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Aug 03, 2021 | 11:05 am 3268 0

The best manufacturers of backpacks

The best manufacturers of backpacks

If you love wildlife watching, hiking, avid hunters, or bird watching, choosing a backpack for your trek will be an important step in preparing for your trip. With the existing variety, ranging from cheap backpacks, sports, fishing, and mountain backpacks for hunting and cycling, it is easy to get confused. No matter what style you prefer, the criteria for choosing a good backpack work equally well for a stylish urban, trail, and hunting backpack.

Why a great backpack is important for you.

The focus of attention throughout the entire route depends on this. With an uncomfortable backpack, constant discomfort will distract from observation and will allow you to miss the most important and exciting moments. In addition, more serious problems may appear in the form of rubbing, blisters, or injuries when the center of gravity of the body is mixed when climbing or descending. We will mention the wetting of things, a sleeping bag, loss of equipment, and other inconveniences if the backpack is not correctly selected. Separately, we will take out damage to equipment, such as night vision devices for hunting, thermal vision monoculars, due to poor protection, without special pockets with a seal, and poor fasteners. A good backpack solves these problems and leaves time for the main thing - enjoying nature and doing your favorite hobby.
Let's take a look at the concept of a "good backpack." Good means are properly selected for your body type, operating conditions, travel duration, roominess, and level of protection. It is important to consider the preferred type of backpack loading. For some, a backpack-like waterproof bag with a large central compartment and side pockets will be familiar. For others, a version with a modular type of backpack works. You can transform individual packages on one frame, collecting from them a design that is preferred in terms of volume and functionality. Someone will prefer a backpack as a drop-down suitcase. In addition, someone loves backpacks with an arched entrance with a zipper. Nevertheless, all the models are united by several common simple selection principles.

What to look for in a backpack?

Let's figure out what to look for in a good backpack?
Among the first requirements, we note the tensile strength of the backpack fabric, its water-repellent properties, and the total weight of the backpack. When considering models, we recommend that you pay attention to the average weight of the backpack. It will be optimal. The second point is the possibility of adjusting and fitting the backpack to the individual characteristics of the figure and changing the volume of the backpack. The next important quality will be the degree of air removal from the back during movement. The presence of a ventilated mesh, memory foam, and grooves for air exhaust, additional perforated pads, and special designs with air exhaust will bring additional comfort. When transitioning with a heavy backpack, the rigid frame built into it will correctly transfer the weight from the shoulders to the hips. Moreover, the hip belt will securely fasten the backpack and serve as a place for additional storage. The presence of chest and shoulder straps will keep the backpack from slipping. It is good to have a built-in hydrator for convenience. As a big plus, we note the presence of external equipment fastening systems in pockets, nets, additional bags, loops, and belts. This is very convenient and allows you to increase the volume of the carried load. It is great if the backpack is equipped with a rain cover, a retractable pocket for attaching weapons, a tripod, trekking poles, and an additional shelf for carrying bulky, heavy things. The best backpacks have a protected organizer with a soft surface for small things, thermal imaging devices, optics, navigator, and phone. Pockets of hidden storage for documents, keys, and money are only welcome. In a good backpack, we look for quality combined with comfort.

How to pack a backpack?

Packing your backpack correctly is super important! The human body has a center of gravity. It is located closer to the center of the back, in the area just below the shoulder blades. The heaviest things in the backpack should be as close to it as possible. When the center of gravity is shifted, there is a possibility of overweight of the backpack and the risk of injury. Therefore, packing things correctly means ensuring yourself a comfortable, safe movement. As a rule, we load the hydration pack first. We put a sleeping bag in a waterproof cover at the bottom of the backpack. If it is not supposed to spend the night in nature, then under the lower back, at the bottom of the bag, we put something soft, voluminous, not heavy - clothes, a rolled-up mat for sitting. We install a stove and kitchen utensils on it. A supply of food is the heaviest item. Around the stove, we put a change of clothes in a waterproof cover, a bag with a tent. Thus, we have soft, non-traumatic things under the waist and in the center of the back - the most difficult ones. We pack tightly, releasing air from the bags. Small gaps between items can be filled with clothing to prevent large items from moving. Some people prefer to hang the tent from the attachments to the outside of the backpack. It can be balanced with tent poles. On top of the backpack, in its lid, we put food, a first aid kit, a map, a compass or GPS navigator, a thermal imager for hunting, a headlamp in a case for quick access. In the so-called pocket for a shovel, we put a waterproof jacket, a change of shoes. We put a mobile phone, a quick snack, a multitool, or a knife in the hip belt pockets—some models offer protected compartments for night vision devices, binoculars. Ax, trekking poles, tripod are fastened to the outer mounts of the backpack with a carabiner and, if necessary, fasten with straps. We monitor the uniform weight of the side pockets and secure all protruding parts of the equipment.

Best backpack manufacturers.

Among the best manufacturers of backpacks, several worthy representatives have proven themselves well in practice. These are Patagonia, Nordace, Deuter, Osprey, Eagle Creek, Badlands, OutdoorZ. These companies have been on the market for a long time, value their reputation, are true professionals in their field, have excellent after-sales service, and, in many cases, a lifetime warranty for their products. Their products are constantly being improved, tested in real conditions, collecting many flattering reviews from hunters, naturalists, fishers, travelers, bird watchers. These firms adhere to ethical production conditions both for the environment and for employees. Most of the brands donate to conservation organizations and support the restoration of wildlife halos. Many of them use a percentage of the sale of each product to help restore wildlife. Most manufacturers accept their products for repair, replacement of broken parts and advocate conservative use of resources. By creating durable equipment, modern brands protect the earth from contamination from landfills. Patagonia, Osprey, Eagle creek, OutdoorZ, and us manufacturers made the best backpacks for hunting. Nordace allows you to find a stylish, inexpensive, reliable backpack for the city and travel. Deuter has a wide range of backpacks for outdoor sports ranging from mountaineering to cycling and many urban models. We recommend paying attention to six types of backpack backs for more comfort.

Thanks to the widest selection of products, choosing a backpack to suit your needs, individual body type, and lifestyle became possible. We hope that everyone will find the perfect product for himself and will be happy to discover the wonderful world of wildlife.

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