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Sep 02, 2020 | 02:43 pm 6113 0

Using Drones for Hunting

Using Drones for Hunting

Using a drone makes hunting much easier and more convenient. Its main function is to track down prey. Most hunters buy it just for this purpose. The function of the quadrocopter allows you to explore the situation from a high altitude, viewing vast areas in a few minutes. Modern hunters do not need to sit in a stalk or ambush situation for a long time in one place - now you can determine the location of the animal with the camera. Obviously, with the help of a drone, hunting is much more convenient and easier. It is impossible to be left without prey or catch with such technical support. Even the most inexperienced novice can track down game in this manner.

How can Drones Help Hunters?

If you decide to take a drone to hunt, you need not only to choose the best of the models, but also to be well prepared. After all, often expensive equipment is useless if it is not used properly. So, if you don't want to spoil the hunting process, you should consider the features of almost all devices.

Nuances that should be taken into account when using a drone in hunting and apply them in their favor:

● The noise of spinning screws. Foreign sounds can scare the prey away. However, this noise can also cause the necessary reaction. For example, throwing a wild boar or an elk out into the open, or causing a bird to take off mid shot.

● Appearance of the drone. The camouflage coloring will help the drone to remain unnoticed by the animals. However, in this case there is a risk of losing the drone without indication or during force majeure: falling, getting stuck in trees. Bright coloring can cause an unexpected prey reaction, but it's easier to find a bright copter in the woods.

In order to determine which quadrocopter to buy for hunting, the first thing you need to be aware of your goals:

Photo and video shooting

Many avid fishermen and active leisure enthusiasts with a rifle up front just can not resist not to boast of their next achievement in a favorite cause. For most of them, photography with the catch has become a tradition. And the better the quality of the photo material, the more reason to be proud.

Besides, today it is fashionable to shoot the very process of hunting for elk, migratory game, wild pigs or fishing. Many hunting bloggers prefer to share their live experience using video equipment. However, always having a reliable cameraman behind your back who can properly submit material is a pleasure not available to everyone.

A much more reliable option is a drone (Self-Drone) capable of shooting from the air, at any distance, altitude and angle. And its operator does not have to be a professional in his business. It is important to master the basics of drone control and learn to control the on-board camera.

Full-fledged animal tracking

To use the drone not just for hunting, but to track down game, you need to choose from a variety of non-standard equipment, which some UAV manufacturers supply with the drone. It is a question of more advanced Pro-models.

Units with a regular camera will not fit - in a coniferous or mixed forest, the animal will not be found in this way. For exploration and mining of elks, wild boars, birds you need action devices with specific functionality and suspensions under third-party equipment.

It is desirable that professional FPV equipment with a large range of action is installed on the remotely operated suspension.

Rules for Hunting With Drones

You have to follow Federal rules if you decide to use a drone on a hunt. So, let's understand what needs to be done to make your hobby legal and bring you only benefit and pleasure, not problems with the law.

● An unmanned aircraft weighing 0.55-55 pounds must be registered. The Coupler falls into this category of aircraft. So first of all, register your device with the Federal Aviation Administration. Registration of a drone costs only $5, and a fine for using an unregistered device costs $27,000 or three years in prison. So it's better to register your drone!

● After registration, you should put the registration number on the drone.

● The drone owner must be over 13 years old.

● The owner must be a United States citizen or permanent resident.

● Drones can only fly in the daytime.

● You should always see your device during the flight and not lose sight of it. If you control a drone blindly, you are breaking the law.

● Drones cannot fly over groups of people, near other planes, over stadiums or sports events, or near emergencies such as forest fire fighting.

● Drones must not be used within 5 miles of airports. You may only fly if authorized by the air traffic controller and the airport operator.

How To Keep your Drone Up and Running

In order to avoid troubles (breakage, loss, etc.) when using the drone for hunting, we strongly recommend you to get preliminary skills of confident control of the device.

● First, read the instructions so as not to break the device on the first day. Next, be sure to master the mandatory operations: take-off, landing and maneuvers in different directions. Of course, it is better to do this in an area where you have plenty of room, and somewhere without buildings and in windless weather. Drones fly pretty fast, and an inexperienced operator without skills can break the device on the ceiling, or it will simply blow off in the wind.

● In any case, it is important to remember that until you have mastered the quad-copter control well enough, for training flights it is better to choose deserted places. And if possible, the space should be grass-covered. After all, in case of falling on a solid ground, the drone will have to be assembled by parts within a few tens of meters. Or, worse, if it loses control, the drone may "land" on the head of a random passerby.

● Propellers break down most often on the drone. This is why you should always have a set of spare propellers when you plan to launch a drone. You can easily damage the propeller if you collide with an obstacle. This can make flight control difficult and cause high-frequency vibrations that can damage the engines. A broken propeller may cause the drone to fall.

● Always bring a full set of tools for your drone. If any screws become loose during the flight, you should tighten them immediately to avoid serious damage.

We hope that our article about hunting with drones will be useful and enjoy the process.

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