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Aug 01, 2022 | 11:00 am 1683 0

The best military hardware of the US Army and its implications for the world order.

The best military hardware of the US Army and its implications for the world order.

It is worth recognizing that the United States has a particular reputation regarding global geopolitics and modern history. And this reputation is very unambiguous. It can be said with a certain degree of certainty that the unsophisticated and direct propaganda of the USSR during the Second World War played a huge role in its formation. On the other hand, we have never denied or been ashamed of the qualities and empathy attributed to us by enemies and allies.

The basis for the prevailing perception of the United States was the power and strength of the country, which not only did not allow us to remain aloof from all significant processes taking place in the world but also did not leave a chance for these processes not to affect us. From the moment the United States was formed, from the moment our country chose an utterly unique path of development as the central paradigm, there were no other outcomes than to act as an eternal counterweight in the fight against evil.

Despite all the counterbalances that we set for ourselves. Despite the policy of neutrality, the Monroe Doctrine, the desire to focus on our development and not waste resources and efforts on conflicts that do not directly concern us. Despite all this, we have always proved to be the deciding factor in clutch moments.

We dwelled in detail on our state's role during World War II in the article “The role of the United States in World War II. Lend-Lease as a decisive factor in the victory over Nazism”. Where we not only told why the US participation was decisive in the fight against the Nazis but also dwelled in detail on the unique Lend-Lease initiative. We will not dwell on this page of history, which is as tragic as it is valiant. But what we will talk about will surely expand your scope and convince you that the United States has provided lend-lease for over a dozen years. And that without this help, the world would long ago have plunged into chaos, led by communists, Nazis, terrorists, or other scum.

Today, it's time to remember this and, at the same time, explain why the states act as a natural shield for the entire civilized world. Of course, it's not just the US. Permanent situational allies and coalitions declare their obligations and enter an eternal struggle against inadequate dictatorships, terrorist organizations, modern Nazis, or countries that combine all these properties, like modern Russia. What is expected in all these cases? The United States has always been the leader and was at the forefront of the struggle, taking the leading financial and image blow. History has cyclic properties and what we have today is nothing more than a repetition of the battle against Nazism, chauvinism, stupidity, barbarism, and cruelty. The Americans are again at the forefront. The only difference is that today evil speaks not in German but Russian.

All efforts to prevent the catastrophe that happened today were unsuccessful despite the civilized community taking steps to avoid disaster. We created the United Nations. It turned out to be a pathetic copy of the pathetic League of Nations, suffering from the same diseases, indecisive, useless, and corrupt. Europe also created its own financial and military mechanisms, creating the European Union. At the first call, this showed an incredible level of corruption and inadequacy, swallowing all humiliations and showing only "an extreme degree of deep concern." The North Atlantic alliance, created to counter military threats, turned out to be just a collection of indecisive disparate countries held together only by a pair of courageous countries that are the pillars of this clay colossus.

Be that as it may, the United States has always been the leading alternative and the last address to which they turned for justice. In associations and alliances or individually, we continued to bear the cross. So let's see what matters and why the United States can change the balance of power in any critical global situation with its support alone.

How the United States became a key country in world politics.

You can have a great team, an experienced coach, and great fans, but you'll never win the Super Bowl if your quarterback doesn't have the guts. You won't even make the playoffs. Don't believe it? Ask the Indianapolis Colts fans. And definitely don't ask Cleveland Browns fans any questions.

The real world politics is concentrated around. The USA is the same quarterback. Of course, it is impossible to win the game without a signal caller, but at the same time, you have no chance of success if you do not have a keystone player. One can argue with this and deny it, but this is the cruel truth of sports and the world order. NATO clearly illustrates this maxim if you want literal comparisons, not sports metaphors.

Can we say that this is fate or karma? Maybe. But only if you do not know the history of the United States.
The complex colonial past of the United States has become an excellent basis for forming a unique, democratic, and dignified philosophy of the country and its citizens. After the Revolutionary War and the high, bloody price the Nation paid for freedom, the citizens were well inoculated against whatever imperial ambitions the hated mother country had. The Monroe Doctrine has become a kind of legislative consolidation of this national idea. This seventh part of President James Monroe's address to the State of the Union Affairs on December 2, 1823, became the primary paradigm for the following decades.

