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May 11, 2021 | 12:21 pm 10250 2

Night vision for a shotgun

Night vision for a shotgun

Today's technologies have turned weapons from an instrument of warfare to a multifunctional and technological device, which has acquired a sacred and important meaning for many of us. It's not only about hunting but also about safety. Do not forget about the foundation of modern society and the state - the Second Amendment. It is precisely this inalienable right of every citizen of our great country that makes it possible not only to get food for himself while hunting but also to protect his home and his family. We often forget about this aspect. After all, self-defense weapons often elude our attention, especially when we talk about night vision devices. Many do not attach importance to this, while others believe that it is impossible to install such equipment on weapons designed to protect homeownership. This is what we are going to talk about today.

Shotguns at the hunt.

Did you know that most of the best weapon ratings invariably factor in shotguns? Moreover, shotguns are at the top of these ratings. So, the Mossberg 500 Maverick 88 and Remington 870 are always recognized as the best. These are popular, reliable, and high-quality pump-action shotguns. Do not forget about their counterparts from well-known manufacturers: Winchester Model 42 and Winchester Model 12, Browning Superposed, and even Ithaca 37. Whatever gun you buy, the choice will be right.

The simple, powerful, unpretentious, and reliable weapon will become your reliable partner in protecting your home and family, but don't take it as a one-action gun. Nothing will stop you from taking your favorite Mossberg on the hunt. Yes, of course, it is not an obvious choice as a primary hunting weapon. But, its universality is obvious and does not require proof.

At the same time, many experienced shooters and hunters will make arguments against using pump-action shotguns in action. Do you know which argument will be one of the main ones? Inability to use night vision devices with a shotgun.

Shotguns and night vision devices.

Let's see if this is true. When it comes to using the night vision scope for Mossberg, experts will immediately point out the brutal and powerful impact, which will inevitably lead the night video device to an inoperative state. You will definitely want to hunt with night vision scope or thermal imaging sight, especially in those states where your Remington or Benelli will help you bypass legal restrictions. So what should you do? The easiest and most obvious option is to get yourself night vision goggles. By modifying your weapons and juggling devices, you can achieve the most unexpected and comfortable results. For example, almost any classic Benelli, Remington, or any other classic shotgun allows mounting systems to be installed without much difficulty. With them, you can use a micro red dot or IR laser.

Both micro red dot and IR laser are night-vision compatible, and if you wear a helmet with the night vision goggles, you get a great opportunity to see what the night hides.

Shotguns and thermal vision devices.

We also have another simple and obvious idea. Use thermal vision in the same way. Of course, this will be much less efficient and ergonomic. Plus, your reaction time is likely to decrease, and let's be frank, the pump-action shotgun is, first and foremost, an amazing and reliable home protection tool. Now, let's imagine a situation: your house is being attacked at night, and you waste time looking for and putting on a helmet with a mounting kit and start clipping on your thermal, and only then do you take up arms. It doesn't sound too fun and safe.

Although it is a cheap and good option for hunting, it can be considered, but, at the same time, do not forget that you accept all the disadvantages of this technology by using thermal optics. For example, you cannot see objects behind glass. If in the field this does not become a problem, then in your home, it threatens to become a disaster. Just remember how many windows there are in the building where your family lives.

The ultimate solution for a night vision shotgun.

Let's get back to the most desired and simple embodiment of the desire to be able to use your favorite Maverick, or any other shotgun, at night. The usual scheme: fix the night-vision scope to the shotgun and use it without fear of damaging an expensive and fragile device.

If you think this is not possible because of the recoil we have already mentioned, you are wrong. Modern technologies make it possible to create devices capable of absorbing shock. Even though night vision devices are composed entirely of fragile engineering masterpieces, leading manufacturers have found a way to hide them under reliable and effective protection. Some night vision manufacturers state that their devices can withstand the shock power of a 0.50 BMG firearm. This, of course, raises doubts, but special types of devices can easily cope with pump-action recoil.

Regardless, don't allow yourself to doubt and underestimate your shotgun. It is a comfortable, reliable, and versatile weapon that deserves love and modification. The ability to betray the functions of a night weapon is priceless.

Even if you have no plans to hunt with your Benelli, think about it. After all, the main function of protecting homeownership and family will become many times more effective with a night vision scope.

Feel free to combine the extras of your shotgun. Believe us. This is such a phenomenal masterpiece of engineering that you won't believe how many new possibilities will open up to you.

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