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Night vision optics in the army

Night vision optics in the army

The entire history of humanity is built on relentless attempts to correct the weaknesses and shortcomings that nature has awarded us. We do not have a single quality that would make us competitive in the wild. None other than the brain. Thanks to that, we rose in the pyramid of survival and took the top spot in the food chain.

But, some peaks, until recently, remained unconquered. One of them is the ability to see when there is a lack of light. And it's not even about pitch darkness. The human eye is unable to give a correct view, even at dusk. The eyes of a domestic cat are better than ours in each situation described previously. But this situation changed rapidly in the 20th century. Unfortunately, like many other things, we paid too high a price to use night vision devices today. At the cost of this, millions of lives were taken by WWII, which became the scientific catalyst for NV technology. But, at the same time, thanks to the military and scientists who worked for the military industry, we got the opportunity today to use a thermal scope for hunting or night vision binoculars during birdwatching.

Fortunately, the world today is not going through a global war, despite the general turbulent situation. But, at the same time, the army remains at the forefront of advanced discoveries and. So let's talk today about the modern use of night vision optics in the army and about the latest supplies of the best night vision manufacturers to those who secure our safety and democracy.

A brief history of the military night vision technology.

Actually, the whole story of the night vision technology, like thermal vision, IR lights, red dots, scope reticles ... Generally, everything we use at the hunt or for observing, is totally connected and rooted to the army. The very invention of the prototype of the device, capable of visualizing the situation in the absence of normal lighting, was dictated by the British's need to use air defense.

All further development was also aimed at giving the military new opportunities. And military night vision provided not just opportunities but a colossal advantage over the enemy. Starting the integration of technology with the equipment of special NV devices of tanks, very soon, scientists created light devices that made it possible to increase the efficiency of both infantry and special forces. This primarily affected the sniper groups and showed excellent results in the Korean campaign.

Implementation of the night vision technology in the military sphere.

As you already understood, the night vision devices were eagerly awaited in the army. Therefore, all new developments immediately fell into the main divisions. Our soldiers became the testers of new and unique night vision and thermal goggles, scopes, binoculars, and monoculars.

There were no problems with the introduction of this specific equipment. Our warriors are at the forefront of progress. This process continues today, which we will discuss below.

The first thing that was equipped with orientation devices in conditions of a lack of illumination was military equipment. Tanks and combat vehicles received bulky equipment with high energy consumption. This caused many inconveniences, and some models of military equipment were actually controlled by two fighters: the driver and the crew commander who had access to an enhanced image of a vehicle night vision.

But, scientific progress was so rapid that this situation did not last long. Very soon, night vision equipment became completely invisible and organically integrated into the controls of combat vehicles. The next logical step was the installation of equipment on airplanes and helicopters. Further, the equipment of night vision devices has become the standard.

At the same time, the goal was set to equip the ground troops with night vision devices. It all started with the assembly of special forces and snipers. The results were predicted to be so good that no one questioned the need to accelerate new developments. Today, we can say that this task has been completed.

What do we have today? Military financing electronics and night vision devices for the civilian sector have practically reached the same level in quality and efficiency. When you try to imagine the US military, you will immediately see a courageous man or woman in uniform and a military helmet with night vision.

Modern usage of night vision technology in the military sphere.

Suppose you ask a question in what cases night vision equipment is used and what specific devices of such equipment. Then, the answer will be unambiguous - they are used always and everywhere. The first reason for this is to save lives.

Night vision keeps soldiers alive. This is obvious and beyond doubt. The more information a soldier receives, including visual information, the more effective and safer his actions are. Hence, the second role of devices follows - the reduction of possible associated losses. In the modern army, developed and modern computer systems work, which, in combination with all the army's capabilities, make it possible to deliver pinpoint and precise strikes. Therefore, modern operations against terrorists are carried out remotely and without casualties among the military and civilian population.

But, the ceiling for the development of night vision technology has not yet been reached. Ahead of us is the 4th generation of night vision devices, which are already being tested by the military. The only problem of the 4th gen today is the high price, which will inevitably be reduced.

Night vision devices capable of giving the observer a color image are also at the stage of im-generation. And, we are already at that stage of development when disputes about how much such equipment is needed by the army and the civilian sector do not subside.

And this question did not seem so rhetorical, given the second direction of technology development - the symbiosis of night vision devices and augmented reality. Such an invention solves one of the problems of NV devices - the flatness of the image and the lack of depth and perception.

The army is a reliable shield and a guarantee of our security. It is quite natural that it gets all the best that our science and technology have. This is what helps to preserve precious lives and raise safety standards.

And if we talk about the role of night vision devices in this, then this role is best described by the military themselves. We own the night, they say. This means that we can feel protected.

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