Even from the point of view of modern civilizational values, that systematized list of goals and objectives looks very progressive and fair. The main emphasis in Doctrine was on non-intervention and non-colonization, which was a fixed rule not to interfere in the political processes of other geopolitical subjects. This was done to distance as much as possible from any manifestation of colonial ideas. This document only confirmed the priorities that the American government was guided by and established the coexistence of two political spheres, which were the central part of the system of checks and balances.

Apart from its limitations, the US claimed that the two American continents were its sphere of interest. And any aggression in these territories will be perceived as an attack on the United States. At that time, it was a justified and correct decision. At that time, the process of separating the Latin American states from the Spaniards was going on. No one wanted these territories to be taken over by any European states in the USA.

It is difficult to grasp the significance of this decision. For the world, this declaration became the basis of the prism through which the world perceived the United States and our foreign policy. It was a powerful signal that unequivocally made it clear to the world that the States did not accept colonization policy or any kind of intervention and divided the spheres of influence between them and Europe.

This policy has become an essential part of the identity of the Nation. It is so deeply ingrained in the minds and hearts of Americans that when things start getting ugly and the world demands a response from one of the major players, citizen opinion is divided. And supporters of active reaction were in the minority.

The role of the United States in World War I.

We analyzed the role of the United States in global conflicts in many of our analytical articles. The role of night vision in military conflicts and The part of the United States in World War II. Lend-Lease as a decisive factor in the victory over Nazism , as well as in The best snipers in history, you will find many facts that will answer your questions about US policy in the twentieth century. But, now we will quickly look back to the beginning of the twentieth century when Europe was doused with gasoline and lit a match.

By this time, US foreign policy could be described as deliberate isolation. Following the postulates of the Monroe Doctrine, the country has limited its participation in trans-state issues to complete self-isolation. The US was unwilling to form alliances or build close relationships with many countries. In addition, the country lived exclusively by its problems and its own political life.

Immersion in internal problems has always been characteristic of our country. Quite possibly, this is where the success of our state and the political and social systems we have built lie. In any case, at that moment, when war was brewing and born in Europe, which will go down in history as the Great War, the United States did not even know about these processes. What can we say about North America if, in 1914, tens of thousands of American tourists unexpectedly found themselves in the middle of a battlefield?

Immersion in one's problems remained a priority until 1916. After that, Germany became the factor that pulled the US out of its cozy cocoon. We must thank the Germans for turning the United States into a kind of analog of the trump ace of the world order. It all started with the incredibly stubborn efforts of German diplomats to turn Mexico against our country. They believed that provoking the Mexicans into the war for Texas would draw us into a protracted and exhausting war that would not allow them to extend their influence into the European theater of operations. This plan's guarantor was the German fleet, which would sink American ships that assisted the Entente army.

At the same time, American society remained homogeneous in its desire to remain neutral. Citizens were satisfied with a simple, focused on their problems and life. In the run-up to the Roaring Twenties, stable development was much more critical than the echoes of war developing on another continent. This desire was supported by the heads of all major religious denominations. Only a tiny part of society insisted on entering the war against Germany. And, only an insignificant part of the citizens called to support the Germans. However, the latter was not only a few but also marginalized.

But, the dynamics of change in public opinion over the three years were so rapid that by the end of this period, the majority advocated the active participation of the United States to end this nightmare. Germany again played a huge role in these changes, creating an image of killers for itself. Not least, this was due to attacks on civilian ships that took many lives of ordinary people.

All this led to the fact that the participation of the United States in the war became a decisive factor that brought peace and changed the worldview forever.

The role of the United States in World War II.

If you think that the lessons of the First World War taught the world something, then you are incredibly wrong. After the Treaty of Versailles signing, Germany has actually declared the only and main loser of the terrible war. The treaty, monstrous in its destructive power, laid a time bomb in world relations. While the victorious countries reveled in their victory, a new conflict was brewing, intensely provoked by the offended Germans and the communists of the Soviet Union.

The world was confident that the end of the war and all the consequences of this tragedy would become a lesson for the world community. But, as you know, this did not happen. Moreover, the harsh and ruthless conditions spelled out in the Treaty of Versailles were not so fair and practical. Let's be frank: they were devastating and humiliating for Germany. That laid a solid foundation for the growing hatred of the Germans. For whom the validity of this act of surrender was highly doubtful. Moreover, some countries that joined the victors were crueler than they deserved. One has only to remember the French tanks with rear-view mirrors and five reverse gears. And how can you not remember the French and all those jokes about their military talents?

