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Best Time of Day to Hunt Coyotes

Best Time of Day to Hunt Coyotes

Coyote hunting can be nocturnal or daytime. Depending on the version chosen, the hunter will need different equipment and skills. To achieve your goal, you must try hard and show your best qualities as a hunter. In ourguide, we've compiled tips and secrets for "day and night coyote hunting." that will be useful for beginners and professionals.

Key Takeaways

The coyote is a highly cautious and intelligent animal with excellent individual and collective hunting skills. Its powerful jaws and predatory instinct make it possible to deal with any victim instantly and leave no chance of salvation. Coyotes sometimes attack even giant animals, like deer or moose, and often achieve their goal. The coyote's sense of smell and hearing are excellent. In the best conditions, this animal hears sound signals at a distance of up to 9,000 yards and can distinguish up to 200 million smells.

Facts About Coyotes

The coyote is a small carnivorous mammal that belongs to the canine family. It lives mainly in North America and has almost two dozen subspecies(plain,eastern, southeastern, mountain and others). This animal is distinguished by its omnivorous nature. In thewildlife, it can eat small and large mammals, birds, and various aquatic inhabitants. The coyote also likes plant foods. His diet almost always contains berries, fruits, and nuts. The North Americanpredatordoes not disdain carrion.

When Are Coyotes Most Active?

Coyotes are usually mostactivein the early morning and after sunset. However, they can be found in some places throughout daylight hours or at midnight. This variability is due to the ability of coyotes to adapt to existing conditions. They adapt to victims' periods of activity and increase their chances of survival. Coyotes also take into account the daily routine of their competitors. For example, if some other predator goes hunting during the day, they switch to a nocturnal lifestyle. Under the cover of darkness, coyotes can be even more active than at any other time of day.

Difference Between Coyotes and Dogs

Coyotes and dogs are close relatives. They have many common external characteristics but are very different in behavior. A coyote's ears always stand up. In this case, the dog can have them standing, hanging or semi-standing. The coyote's tail is always long and bushy at anyseason. A similar sign is observed only in some dog breeds. All American jackals, without exception, have a color range from light brown with gray and black spots to brown. Dogs can have almost any coat color.

Difference Between Coyotes and Wolfs

Coyotes are very similar in appearance to wolves. However, they are not so large in size and weigh about threetimesless than their relatives. Coyotes have slightly elongated heads, while wolves have round heads. This is the main difference by whichhuntersdetermine the type of animal. Coyotes also have ears that are pointed at the tips. Wolves are rounded and less lengthy. Another difference is the length of the fur. The coyote has more than the wolf.

Coyote Hunting Gear

Successful coyote hunts are a dream for many. To make it a reality, you will need special hunting gear. It includes day andnightoptics, suitable weapons, ammunition, and clothing with a unique camouflage pattern. Put it all together, and yourhuntingon private or public lands will turn into a successful event.

Coyote Hunting Optics

This is probably the most important of the parameters of your equipment when you go hunting. No, of course, you can trust your instincts and not improve your vision. Many professional hunters even say that their intuition does not fail them under any circumstances. However, do you remember what kind of animal you're going to hunt? We're not talking about ducks, but the coyote. This predator has a great advantage over man - his senses. That means nothing but optics!


The best solution for hunting coyotes during the day is a combination of a "Thermal Surveillance Device" + a "Day Sight" mounted on a gun. The first will be effective when searching for an animal hidden in dense vegetation or in the shade of a tree, stone, or other natural object. Thermal imaging monocular AGM Taipan TM25 can be used as such optics. Thanks to the latest software versions, this device produces a prominent and “three-dimensional” image, making it easy to identify a coyote or other animal quickly. A second optical device (day sight) will help you correctly aim the weapon at the target and send the bullet to the planned location on the coyote's body.


If you plan to hunt at night, choose night vision devices to give you the most extended viewing range. For example, the AGM WOLVERINE PRO-6 3AW1 offers excellent magnification, enough to detect such a specific target. In addition, the sight has a simple argument: this is a laser rangefinder, which provides readings immediately on the display. This is very important when deciding on the moment of the shot because it is difficult to estimate the distance to the target in the dark.

For coyote hunting, a night vision scope that is as light as possible is ideal. It will not weigh down the weapon's barrel and will not create discomfort during long-term aiming. In addition, such optics will allow you to stay in a static position for a long time and avoid hand fatigue.

Coyote Hunting Guns

Coyote hunting is impossible without the right weapon. It is selected depending on the conditions in which the animal lives. For thickwoods, a shotgun is the best option. He can fire quick shots at close range, leaving no chance for the coyote to escape. For open areas, a bolt-action rifle is ideal. It will make it possible to hit a target from a long distance. Also, a general-purpose gun (such as an AR-15) is suitable for day and coyote night hunting.

Bullet Selection

Whetheryou can hunt coyotes during the dayor at night, choosing the correct ammunition is essential. In this matter, it is necessary to consider personal preferences and the opinions of professional coyote hunters. The latter most often recommend the versatile .223 Remington. An alternative option is the .22/250 Remington. Classic lovers can also take the .220 Swift for day or nighttime hunting. Nevertheless, the first two options should be considered a priority.

The Call

Knowinghow far coyotes can hear, you can easily guess that they communicate with each other through howling. It extends over several kilometers and allows members of the pack to learn about the location of different individuals, coordinate actions during the hunt, announce the capture of an animal, warn about danger and violation of the territory, and look for the opposite sex. Learn to howl like a coyote, and the prey will come to you. There are two main approaches to calls: some predator hunters rely on coyote vocals year-round, while others prefer prey distress sounds. Using both prey distress and vocal calls is essential.


