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Jul 19, 2021 | 01:20 am 2731 0

Night vision rifle scope attachments. Getting more diversity with a clip-on system

Night vision rifle scope attachments. Getting more diversity with a clip-on system

You and I definitely have a reason to be a little sad and recall the past with nostalgia. Half a century ago, hunting was trivial and inexpensive. Oftentimes, you would take a gun, some modest equipment, put on comfortable clothes, and go on a raid. This process was sincere, pleasant and you could get real pleasure from your unity with nature, the smells of the forest, the singing of birds, and just from a change of scenery. All that was needed for a successful campaign, in general, was a gun, cartridges, and your skills.

But, times pass, and everything changes. The modern hunter looks like the hero of the most fantastic action movies from the 80s or 90s of the last century. And the number of digital equipment, hunting optics, high-tech devices is comparable to the general equipment of a platoon during Vietnam or Korean campaign. And the total cost of all equipment is more than one thousand dollars.

Of course, such dissonance with the past, when the grass was greener, and the sun was brighter. But, such an abundance of various devices is not just a certain fashion or a desire to look modern. Each piece of equipment of a modern hunter or soldier has its own unique role. Each of these little things has revolutionized the industry and expanded the horizons of humanity.

For example, night vision devices. Which made the nighttime accessible to humans. After all, earlier, a hunter could only hide in a tent in front of a fire, hoping that no predator would turn him into a victim.

Problems of a variety of night vision devices.

Today we will talk about devices that provide the ability to see in low light. Today, the market offers a huge variety of such devices. Their difference is not only in price - from cheap Chinese options to quality devices made by the best nv manufacturers in the USA. But also in nod variants: night vision goggles, night-vision binoculars, NV monoculars, and, of course, night vision rifle scope. We deliberately leave out the huge and interesting topic of thermal vision devices.

Today we will talk about devices operating on the technology of amplifying the minimum light signal. The problem with modern appliances is that you won't find universal options. That being said, each nod option has its own advantages and disadvantages, although they solve one problem.

Every customer would like to purchase one device that can satisfy all needs. The industry is heading towards this. Night vision goggles are becoming smaller and more comfortable, and their mounts are also becoming more reliable. They produce special monoculars that have a resource to withstand weapon recoil and can be attached to the arms on the arms, acting as a sight. And, many shooters even shoot these goggles, aiming at standard optics. But, for several objective reasons, this is not a solution to the problem if you want to get maximum ergonomics, reliability, and pleasure.

Night vision rifle scope attachments.

Well, let's talk about tradeoffs. There is nothing wrong with that because we all understand how expensive modern devices are. Moreover, if you are a lover of night hunting, then you definitely need to have two types of night vision devices - Night vision devices and thermal imaging devices. It is this combination that will create the perfect combination for you, with which the night will no longer hide secrets.

At the same time, nod. That's why they are called that because they are used when there is a lack of lighting. You won't need them in the daytime unless a thermal imager can come in handy under exceptional conditions. Nevertheless, sight is one of the most important tools for the hunter. But, his problem is that at night he can only show you the darkness. And, it is not always convenient to constantly, depending on the time of day, change sights to weapons. This is why the NV rifle scope adapter was invented.

How to choose clip-on night vision rifle scope attachment.

What is a night vision rifle scope attachment? This is a special nod that works in conjunction with a standard telescopic sight. This combination makes it possible to convert standard optics into night vision optics quickly. This algorithm does not require special skills or weapon requirements. All you need is a rail attached to the body of your gun.

Due to its practicality, such a solution is trendy in the market. The range of solutions offered is huge. So let's see what factors are critical when choosing such a device.

Clarity is one of the most important factors you should consider when purchasing. The main metric you should consider is the clarity range measured in lines per millimeter (lp/mm). To use your scope productively, you need a range from 60 to 70.

Just like standard night vision devices, scopes are divided with the generation either. The market now often includes devices of the first, second, and third generations. The fourth generation is now being tested in the army and is incredibly expensive. There are also improved device modifications, which are designated as 3+ generation, for example.

Our advice is not to chase the price. Analyze your needs. Perhaps the second-generation device will satisfy all your wishes.

The angle of view and the width of the field of view obviously play an important role. But don't forget that you need a scope, not a long-term observation device. Therefore, the range is more important here. You will still be using Tunnel View.

Remember that by attaching a scope to a weapon, you increase its weight. The very design of night vision devices, for obvious reasons, makes the sight heavier. Therefore, keep in mind that this weight will also weigh your weapon. And don't forget the size so that your plank is long enough to install an additional device.

It is worth paying attention to how to protect your device from damage and extend its life. Therefore, it is better to spend the extra money and get a waterproof and shockproof device. Well, and a reliable case for transportation will definitely not be superfluous.

But, the main thing that you need to pay attention to is the choice of a reliable and proven night vision manufacturer. In addition to quality and tradition, a well-known and reliable brand will provide you with predictable warranty service.

The quality of one of the key elements of NV rifle scope - glass optics - also depends on the price and the manufacturer. Polymer and plastic lenses and lenses made from other “innovative” materials should immediately become a reason not to buy such a device. Only high-quality glass and only correct processing of this glass will ensure that you are free of distortion and ease of use.

As we have already indicated, nvd amplifies weak light and becomes useless without even a weak light signal. Therefore, many NV scopes come with built-in IR illumination. This is a great option for hunting on a moonless night. Most animals do not recognize the infrared radiation of infrared flashlights, but a person with special equipment can easily unmask you.

Choose the equipment you need carefully and prudently. The many options that are offered on the market make this task very difficult. But, the results of this long journey will open up new horizons for you.

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