The birth of new monsters coincided with a confusing period in the continent's political history and organically developed in a weak, weak-willed, and warring Europe. After another cancerous tumor appeared on the map of Europe, in the form of the USSR, the revanchist aspirations of a torn and humiliated Germany received a reliable ally, sponsor, and a country ready and dreaming of a big war. Further events are known to everyone who even attended school. The USSR and Germany unleashed a large-scale war, and when the key players in world politics swallowed it, they declared a fight among themselves.

The scale of the war that swept the world due to this whole chain of events was catastrophic. We will not again repeat and dwell on this topic in detail, especially since we have many articles that touch on WWII. But, I would like to note that it was a full-fledged disaster for the whole world. And it is impossible to evaluate it simply by the number of dead and wounded. We hear the echoes of that tragedy even today.

As for the US, at this monstrous moment, our country recognized the impending threat much faster. Already in 1937, we abandoned the policy of neutrality, and Roosevelt began to actively use political leverage, trying to influence the development of the situation. This did not help, and the deterioration of the situation in 1941 required radical solutions. Therefore, the Lend-Lease program was initiated.

We spent a lot of time talking about this titanic aid that the United States organized for the allies in the article “The role of the United States in World War II. Lend-Lease. ”, so we will not dwell on this. Let's say that Lend-Lease became a turning point tool that made it possible to destroy the Nazis. Given the scale of the fighting and the number of people involved, the help of the United States and Canada was vital. After all, lend-lease included the supply of not only weapons. Most of the cargo had raw materials and products, saving the lives of soldiers and ordinary people. It's hard to appreciate how important this was. To try to understand, we will give curious figures: to provide one modern soldier, the work of twelve non-disabled adult citizens is necessary.

Lend-Lease and over 400,000 dead sons of America are the prices we paid for destroying the Nazi regime on another continent. It was then that it became clear that the United States was too large and significant a member of the world community. This means that there are no severe issues in the world in which we should not get involved. This is the price of being a leader.

The global problem of the consequences of the Second World War is that we did not recognize the second monster as having defeated one monster. Instead, everyone knew perfectly well what the USSR was like - a totalitarian, bloodthirsty, and cannibalistic regime with ambitions to infect the whole world with the virus of communism. They were nothing better than Nazi Germany.

After all the horror of six years of bloody war, we admit that there was a belief that the communists concluded everything that happened. Moreover, they lost an incredible number of their people in this massacre. Although in many ways, such losses are associated with mediocrity, low command qualifications, and disregard for the lives of soldiers and civilians. The USSR was celebrated as the winner and tried not to remember the beginning of their journey when they tightly joined hands with the Germans and set fire to Europe.

But such illusions did not last long. The victory in World War II did not teach the USSR a lesson. The effect was the opposite - they did not conclude other than that they are world leaders, and the planet should rotate, obeying their will.

The subsequent history is known. A couple of years later, the Cold War began. This war left no other options than to oppose the new, pure, and caricatured evil empire with an equal rival in strength. The United States has become such a rival.

The USSR turned into a giant prison, the economy subordinated to the military industry and preparation for the total expansion of communism throughout the world. Thanks to the technology the communists stole from defeated Germany, they received a significant boost for their industry. All these factors have turned them into a global threat to the civilized world. Other events, up to the collapse of the USSR, were a series of tragedies and social disasters. Whatever the communists touched, everything ended in massacres and innumerable civilian casualties. From the division of Germany to the invasion of Afghanistan, all these pages of history have become a confirmation of the permanent madness of the Russians. The tragic background and results of this inhumane experiment are so extensive that we will definitely consider them in one of our following articles.

From the beginning, the United States was at the forefront of the struggle against this system, which embodied all the vilest in human nature. It is terrible to think what might have happened were it not for the constant containment by the Americans of the wild and insane aspirations of the Russians. What went down in history as the Cold War was, in essence, a confrontation between a civilized society and a totalitarian system that had nothing to do with development and humanism. It could not end in anything other than collapse. The stillborn, unnatural system, fused from archaic imperial ambitions and degenerate control mechanisms, was unviable from the beginning and worked on the blood of the citizens who were taken hostage by it. The only question was the price the world would pay for the collapse of this decaying empire. The United States did everything not only to reduce this price but also hastened the destruction.

Modern times.

We all like to think about the cyclical nature of history, about how everything repeats itself. But when we face a choice, we immediately forget these wise words and constantly make the same mistakes. It was the same with Russia. At the beginning of the 20th century, after the revolution and the overthrow of the monarchy, this country was on the verge of extinction from hunger. Still, the United States did not turn away from it, despite its neutrality. Many products were supplied to this state under state programs and by private individuals and organizations.

