrait of the ideal hunting boots, they should be durable, well insulated, and have a good grip. Shoes should be comfortable, provide good support, wick moisture out, and be as light as possible. The inner shell of the boot must conform to the shape of the foot and antibacterial impregnation. The pair should cover all the hunter's needs in any hunting, that is, be universal. One can argue with the last wish, but it was about the perfect pair. In reality, you need not one pair of shoes, but several, for different temperatures and conditions. For clarity, let's turn to the rating of the best hunting boots in 2020. Topping the list are the best leather hunting boots from Danner Crag Rat, the US manufacturer. The Danner Mountain Light Cascade Hiking was recognized as the best women's hunting boots. LaCrosse AeroHead is the best waterproof hunting boot. The best-insulated boots are the Baffin Impact. As you can see, the choice is the most extensive, designed for various conditions, and will more than cover any hunter's needs.

Every hunter or nature lover is always faced with a difficult choice of footwear from many manufacturers. We recommend paying attention to brands products that have received positive reviews among people using them in real wildlife conditions. You also need to find good service and warranty. We hope that hunting boots will be your reliable partner on the hunt and focus your attention on enjoyable moments and achievements.

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