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May 09, 2020 | 07:11 pm 2995 0

A Quick Guide on How to Select a Weapon Light

A Quick Guide on How to Select a Weapon Light

Anytime you are looking at adding some component to the weapon we need to look at how we actually are going to use this in a realistic scenario. The things that look sexy in a movie doesn't mean that's going to be practical in your plans. Today we are going to talk about lights on weapons and reveal the benefits of adding a weapon-mounted light to your loadout.

Benefits of Weapon Lights

When thinking about what's the best weapon light you should consider that the answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Helps to see clearly.

The first benefit is very obvious but the light can help you see in the dark. It happens very often when you may be forced to shoot into an area of complete darkness or low light.

Identifies the target.

In the context of home defense shooting the ability to identify your target and make sure it's not a pet or your loved one is also a benefit.

Helps to shoot accurately.

The contrast is provided by projecting light into that target area and giving you the relief for your iron sights or red dot is invaluable when you have to fire multiple shots on target quickly and maintain defendable accuracy.

Helps to make a quick decision.

The best technique is to recognize the area you'd like to illuminate, briefly turn the light on and then turn it off again taking a snapshot of what you'd like to see. When the light is off you can move or make a decision to take follow-on action (using voice commands or turn the light back and firing shots).

Mounting Options

When choosing a gun, you need to know first which one will satisfy your needs. For rifles, you should plan where you want to mount the light and how much space the light and potential switches will take up on the handguard. For pistols, you also want to consider what holster options are available for different models of lights.

Light Output

Once you know what lights are appropriate to your firearm, the next step is to compare the output (lumens).The best variant for you would be to choose a high-output light. But you should know that the higher it is the shorter run time it has and a physically larger size light. Rifle lights can be activated with a tail cap switch but also if you want to activate the light on the distance you can use a pressure switch.


A good switch design should be comfortable and allow you to change your grip on the firearm. The pressure switch method enables you to place the activation pad where your hands grip the gun regardless of the light placement. Twist activation tail caps don't let you have the light on only immediately. That's why they are not so ideal for rifle lights. Tailcap switches with push buttons are usually more handy and easy to use.

Other Factors

So, if you still haven't decided the output and switch you need, try to consider other factors such as waterproof rating, the power source (rechargeable, CR123, 18650, AA, or other battery types), reliability and compactness. If you want to effectively illuminate a target in unconventional, highly extremal situations, we also recommend you to take a look at the light spectrum and laser capabilities.

Hope our guide helped you out a little bit. Put things in perspective and remember, it is always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6!

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