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Dec 25, 2020 | 11:15 am 38216 1

How to shield yourself from thermal imaging?

How to shield yourself from thermal imaging?

The best way to hide from a thermal imaging camera is to stand behind it.

the biggest problem here is to understand that you are being watched from a thermal imaging camera and that you need to hide from it somehow. But if you know exactly how to hide, then you should become invisible to the thermal imaging camera. In other words, you need to break your contour, get lost in the warm spots, and to be stationary because targets very often stand out in terms of movement.

things that Block thermal are :

·         water;

·         glass;

·         wood;

·         neoprene;

·         a thick layer of anything that is badly heated and well ventilated (e.g. wood sheathed with aluminum foil on the backside);

Another advantage is distance. The resolution drops rapidly, preventing the thermal imaging camera operator from identifying a cloudy spot as a human being.

What Is Thermal Imaging Technology?

As with anything important, you should start with the basics. In our context, we would have to focus on the structure and principles of the thermal imaging camera, but we're not talking about lectures, and you don't need to get a degree, so don't go into details so much.

In short: a thermal imaging camera is an electronic observation device that builds an image on the temperature differences in the observed area of space. In other words, a thermal imaging camera can distinguish between "warm" and "cold" objects. The device captures thermal radiation and does not require illumination of observation objects to create an image.

If a person "warms up" unevenly, you will see it too. What will a thermal imaging camera show? It will show you the surface temperature contour. Simply put, it will color warmer skin areas. And, most of the time, it's not visible under the layer of clothing. It all depends on how high the heat conductivity of the material from which the clothes are sewn. But, thermal imaging cameras with higher matrix resolution (AGM ASPTM25-384, for example), will show how the body heat is transferred to the clothes.

 So, is it possible to hide from a thermal imaging camera? Let's sort it out!

How Can You Hide From Thermal Imaging Technology?

Like any other device, the thermal imaging camera is not an ideal tool. Technical disadvantages are typical for a thermal device. If a lot of heat enters the lens, it can be "blinded". This can even cause physical damage to the sensor. A variety of sources of intense heat generation, such as fires, welding arcs, termite checkers, etc., pose a potential hazard to the thermal imaging camera and can make it difficult to detect other targets that fall into the lens field of view.

It also makes sense to create a false target contour to blur the silhouette of a real object.

What can't the thermal imager "see"?

Thermal imaging camera can't see through the walls

We are often asked - does a thermal imaging camera see through trees and bushes? It does, but not everything. Branches, poles, and other hard materials do not break through the eyes of the thermal instrument, but you can see what is in between. Here, too, the strong characteristics of the device and, of course, the degree of growth of the shrubs come to the fore.

Glass, foil, and other protection

To hide from the thermal imaging camera you need to choose one of the materials that do not conduct heat or reflect it. As you have already understood from the previous paragraphs, as a shelter you can always use a house or even thick corn thickets. But how to be in the open terrain?

·         Glass. This material works with a thermal imaging camera as a mirror. If you take a thermal imaging device and come close to a window, you will only see your thermal reflection.

·         Foil. This option is not as effective as the first. After all, many thermal imaging cameras will see the foil as the opposite of a warm object. However, you will not be able to recognize a person under the foil layer.

·         New technologies. Recently, scientists have invented a new type of protective suit, the principle of which can be compared to a chameleon. The temperature of this suit can be adjusted to the environment. Thus, the boundary between a warm-blooded object and a cool background is washed away.


To reduce the probability of detection with a thermal imaging camera, it is necessary to eliminate or reduce heat radiation from your body. If you don't have a specialized uniform, the easiest way is to wear tight pants, a tight jacket, thick gloves, and a multi-layer balaclava. Wear thermal underwear, preferably composite, which is made of different materials, synthetic and natural. But it should be remembered that the clothes will warm up in time and will be visible to the thermal imaging camera. So that such camouflage will be effective only for a while.

It is safe to say that the best defense is to attack. In order not to get into the field of vision of a person with a thermal device, you should arm yourself with a thermal imaging camera. This way, you can easily see your opponent and easily escape from the pursuit.

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