During the Second World War, we turned a blind eye to the fact that the USSR was the same initiator of the start of a colossal massacre as Nazi Germany. We organized lend-lease and provided the communists with everything they needed. That is, almost everything you can imagine. Even considering Russia's symbolic financial obligations, they did not bother to fulfill them either.

Nevertheless, we did not stand aside when "equal to the United States in its political and financial influence" destroyed the USSR after Perestroika and dozens of unleashed wars. After all, Russia was on the verge of starvation. At the end of the twentieth century, the largest country in the world was on the brink of extinction from starvation ... The United States again provided them with food. Provided food for nuclear power at the end of the twentieth century.

Do you think it taught them something? Do you think they have abandoned their ambition to drag the whole world into the swamp they are in? Or have they stopped dreaming of capturing new lands and destroying our country? To get an answer to this question, open Russian social networks, watch TV, or think about the war they unleashed on the sovereign territory of Ukraine.

What is happening in Europe today is frighteningly reminiscent of the mid-twentieth century events. If we engage in comparative analysis, then the coincidences are so apparent that the idea arises that modern Russians are deliberately following Hitler's plan. The annexation of Crimea, the occupation of Donbas, the cowardly and weak-willed concerns of Europeans, the insane ruler and bloodthirsty Russians, and the reconstruction of imperial ambitions. The lack of political will and the deep corruption ties that bound totalitarian Russia with many European countries and institutions led to a bloody war with an independent and proud state. Eight years of low-level and localized conflict have led to a tragedy rapidly approaching World War II's scale. Everything that Putin and ninety percent of the Russians who ardently support him did not manage to do at the time of February 24, he is stubbornly and quickly doing now. Russia has already collected bingo from the signs of the Nazi state, sometimes overtaking even Nazi Germany. Concentration camps, murders and rapes of civilians, the genocide of the nation, and threats of starvation to the whole world - probably, everyone involved in this meat grinder has already been given a pass to the hottest cauldron of hell. But, the Russians are not even going to stop.

A backward, poorly trained army, which has only one advantage - in numbers, is only capable of stealing and killing civilians. Moreover, they fulfill both of these points with fanatical zeal, stealing everything: from cars to underwear. Throwing hundreds of old missiles at peaceful, developing European cities, the Russians enthusiastically repeat that they are at war with the United States and NATO countries. We will learn more about their senseless and primitive rigidity in the future. Most likely from the materials of criminal cases in the tribunal.

Given this, it is safe to say that the world is facing a much more dangerous threat than it was in the middle of the twentieth century. The Russians are not so technologically advanced and skilled in military affairs but more bloodthirsty and insane. Moreover, many of them are recruited from all disadvantaged regions of the country. And poor areas in impoverished Russia are all, except Moscow. This problem could be solved by joint European efforts very quickly and effectively. If not for the weak character of the Europeans, their greed and fear of losing access to bloody Russian oil and gas.

The result was that the world was divided into three groups. The first was Russia, with several countries forced to support it for various reasons, the main of which is dependence. The tyrant regimes in Belarus and Syria are prime examples of this. The second group, the most extensive, is the rushing countries, unable to clearly state in the struggle between good and evil which side they take. Various reasons led them to this, but this essence does not change. Some of them took dubious, conditional neutrality. Others, declaring support for Ukraine and a desire to help it, do everything to prevent words from being transformed into deeds. The most disgusting thing is that these are mainly the leading European countries. But, what is most discouraging is that these countries, which are in close unnatural ties with the Russians, do not understand that they will be the next to get acquainted with the army of Russian savages if Ukraine falls.

The third group of countries, consisting of such worthy states as Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the Baltic countries, Canada, Great Britain, and the USA, did not try to disguise their position. From the first days of Russia's cowardly attack, they, by all means, provided brave Ukraine with assistance in all areas of activity. Each of the countries that supported the victim of Russian aggression will still be inscribed in history, but among them, the role of the United States is critical. Here it is worth understanding correctly: many countries have given away the equivalent of a massive part of their defense budget. The US does not take away such a significant part of its war economy, but what we do can be a decisive factor in defeating modern Nazis. The reason for this is Lend-Lease.

Modern Lend-Lease to Ukraine.

On May 9, 2022, US President Joe Biden put his signature on a historic document that was called upon for the second time in history to assist in the fight against Nazism. It was a document met with incredible enthusiasm by Ukraine and the countries supporting it. Especially remembering how key and turning point Lend-Lease became during the Second World War. This program, together with the entry of the United States into active hostilities, broke the powerful and flawless German machine.

