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Apr 06, 2020 | 10:58 pm 512 0

How to Improve Night Vision with Night Driving Glasses

How to Improve Night Vision with Night Driving Glasses

You know that our eyes need some light to see. So, here is a question: how do we see so well in almost complete darkness? In this article, we gathered useful info to let you reveal this secret and improve your night vision. Just keep reading.

How do we see in the dark?

A dilated pupil, cannot change focus quickly between close objects and objects that are far away. It also takes a bit to focus between dark and light. To understand this process better, we need to know that our eyes have three diapasons in three different parts of the eye.


You’ve probably noticed that pupils can change size in response to light. Outside our pupils become small because they physically block the amount of light.

In contrast, your pupils become large when you move to a dark place. This allows your eye to collect more light.

Rod and cone cells in the retina

There are two different types of cells our eyes sense light with: cones and rods. Cone cells can perceive color in bright light. Rod cells can only see black and white and have a poor resolution.


Because it is the chemical that the rods use to absorb photons and perceive light, Rhodopsin is the real key to night vision. When a molecule of rhodopsin absorbs a photon, it splits into a retinal and an opsin molecule. These molecules later recombine naturally back into rhodopsin at a fixed rate, and recombination is fairly slow.

What can we do for better night vision?

Our modern digital life doesn't do us a favor because our eyes was not developed to spend all day on devices. Staring at iPhones watching cute videos, answering messages or updating the Facebook feed exposes us to blue light and causes near-point stress and eye strain. Thanks to high-level technologies (again) specialized lenses were created to improve vision in every lighting condition, including night driving.

The optimal eyeglasses for night driving have anti-reflective (AR) coating. Such glasses can help to decrease glare from different light sources because they let more light in.

If you need to correct vision issues, high-definition eyeglass lenses would be a great variant. No matter what the light condition, these glasses enhance and sharpen vision. What is more, they can improve night vision and therefore night driving.

Such glasses can reduce glares, and let in maximum amounts of light, improve color clarity and optical definition, enable us to see better when driving at night or cloudy, rainy days and make driving safer. Examples of high-definition eyeglass lenses include wavefront and free-form lenses. We also need to know that they both can provide some of the highest levels of visual clarity during the day and at night. This is why having night vision glasses with you in your car is highly needed.

It is important: Night vision glasses can be very useful but there are some situations people can be extremely vulnerable at night due to tiredness. For example, if you drive long distances, or for long periods, it would be a great idea to take a break or even stop because eye fatigue may impact your vision, and as a result, the quality of driving.

Here are some recommendations you can do to make it easier to navigate at night.

Clean Your Windows and Mirrors

Check your windshield to make sure they are clean because dirt can cause glare at night. 

Avoid Looking at Oncoming Headlights

As we know, it is difficult to adjust from bright light to dim light. If it is possible, try to avoid looking directly at the headlights because it can temporarily affect your visibility at night.

Dim Your Dashboard

Bright lights from the instrument panel of the car can distract you from the road. And if you’re using GPS navigation, turn on the night mode.

Take eye health seriously

We can’t stop our eyes from aging but we can take care of our eye health and do annual check-ups. Don't forget about good nutrition, exercise, and healthy habits!

Lower the brightness on your device screen

By keeping the brightness on your phone, computer or TV low, your eyes won’t have to adapt as much.

Being able to see well at night is important for both your comfort and your safety. So, now you know how to see in the dark, why night glasses can be useful and what to do to help preserve your night vision. Happy driving!

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