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Oct 25, 2020 | 02:21 am 9623 0

Types of Night Vision Devices

Types of Night Vision Devices

Before we begin to discuss types of night vision devices directly, let's take a brief look back at history. When did NV devices appear? How were they used originally? the main question is: What are NVD used for nowadays?

Night vision devices are designed to monitor objects in low light conditions, i.e. at night or in the presence of smoke, fog, at dusk. Accordingly, the scope of night vision devices is observation.

Night vision may be necessary to observe objects at night for various reasons. For example, you may need to observe animals. On the other hand, your purpose may beto guard something in the dark, to carry out rescue, search, construction and installation works.

In the army, military, police, or special services, the main goalis the hidden surveillance of the target and the defeat of other targets. Night vision devices can also cope with this.

Now that we have considered you may need an NV device, let's understand the varieties, because that is why we brought up this topic.

Types of Night Vision Devices

Night vision devices are divided into the following types by their appearance:

• Monoculars;

• Night vision binoculars;

• Night vision goggles;

• Night visionSights.

Let us look at each of these types in more detail.

Night vision monoculars.

This device looks like a tube, so you can only look into it with one eye. It is the most common and affordable option, which has small size and weight, simple and reliable design, and low cost. During observation, the monocular can be held in the person’s hand. Also it can be attached to a helmet.

we won't get into all the physics of the process, everything looks quite simple, at first glance. A small amount of light, which can be the moon, starry sky or natural light scattered in the clouds, somehow falls on the object of observation in the open area and it reflects this light. The task of the monocular is to collect and amplify the resulting light many times.

Everything is simple, you should agree!

Night vision binoculars

This device can be civilian or military. The main difference between a binocular and a monocular is that binocular provides vision with two eyes, and this allows for a more accurate and realistic assessment of what you see. The cost of binoculars will be higher, because it consists of two monoculars connected in a single structure. Such devices provide a clear visible picture.

Here, let's take a closer look at how the device works. In general, it works just like the monocular. The basis of night vision binoculars is the electron optical converter (EOC), which amplifies the very weak light of the moon, stars or external infrared illumination, if observation takes place in total darkness. It is an NV vacuum element, usually cylindrical in shape, consisting of a photocathode, a gas pedal electrode system and a phosphor-coated screen at the other end. It requires several kilovolts of voltage to operate and is produced by a high voltage power supply. With the development of microelectronic element base, as well as sensitive matrices and screens for image projection (the same as used in photo and video technology), it is possible to produce relatively inexpensive digital night vision binoculars

Night Vision Goggles (NVG)

Imagine that you have one monocular, the short one converts the image into two small binoculars for different eyes. Can you imagine? This is how night vision goggles work and look. Let's now get together to understand the terms and principles of these devices.

A distinction is made between binocular and pseudo binocular NVGs. Binocular goggles consist of two identical night channels for the right and left eye of the operator. Each channel consists of a lens, EOС In OHV, the distance between the pupils of the eyes (eye base) is smoothly adjusted within 52-72 mm.

Binocular night vision goggles form a stereoscopic image. It is convenient for night driving vehicles. However, pseudo-binocular NVGs are the most common, especially for safety and security purposes. They use one lens and one EOС. From the screen of the latter image is diluted to both eyes with a pseudo-binocular microscope. Compared to binoculars, such night vision goggles have a minimum weight and cost. Externally, such a device looks like a single lens and two eyepieces. The eyepiece is attached to the head or helmet. Such equipment usually has no approach function, so the distance to the observed object is estimated adequately.

Night vision rifle scopes

Night vision scopes are a special type of sights used for hunting and military operations at night. Night sights have similar optical schemes with night vision monoculars. However, unlike other night vision devices, the sights are equipped with a reticle, alignment mechanism and a riflemount, which allows fast and reliable fixation on small arms. Besides, night sights for hunting have increased durability and protection from mechanical damages, as they are constantly exposed to recoil.

Safety Measures for NV Devices

We have gone over the basic terminology, found the differences in night vision devices, and even maybe we chose a convenient one from the options. Now it's time for a brief personalized discussion on how to store and use an NV device so that it will serve you for many years.

• The device should not be switched on in daylight.

• The device should not be pointed at a bright light source (even in darkness).

• The device should not be dismantled without the help of a professional.

• Try not to drop or shake the device.

• Do not touch the lens of the device(only a soft, non-abrasive cloth should be used).

• It is better to store the device in a case so as not to damage it.

In conclusion, you should always remember that eyes are one of the most important and fragile parts of the human body. You should never neglect protecting your eyes and you should use the best devices if you want to enhance your vision. Do not skimp on your vision - buy only the best for your eyes!
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