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Jul 04, 2021 | 10:40 am 2249 0

Mounting systems for night vision devices

Mounting systems for night vision devices

Night vision goggles, night vision binoculars, night vision monocular, NV telescope, night vision rifle scope, night vision camera. If you are not dizzy from this long list of devices, then you are a very sophisticated and experienced user of equipment for observation in the dark. And these are just devices that are built on the principle of amplifying low light and processing it into an image that gives an overview of dark areas for the observer.

You can also remember thermal imaging devices, which have an almost identical list of devices and solve the same problems despite completely different technologies. However, unlike the idea of ​​amplifying light, the operating algorithm of thermal imagers is completely different. It is built on the registration of thermal signatures of objects and the environment and visualization of this data in a contrasting color spectrum.

Both types of devices have their own advantages and disadvantages, but they allow them to be compared according to the main features. Hence, we can conclude that the main problems and the rules for their use are also identical. And, in general, it is so.

For example, the problem with a mounting system is common for night vision devices and thermal imaging devices either. So it is this question that we will consider today.

Mounting rifle night vision scope.

Agree. If science and technological progress have reduced the most complex night vision mechanism, then the minimum size would be foolish not to combine it with your favorite gun. NV binoculars and NV monoculars both are good for the long-time watching and tracking a deer. But, let’s be honest, they won’t produce too much help in actional shooting the target. So, the idea of ​​combining a surveillance device that allows you to take that one immediately and the golden shot is obvious.

That's what night vision scopes are for. Although you might have a question, why not mount your NV monocular to your rifle? Of course, and, in principle, it is possible. Moreover, many night vision manufacturers produce special types of monoculars, which can handle the weapons' recoil. But still, our advice is to segregate all your needs and purchase devices for a single purpose. After all, by purchasing a modern night vision scope, you can use all its capabilities. From video recording and reticle change to extended device life.

In addition, special devices designed to be attached to weapons will not create unnecessary problems for you. They are originally designed for easy and quick installation on the most common types of planks. In particular - on the Picatinny rail. It is a rail attachment system most common among hunters, airsoft players, and the military. You don't have to drill extra holes in the weapon, and you can change devices in a matter of minutes.

For example, when hunting, you use the night vision scope. And, suddenly, a blizzard begins. In these weather conditions, night vision technology is not the best assistant, and your raid will be at risk. But, you can quickly dismantle the scope, get it out of the thermal scope, which works according to different technology and is effective in any weather. And, your dinner is saved!

Mounting of the night vision goggles.

Things with night vision goggles are easier and much more complicated at the same time. Although, it would seem, what is difficult about putting on goggles? But, not everything is so simple.

This kind of night vision device is comfortable and functional. It provides incredible immersion, depth, and breadth of observation. In addition, you have both hands free. Some even adapt the usual rifle scope for shooting with the NV goggles, although we think this is not a practical solution.

But, at the same time, such equipment has a certain weight, and it is rather big. And, considering the fragility of such devices, you should understand that you need a reliable plan for its operation. And, if we haven't convinced you, then take a look at the price. Good goggles cost a lot of money. And, it will be very disappointing to damage them due to unreliable or poor-quality fastening.

So what options do you have? The first option is a special skull mounting system, either a belt system or a lightweight version of a helmet made of lightweight composite materials. In theory, this doesn't sound very reliable. You are correct, but only if you choose an unreliable night vision manufacturer. Otherwise, you will provide yourself with a reliable skull mounting system, which will not only protect your device from falls and accidental damage. But, it will become a natural extension of your eyes, which will practically not be felt and will have high practical and ergonomic properties.

The second great solution is the tactical helmet. You can purchase a special helmet already equipped with a mount for the night vision goggles. Or use a Kevlar helmet designed for a high degree of head protection. The problem is that such helmets usually do not provide for installing third-party equipment, so you will need to drill holes for fastening carefully. Is it worth clarifying that it is also worth approaching the selection of the mount with responsibility because it is on it that your expensive device will be attached?

Stationary surveillance devices.

Well, and for a complete picture, let's remember the specific systems used with night vision devices and thermal imagers. We mean ways to install the equipment so that it is possible to conduct long-term monitoring of a specific location.

Binoculars or telescopes are usually used for these purposes. But, of course, no one will stop you from using the monocular for observation. But, it is worth remembering its shortcomings. Namely, the fact that the night vision monocular consists of one tube, which means that you will use one eye, has a low depth of image display, and, in general, is designed for quick use and not for a long and thoughtful study of the area. But, a telescope or NV binoculars is a completely different matter.

You can find many suggestions for buying tripods for this purpose. And, that's a great idea. But, do not rush to spend money because arranging an observation point or an ambush, an ordinary tripod for a camera may also be suitable. Usually, they are cheaper, but they do an excellent job with the tasks.

As you can see, it is not enough to find a reliable and proven night vision manufacturer. It is not enough to find and purchase an NV device. You also need to purchase the correct set of additional options for it. And, then, you will get maximum pleasure from using this amazing device.

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