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Jan 14, 2021 | 02:20 am 13028 0

How to choose night vision devices for airsoft

How to choose night vision devices for airsoft

Playing airsoft has become a real hobby for many people. Games are played both during the day and at night, which adds even more excitement to the maneuvers. To accurately hit the target in the dark, the player can buy a night vision device for airsoft. You can equip airsoft weapons with night vision sight, take a monocular or night vision goggles. Then you will become the invincible leader of your team!

This article will be useful for both beginners and experienced players.

Is Night Vision worth it for Airsoft?

Airsoft is so widespread and it happened not without reason. In this game, a person can feel like a hero on the battlefield. No-nonsense battles are played with peaceful weapons that can be tuned to your liking. The most fun is when you play in the dark when the enemy is hard to see. Night vision scopes for airsoft solves this problem quite easily and gives an additional advantage over your opponent. But, you can also use other night vision devices during the maneuver.

What type of night vision devices can be useful for airsoft?

In airsoft, the winner is determined not only by the skill of combat but also by the weaponry. Devices that allow you to accurately identify the target regardless of the time of day can change the course of the fight.

Devices designed to improve the player's vision at night can be divided into the following types:


Can be used as an attachment to a weapon or by itself. They are fairly lightweight. To use them, it is necessary to have a way to mount them to your head or weapon. These are classic monoculars and tubes.


It consists of two electronic optical transducers, gives a big viewing angle, and is very convenient for extended viewing at night. In this category, you can find night vision goggles for airsoft or binoculars. (For example AGM NVG-50).

What to remember when using a night vision device?

In airsoft, it is mandatory to use masks or glasses to protect your eyes. The game is the game, but safety is paramount! Yes, it distorts the picture when aiming and looking through the NVD. But, you don't want to be without eyes, do you?

In some cases, the night vision device can be used during the game without glasses. For that, you need to have eyecups that cover your eyes almost completely and allow you to move the instrument as close as possible to your eyes.

Some features of using Night Vision

What additional features do you get when you use a night vision device while playing airsoft?

  • The range of enemy detection increases many times over. The range, of course, depends on the class of the device. The first or second generation (distance up to 300 yards) is usually sufficient for a military field game. The latest generation of this type of equipment is equipped with a rangefinder eyepiece and has a large viewing angle.
  • Special illumination, invisible to the naked eye, in the form of infrared spotlights allows the player to orient himself even in complete darkness.
  • Night Vision Device becomes a reliable assistant if the player manages to detect cloaked targets and has a task to conduct reconnaissance.
  • Most modern devices have the TOP DOWN ventilation system, which prevents the lenses from fogging up.
  • Even in conditions of low starry sky illumination, it is still possible to shoot accurately enough from a decent distance and comfortably observe the target.

This is only a small part of the useful features of the NVD for airsoft.

This is only a small part of the useful features of the NVD for airsoft.


The range of a night vision device depends on many factors. Most important are:

ambient light

The amount of ambient light reflected from the moon or other light sources;

type of terrain

The type of terrain (in an open field you will have a higher range than in the mountains or forest).

Different devices also have different ranges. For example, night vision scopes for guns have a greater range of detection, because mostly it made for tracking and aiming. Nevertheless, the night vision goggles often have no magnification at all, which means, you will be able to see everything clearly and brightly as it really is. This is very convenient if you move a lot behind objects during the game.

What to look for when buying

Of course, the feeling that you see them and they don't see you is very invigorating. But, if you decide to buy NVDs for the game, first let's understand the features of the devices. The cost of night optics can be quite high.

To get the most out of the process and choose exactly what you need, look at the basic parameters of NVDs.

Difficulty of Use

Most of the time, using the NVD is very simple and the settings are intuitive. But, there is 1 peculiarity - focusing on and adjusting the device to the vision of a particular person. How do you do it? First, adjust the objective lens until you achieve the ideal image. Then adjust the eyepiece to your vision. With binoculars and goggles, each eyepiece can be adjusted separately. To do this, close the left eyepiece and adjust the right one, then vice versa. Some night vision goggles require adjustment, the lens first and then the eyepieces.

Danger Level

Night vision devices are safe for reasonable adults. What does it mean? That if you handle the device according to the instructions and do not knowingly perform forbidden actions, the device will be perfectly safe.

For example, the instruction says:

  • You should make sure that the device is securely attached to the mask when you work with it.
  • In order to prevent environmental contamination, it is recommended that used batteries should be disposed of only in areas designated for their disposal.
  • Getting the IR illuminator laser in your eyes can be harmful to humans.

So, secure the device, do not throw the batteries away, and do not shine the laser in your eyes. That's pretty much it.

Lifespan and Battery Life

Optics and batteries have their own life span. Like any matrix, the lifetime of a device’s screen is approximately 1500-2500 hours. If you buy a new NVD device, use it safely. If you decide to buy a used device (don't you dare!), you won't even know after how long your screen will darken.

The battery life before charging is 8 to 20 hours, depending on the generation of the device and what else you have ON. If you turn on the screen, IR-illuminator, and Wi-Fi at the same time, your device will turn OFF much sooner.

Dropping a Night Vision Device

Night vision devices are fragile. You have to remember that. If you drop it, there is a chance you will break it. The cases do not work.

Night Vision Use While Raining

The devices are moisture-proof - so it is written in the instructions. But, during night games there can often be fog, rain, or humidity. You don't seem to put the device in water, but if you wear it in the rain all the time, it can get ruined, too. Wipe it down after each use with a soft cloth. Store it in a moisture-proof place.

License Requirements

You do not need a license to use the NVD to play airsoft games. A license for the device is needed for police, firefighters, private investigators, security guards, harbor patrols, etc. Just in case, check the laws of your State before you buy.

Night vision devices give the player a significant advantage over the enemy. By equipping your gun model with additional items and buying cool night vision stuff for games, you increase the quality of your shooting and the sharpness of your experience. Have a great game!

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