Russia is not Germany and never will be. And, if raw materials and military aid influenced the outcome of WWII, then the Russian kleptocracy with greedy and stupid leaders will not be able to resist advanced military technologies.

The United States has something to offer Ukraine and something to oppose world evil. Especially in terms of military hardware. But, let's take a closer look at what exactly will be the final nail in the coffin of the pathetic bloody dictator Putin and his vast rusty war machine.

FGM-148 Javelin.

To begin with, it should be noted that no matter who the President of the United States is and what the temperature is in the domestic political arena, our country has always adhered to its principles and views. It has always been so. And the most precise illustration of this approach of ours was the support of Afghanistan. Now it is difficult to calculate the amount of money and military supplies that were provided to the national army of the country, which we freed from terrorists for ten years and tried to teach to live in a democratic society. Many believe that this was the greatest mistake. Maybe. But, the truth is that the idea we proposed and implemented was and remains excellent. The only question is that it turned out to be unnecessary for the Afghans themselves. Freedom is a concept that not everyone needs.

Ukrainians need freedom. As it turns out, they can't live without it. Many did not believe in it. The story became widely known when, with the beginning of the military expansion of the Russians, the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany turned to one of the institutions of the European leader for help. And one of the high-ranking politicians answered him that Ukraine does not need help, as it will fall within 72 hours. As we write this article, Ukrainians are at war with Russia, presenting its army as “the second strongest in the world” for the fifth month.

A considerable role in the success of this resistance was played by a weapon that has already become legendary in Ukraine - the FGM-148 Javelin. This is a third-generation anti-tank missile system developed by Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. To explain its benefits, it is difficult to restrain oneself from admiring epithets. Even though Javelin was developed more than thirty years ago, its relevance remains.

This device sends a guided missile to a target fixed by the operator. And strikes vertically or from above. Its scope is not limited to enemy armored vehicles. He can destroy even aircraft at low altitudes.

The US Army adopted this device in 1996 and used it with great success. Especially in Iraq. But, the way Ukrainians use it strikes the imagination of even our combat generals. Suffice it to say that the statistics of successful applications by the Ukrainian army of Javelin have become the most successful for the entire time of its use. The Ukrainians turned out to be incredible warriors, which is not the only fact that can amaze you. Suffice it to say that according to official statistics alone, today, the Ukrainian army has more tanks than they had before the start of the Russian invasion. And this is not counting those tanks that were destroyed with the help of Javelins.

These devices began to come from the USA as an aid in 2018. Today, along with Bayraktar, Javelin has become one of the symbols of the liberation war. They sing songs about him, draw pictures, and, most importantly, successfully destroy the Russian invaders' equipment.


The M142 HIMARS, aka High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, has become the second most symbolic weapon for Ukrainians after the Turkish Bayraktar. But first, in terms of efficiency. But, more on that below.

Lockheed Martin developed the M142 in the late 1990s as a lightweight version of the large tracked M270 MLRS, which proved excellent. What happened to military engineers can be safely called the ultimate weapon with virtually no weaknesses. Firstly, HIMARS is fast and has a considerable resource reserve for off-road driving. If the conditions allow movement on the road, then, thanks to the wheelbase, the equipment can develop a decent speed. Secondly, it is well armored. Even the windows are covered with sapphire. Thirdly, his arsenal depends on ammunition, the variability of which is excellent enough to make the enemy sleepless.

How does HIMARS work? The best-known hit-and-run tactic. He went to the position, fired, and left. Moreover, it will be much faster to leave because after shooting. The equipment will become 5 tons lighter and weigh a reasonable 11 tons. These 5 tons can be either six missiles for a moderate range of up to 80 kilometers or one MGM-140 ATACMS missile capable of an incredible range of 300 kilometers. These missiles are high-precision. No, such an epithet does not describe the deadly accuracy with which missiles hit the target because the error does not exceed three yards.

The fact that anti-aircraft artillery is powerless against the operation of these systems adds a special piquancy. So it's pretty funny now, after two dozen destroyed ammunition depots, to remember the Russian promise to shoot down every projectile fired from HIMARS.

To have a complete picture of this masterpiece of American technology, we add that this launcher system proved excellent when working from the deck of an aircraft carrier. And it also has AIM-120 AMRAAM and SLAMRAAM missiles in its arsenal, capable of effectively shooting down air targets. Reloading this machine takes minutes and is carried out almost automatically.

