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Nov 01, 2020 | 10:19 am 5077 0

Why You Need Night Vision During SHTF

Why You Need Night Vision During SHTF

What will you do if something terrible happens and you are no longer a spectator of a catastrophe film, but its protagonist? How will you save yourself and your loved ones under different scenarios of Armageddon? To help you - our guide today will teach you survival in adverse conditions, which - who knows? - may well become reality someday. If the end of the world is here, but the four horse men of the Apocalypse are a bit delayed and you are still alive, you may need not only matches, an axe and a supply of water, but also some useful gadgets. What devices will allow you to survive the end of the world?

● Measuring instruments;

● Water purification;

● Sources of energy;

● Optics for survival;

This article is about night vision devices. After all, if you imagine the SHTF situation, your vision is the first and most necessary, after air, of course. Leaving completely blind during a disaster is tantamount to instant death.

To be prepared, it is worth to understand the night vision devices and thermal imaging cameras, stockpile them and know how to use them.

Let us understand the topic together.

Why You Need Night Vision When the SHTF

So why do I need a night vision device during the SHTF? What can happen? Is the light off? Has an asteroid fallen to Earth? Have zombies risen? Or have we just used up all of our Planet's supplies? The only answer is that darkness has come. That is why we need night vision devices.

First, to see in the darkness But not just for that.

Of course, you may need different night vision devices, thermal imaging cameras, etc. to help you recognize the danger in the dark.

So, if a fight at night is inevitable. What should you do?

For starters, you can blind your opponent. Tactical flashlight can be used to temporarily blind and disorient the opponent. Tactical flashlights can be both manual and weapon-mounted. They can also be used as ordinary pathfinder lights. And in order not to be blinded yourself - use a night vision device with automated tubes.

You always need to know where your enemy is so as not to be caught by surprise.

Thermal imaging devices are designed for all-weather and round-the-clock monitoring of the location and movement of people and equipment, the detection of hidden and hidden objects or targets in vast areas, hidden surveillance, stalking and so on. It is an excellent device for apocalyptic surveillance, as it can be carried out in any climatic conditions: in fog, smoke and total darkness.

It is possible to talk about the characteristics of optical devices endlessly - let us focus only on the most important parameters.

When choosing a thermal imaging camera you should pay attention to the image resolution of the device - the higher it is, the better: budget gadgets produce 240x180 pixels. Expensive models support a resolution of 640x480 and even higher. At the same time you should not forget about the operating temperature range - for most tasks (even during the Apocalypse) there is enough range from -10 to +150 degrees.

As for night vision devices, you should pay attention to the level of optical magnification - it is better if at least 5x zoom is supported. Do not forget about the range of observation - good devices allow you to observe objects at a distance of at least 200 meters.

Night vision devices are becoming more common and are more readily available to consumers in the civilian market, as they were originally designed for night combat or reconnaissance. It can now be found with the military or law enforcement forces, or with special operations organizations, and with you the general consumer


To use night vision devices, stock up batteries or any other power source and do not waste them, especially when they are scarce.

There are a few things you should understand when using the device:

First, the night vision device is only effective in low light conditions, but in high light it does not only worsen your eyesight, so even with a lot of light the eyepiece begins to glow very brightly, which makes it simply impossible to observe through it. Therefore, you should avoid bright light when working with the device. Bright lights can also damage the tube so it’s best to keep your night vision put away when around bright lights

Secondly, the night vision device deprives you of peripheral vision and thus narrows your visual field, so you need to be more careful and cautious.

Thirdly, the eyepieces of night vision devices emit a little light from the side, so that the conditional enemy can easily detect and attack you, usually in the area of night vision devices. When using night vision devices, be careful, because it is a very rare and expensive thing even in our time, and even in post-apocalyptic time they become by the weight of gold, and to get at least one of these - it's already a problem.

Fourthly, never walk alone and without optical devices at night or in the dark! It is better not to count on street lighting. Without it, it is difficult to orientate yourself on the terrain after sunset, and any portable light source will attract unwanted attention. The least noticeable at night is the blue light, and a quick movement is easier to spot than a slow one. Remember that in the dark, the distance traveled is assessed incorrectly - you feel as if you have traveled further than you really have. In the beginning it is better to spend evenings and nights in the shelter. It is desirable to avoid sleeping areas with high population density.

Of course, we do not know exactly when the end of the world will happen and what will cause the Apocalypse. However, we know that you can even prepare for it - night vision devicesand caution will help you.

Moreover, most importantly, do not forget: there are no unsolvable problems. Humanity can cope with anything - even with the awakening of Cthulhu. It would rather destroy itself than let someone else do it.

Good luck!

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