Calling coyotes during the dayis not the most straightforward task. Learning how to call coyotes takes much practice. It is best to make characteristic sounds that imitate the howl of an animal from some height. This will disperse your scent and further confuse the coyotes. Be as careful as possible when doing this. The sounds made can attract other dangerous predators, encounters with which you should try to avoid. After you have made the coyote calls, wait half an hour to an hour. It is important not to call too often because calling too often can alert coyotes or even scare them away.


If you hunt coyote calls at night, take a partner with you. He will take on some of the responsibilities and increase the chances of getting a trophy. For example, your partner will make calling sounds, and you will keep your weapon ready and wait for the optimal moment to fire a shot.

How to do it at night: The person making the sound is at a certain distance (100-200 yards) from the hunter. The hunter, with the night vision device, is focused on the supposed place of the coyote's appearance. When the beast appears, it will be focused on the person making the sound, which will give the hunter an advantage in aiming and hitting the target.

Coyote Hunting Camo

Coyotes use their senses of smell, hearing, and vision daily. The latter never fails these animals, so daytime and nighttime coyote hunting lovers need to use camouflage. It is selected depending on the terrain, time of year, and weather. For open areas and places with dry vegetation, brown camouflage with different patterns is suitable. When looking for a coyote in dense vegetation, the best option is green and a classic pattern. For winter, you should choose gray and white shades that will be invisible against the snow background. You might want to keep a neoprene ski mask in your pocket for when the wind picks up.

Coyote Hunting Tips To Follow

To make coyote hunting successful, there are essential tips to remember. They will help you prepare properly, avoid severe mistakes and increase the likelihood of getting a perfect trophy. Study all the tips, and you definitely won’t be left empty-handed.

Study the Area Where You Are Going to Hunt

Before choosing how to hunt coyotes during the day or night, you must first find a suitable location. To do this, you should carefully examine the hunting area and look for signs of an animal's presence (for example, coyote tracks, traces or waste products). First, you need to explore the banks of rivers and other bodies of water. This is where the likelihood of meeting coyotes is highest.

Arrive Earlier Than Expected

Whether you plan to hunt a coyote at night or in bright light, you should arrive early in the animal's habitat. Carefully prepare, inspect the surrounding area, and select the ideal place for shooting. This approach will increase your chances of success and reduce the likelihood of unpleasant surprises.

Creep & Be Soundless

With the onset of hunting coyote seasons, you must start learning to walk silently. This is necessary so that the animal, which has excellent hearing, cannot notice your presence. When tracking a brush wolf, you should think about your every move. They must be as quiet and careful as possible. This is the only way to get within shooting range and hit the selected target.

Eliminate Your Scents

Coyote hunting requires masking one's own scent to prevent one of the most sensitive noses in the animal kingdom from detecting one's presence. You can use special products to mask the smell, which you can prepare yourself or purchase at a hunting store. For an additional effect, you can wear special clothing that blocks human body odor.

Spotting the Animal

Before you go hunting, you need to determine where prairie wolves live. This process is quite complex since it is essential not only to prove the presence of animals in a particular territory but also to determine the age, sex, and condition of the individuals. This will provide more information to allow us to avoid damaging the ecosystem and not pass from noble hunting to disgusting poaching in excitement.


Hunting a brush wolf is difficult because an inexperienced hunter cannot always distinguish between the tracks of a coyote and a dog, and also often confuses new and old marks on the ground. In this regard, it must be remembered that the tracks of young individuals are always smaller than those of old and seasoned predators and are equal to the tracks of dogs. The coyote's footprint is always significant, and the stride is smaller and more flattened on the sides. A coyote's paw print is more prominent than a dog, with clearly visible heel, toe, and claw prints, while a coyote's footprint is more straightforward. Coyotes move in a goose-step, with the one behind always stepping on the tracks of the coyote walking in front.


Coyotes hunt primarily at night. To find them faster, you need to look for animals that could become potential victims of a predator. Whenever you see a moose, deer, rabbit or smaller creature, you can be sure there are coyotes somewhere nearby. At the same time, keep your distance and prevent yourself from being detected. Otherwise, the coyotes may scare you off, and they may not give you a second chance. Cloudy nights or lack of moon should not be an obstacle for you while night hunting

It's Time to Shoot Now

When hunting coyotes in warm or cold weather, setting yourself up for a brutal fight with the animal is essential. Even if it gets wounded, finding and finishing off the prey will not be so easy. In this regard, try to kill him with one shot. You must choose the optimal moment to pull the trigger to do this. The best time to shoot is when the cased wolf is busy doing something (such as eating or stalking prey). This way, he will be less mobile, and sending the bullet to the right place will be much easier. Do not forget, that due to the difficulty of estimating in the dark, it's essential to be aware of your shooting distance in the field.

Final Thoughts

Coyotes are ideal hunting targets. They are found in large quantities inTennessee, Kansas, Nevada and other US states, as well as in Canada, Mexico, and Panama. These animals have excellent hearing, vision and sense of smell, so they become a severe rival to any hunter. Getting such a trophy always turns into an exciting activity and gives unforgettable emotions.


What is the fastest way to attract coyotes?

The fastest way to attract a coyote is to imitate its howl.

What time of day are coyotes most active?

Coyotes are most active in the early morning and after sunset.

How long do you call for coyotes?

The duration of the coyote call should be kept to a minimum. If there is no desired effect, it should be repeated every 30-60 minutes.

What is the best bait for coyote hunting?

When hunting coyotes, it is best to use beef, horse, chicken, venison, and other types of meat.

What is the best place to find daytime coyotes?

Prime locations to find daytime coyotes include dense thickets away from roads, brush-filled draws in rough terrain, and hilltops, particularly ridges and points with some vegetation providing cover.

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