When the Ukrainian army received only four such vehicles in July 2022, their joy knew no bounds. Even with such a small number of launchers, they destroyed up to two dozen ammunition depots and command posts of the Russian heirs of the Nazis in a matter of days. Ukraine competently works with the provided equipment. They strike at night to avoid civilian casualties and make it harder to spot them. They attack from the highway, which allows them to leave positions after firing quickly, and do not use several vehicles in one place. Already the current results of a direct collision of our equipment with what the “second army in the world” is armed with allow us to confidently say that this is the same as comparing a rocket with a stone in terms of efficiency.

M270 MLRS.

This masterpiece of American technology was developed by Vought based on the M2 Bradley and put into service in 1983. It was withdrawn from service in 2003, but, until now, the MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) remains one of the best specimens in its class. This explains the persistent requests of the Ukrainian army for its supplies.

The M270 MLRS was the base model for developing its lighter, wheeled version of the M142 HIMARS. The M270 is a large, tracked vehicle carrying twice as much ammo. The system is capable of firing projectiles of various modifications. At the same time, their nomenclature is very extensive and includes the allied countries' developments.

The basic model is so successful and thought out from the technical side that the US partner countries created several modern modifications, which are still the main ones in their class today. In the context of the story about the Russian-Ukrainian war, it is worth noting that the Russian army's analogs do not meet the high standards of MLRS. Especially in terms of accuracy and mobility. However, the accuracy of the Russians was never interested. Their inglorious military history shows that the destruction of civilian infrastructure and population caused them almost more joy than military targets.

M777 howitzer.

Another copy, this time a joint production of the USA and Great Britain, which forms its mythology on the battlefields with the Russians in the proud and unbroken Ukraine. The Ukrainian military dubbed this reliable and accurate system for delivering 155-millimeter caliber shells to the Russian occupiers "Three Axes."

The accuracy and ergonomics of this artillery system are admirable, as is the ease of maintenance and relative cheapness. Today, the M777 howitzer is actively used along the entire line of contact to destroy ammunition depots. And secondly - to bring animal horror to the occupying army of Russians.

If you like beautiful epithets and symbolic names, we prefer to call these two devices “Death from Heaven.” Literally. These are light and deadly drones that are stuffed with two things: explosives and high-tech machines. Devices allow you to control and guide these drones to the target, and explosives turn the enemy into a well-killed target.

These drones are small, fast, and stealthy. You can launch from any surface. In addition, the Phoenix Ghost, unlike the Switchblade, requires almost no operator training.

A living classic of the American military complex. It is in service with 28 countries and is actively used by the Ukrainian army. Easy to use and deadly reliable. In the hands of a skilled Ukrainian military, it brings fantastic results. This is not surprising, given that there is a confirmed fact that during the occupation of the Kyiv region, a Ukrainian grandmother shot down a Russian drone with a can of canned pickles. If grandmothers in Ukraine shoot down aircraft in this way, then the effectiveness of the Stinger cannot be low.

The United States is a country where freedom is almost the primary human value, which is a reliable and monumental foundation for the success of our state. We were not looking for an opportunity to become some world police and did not seek to turn into a punishing sword of justice, which is always on the scales of good and evil. Fate and history itself entrusted us with this mission, carried out by more than one generation of Americans, trying to maintain justice.

What is happening in Europe today cannot leave anyone indifferent. Moreover, this cannot bypass a powerful country like the United States. We must help Ukraine in its sacred struggle for independence and freedom. This is understood by the state and the citizens of the United States. The reason for this is not only historical parallels with our history and not only empathy. We understand perfectly well what threatens the victory of the Nazi monster, nurtured on abundant cash flows from Europe. In addition, do not forget that this monster at all levels: from everyday to high, government calls us the main enemy and threatens to bomb us with nuclear weapons.

Ukraine is a country inhabited by brave, fearless patriots of their country who are ready to give their lives for their Motherland. This is precisely the type of ally who wants to help. The result that the Ukrainians show using our weapons is impressive in its effectiveness. Our military industry and the consequences of its activities are not always unique but always the best available analogs. In capable, motivated hands, they can work wonders.

We sincerely hope the military equipment we discussed today will bring many more victories to the Ukrainian people. There is not much of it, but given the close relations between the states, there is hope that the list of weapons will expand. As it grows, we will also talk about how US military products are involved in preventing a full-blown third world war.

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