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Aug 01, 2020 | 01:40 pm 3203 0

How can night vision save your life in case of a natural disaster

How can night vision save your life in case of a natural disaster


In any crisis scenario or natural disaster, your goal is to leave the disaster area as quickly as possible and find shelter or a safe place. In an emergency, this is ensured by having the right tools and skills to survive. We are used to relying on lamp-lighting at night. But when it suddenly disappears, it causes disorientation and anxiety. Disabling electrical power for a long period of time can have unpleasant consequences. Many houses and apartments lack lanterns, portable lamps. An emergency is the worst time to play cat and mouse with your eyesight. When the lights go out, safety begins to play an important role. The most important tool for orientation in the dark is a night vision device.

How Night Vision Can Save Your Life in a Natural Disaster

The field of application night vision devices offer is related to the ability to convert thermal radiation into a spectrum that the human eye perceives, to detect the smallest objects emitting electromagnetic waves. If the intensity of radiation is determined, the temperature of the object under study can be calculated and assumed to be that. With the help of the apparatus to determine the temperature difference, in the absence of contact with objects, they do not respond to interference, can not be detected by tracking systems, and have a long range: from 100 m to 3 km. These principles of operation allow their application in a variety of areas.

In any case, a night vision device in the pantry of the house is a great option for those who care about their lives and those of their loved ones. Why? Let us get this sorted out!

If you see danger, you are warned about it.

- Thermal imaging cameras and night vision devices can save lives in various emergency situations. Let's look at the most common uses of thermal imaging cameras;

- Use in firefighting and emergency rescue operations;

- A thermal imaging camera lets you see people through smoke;

-Searching for a person by the heat trail left on the furniture, floor (depending on the conditions the traces remain for about 5 minutes);--Use of thermal imaging camera in search of combustible, poisonous liquids (liquefied gases) in containers;

-Thermal imaging camera can see hidden electrical wiring under voltage and distinguish uneven temperature distribution in electrical wiring;

-IR radiation does not pass through the glass, but the heated glass will appear as a lighter area;

-IR radiation does not pass through water, in some cases it penetrates through mist or frost;

-IR radiation may or may not penetrate through steam, depending on its density. For example, the fog is not an obstacle for a thermal imaging camera;

However, in case of an Emergency, night vision devices can also save your life. For example, if you have one at home, it can help you in the following situations:

Find the entrance to the shelter

For example, a night vision device in a crisis situation will allow you to move freely around your territory, inside your house, enter the basement or garage, and find the entrance to the shelter as quickly and safely as possible.

Moving outside your home

If you are outside your possessions at night, safety begins to play an important role. After all, driving long distances without lighting can be very difficult. In addition to broken structures, abandoned cars, huge amounts of construction and household rubbish, damaged communications, and other consequences of emergency situations, people prone to theft or looting can be particularly dangerous for movement. You are unlikely to want to attract them with a flashlight and share their few supplies free of charge. Being able to see in the dark will warn you of the impending danger and give you the opportunity to avoid an unpleasant encounter and go to safety.

Food hunting

The night vision device is indispensable for food hunting. It will allow you to orient yourself, track your prey in total darkness or in the weak light of the moon and stars. After all, the ability to see in darkness is an additional advantage, another chance to get the coveted trophy and provide food for yourself and your loved ones.

Use in a fire

Firefighters armed with the device can see the safest way out of the fire by bypassing the hottest areas. Rescuers armed with the device, in the most difficult situations have the ability to find a person in the low visibility area. Thermal imaging cameras are widely used by firefighters to detect hot spots and search for people in smoke, so that the thermal radiation from a normal fire with a temperature of about 1000 degrees cannot damage the instrument. Even direct exposure to solar radiation will cause irreversible damage to the receiver only after a considerable time, which is already a temperature of about 6000 degrees.


A natural disaster or emergency can happen at any moment and you must be prepared for it. The night vision device is your trump card up your sleeve, a tool responsible for your safety and that of your loved ones.

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