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Jul 05, 2021 | 10:14 am 3664 0

Dangers of buying cheap night vision devices

Dangers of buying cheap night vision devices

Night vision devices, like thermal imagers, somehow imperceptibly and quickly entered our everyday life. Especially for you, because you are reading this article. For those far from hunting, the army, and observing wildlife and birds, these devices have also become commonplace because almost every action movie hero or video game character uses devices with this technology.

Even though night vision nods are familiar to us from childhood, the number of myths around them is simply incredible. That's all because many do not even think about how it works, what risks they carry, and what harm an incorrectly chosen device can cause. And, sometimes, even experienced professionals do not attach importance to such trifles.

Today everyone is interested in questions far from the general principles of operation and operation of expensive high-tech devices. How to buy cheap night vision, what NV device is the best, and find a cheap thermal vision device - often such questions are of interest to modern buyers and users. And, fewer and fewer people think about simple things: how does night vision work, why is night vision green, can night vision goggles damage your eyes. Well, then there are things that, at first glance, are too specific to pay attention to. As a result, we think little about them, leaving out exciting things and avoiding important and correct questions.

And, one of them:

Is it safe to buy a cheap night vision device?

We bet that you never ask this question. Today's market can offer just crazy choices for any item, from hi-tech toothpicks to flying cars. You can buy whatever you want! And then find the same thing and buy it cheaper. And, let the happiness be short-lived (usually until the moment you start using the purchase). But, saving will be a great pleasure.

If we are talking about night vision devices, then all the statements noted above will be equally typical for this area. As soon as you have the urge to purchase this amazing device, you will drown in a variety of offers, among which there will be many cheap Chinese night vision goggles, cheap Russian thermal scopes, and cheap night vision optics. By going to the pages of stores that make such offers, you are ready to bear the risks that the desired savings will bring.

But, for an object constantly in contact with your eyes, just taking this moment into account is not enough. You need to figure out if this will be a test for your eyes.

Why are night vision devices so expensive?

We have long understood that even night vision monocular will cost you a lot. We have all understood for a long time that it consists of high-tech and complex engineering solutions. But, nevertheless, it is better to delve into the detailed description. Let's see why such a small device can cost you like a used car.

And, the most obvious reason for the high cost is the high cost from production. Everything is simple here, and the explanation can fit into one small sentence: night optics were invented by the military and the military.

Actually, the history of nv goggles and scopes began after the First World War, namely, in the 30s of the twentieth century. The rapid development of the entire military sphere has led to the vital necessity of learning to see someone. Colossal efforts, thousands of scientists and engineers, huge resources were spent on this goal. As sad as it is, it is unlikely that humanity would have received such devices, if not for an urgent military need.

Much has changed today, but the cost is still high. Yes, the technology of imitating a cat's gaze - still requires financial costs. Although the science is already on the fourth generation of night vision devices, and the latest developments delight the user with a color image, it would seem that cheap and high-quality components should be developed for simple and functional devices. But, not really.

Or rather, the components have really been updated. Today you can even buy a cheap and simple kit to assemble a primitive "zero" generation night vision device. Second- and third-generation night vision devices have also become cheaper. But, a complex production process and multi-stage chemical manipulations will not give a high-quality night vision device the price of a Big Mac menu. Durability, practicality, special designs and special optics cannot be cheap.

That is why, upon closer examination, conspiracy theories also look unrealistic. So, some people argue that there is a conspiracy of manufacturers who deliberately maintain a high price for devices for various reasons, including political ones. But no. Everything is subject to the laws of the market. And the laws of the market are subject to simple logic. And you can buy a cheap night vision goggle and it will last you a very long time. If you don't use it.

Well, the main thing is that manufacturers also include development in the price. New developments, innovative technologies, and improved performance ultimately make night vision devices better and cheaper. In addition, do not forget that the price includes both legal and economic aspects, which, due to the specifics of the technology, require certain additional costs.

Does cheap night vision able to damage your eyes?

From the previous section, you might have figured out why the cost of NV devices produced by reliable night vision manufacturers is higher than cheap nod. But, we did not mention the dangers that cheap devices can pose to your health and eyes. And this danger is not.

Well, you are not in danger under normal conditions. Of course, there are some completely unbelievable conditions under which your cheap device can cause significant harm to your eyes. But, you, usually, will determine such conditions yourself long before you start using the broken device. All other dangers are in the fantasy zone and should only be considered as isolated cases.

All night vision devices are built using the same technology, and it does not depend on their price whether something can happen to your eyes. The device itself can harm you, regardless of the price. The harm, in this case, will come from internal parts, which may contain chemicals. If you misuse it, do not comply with the storage conditions or do not monitor its condition.

Otherwise, a cheap night vision device would be able to damage your mood when it breaks at an unacceptable time.

Talking about night vision devices, you can come to a correct and simple conclusion - they are subject to the same market laws as other items and products. The higher the price, the more you can expect from the purchase. Reliability, quality, service, service, warranty, quality of materials - all this is included in the price difference that separates different devices. And by saving money, you are depriving yourself of these same privileges. Everything is just that simple.

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