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Feb 06, 2024 | 08:05 pm 6258 4

What's New with the V2? | AGM Rattler vs AGM Rattler V2 Thermal Scope

What's New with the V2? | AGM Rattler vs AGM Rattler V2 Thermal Scope


AGM Global Vision, a renowned leader in thermal imaging technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product line, the Rattler V2 Series Thermal Scope. Released on January 23rd 2024 at SHOT Show, Las Vegas, this new series is a significant upgrade to what is already known as the best-selling thermal riflescope family in the United States.

What Changed With the Rattler V2?



The Rattler V2 line embodies a plethora of groundbreaking improvements, packaged in a sleek and modern housing.

Key features include:


  • Advanced Sensor Technology: The Rattler V2 series features a 12-micron high-sensitivity thermal sensor with a top-rated sensitivity rating (sub-20 mk). Why does this matter? An upgraded sensor means you'll be able to see much more detail and heat variations through your optic. A sub-20mk means this scope is capable of detecting small temperature differences between optics compared to older models. This gives the user a much better picture and improves your target identification capabilities. 
  • Video and Audio Recording: All Rattler V2 Thermal Scopes will allow for Video, Photo, and Audio recording. These snapshots and videos can be recorded directly to the device with one touch of a button or can be controlled via a wi-fi hotspot connection with the AGM Connect App on your mobile device. 
    Long press for Video and Audio recording, and short press for photo.

  • Shot Activated Recording: Capturing every critical moment just in case you forget to press record in the heat of the moment. Shot Activated Recording can be enabled and disabled in the menu navigation.
  • High Profile 5 Button Layout: Button Layout and Design have been improved to make their use more comfortable for users wearing gloves in colder environments.

  • Improved User Interface: Our display menu options have become easier to navigate allowing you to customize settings and set your zeroing profiles much more efficiently.
  • Upgraded Brightness and Contrast Settings: Short press the menu button and you can quickly adjust the brightness and contrast to work best for your current environment. Brightness and Contrast Settings now have 10 different brightness levels replacing the 5 levels on the old models. 
  • Increased Recoil Rating: 1000 G’s of force rating

  • LED Power-On Indicator: No more accidentally leaving your device on. We've added an indicator light on the power button so you can quickly check to see if your optic is on and ready to rock. Even the little things matter. 

  • New Warm/Cold Display Setting Mode: The warm and cold setting is a great way to help reduce eye fatigue and add further customization to accommodate user preferences. Toggle to the warm display setting to add a tint or "warmer" look to your display, and toggle it to cold for a brighter and bolder display output. 
  • Upgraded Front Focus Knob: The new Rattler V2 has a short throw focus ring with added knurling making it faster and easier to adjust through the entire focus spectrum in just a quarter turn. 

  • Upgraded Front Lens Cap: We've added a more durable and robust lens cap that locks closed and clicks into place when fully opened. 



Rattler V2 Resolution Options for Every Price Point

The Rattler V2 series offers three resolution options, each with two lens sizes, catering to different hunting applications and price points:


256 Resolution Models:

19mm & 25mm lens options: Equipped with a 256x192 thermal sensor. Base Magnifications of 2.5X and 3.5X with detection ranges of 950 and 1250 yards.

384 Resolution Models:

25m & 35mm lens options: Boasting a 384x288 thermal sensor. Base Magnifications of 2X and 3X, and detection ranges of 1200 and 1800 yards.

640 Resolution Models:

35mm & 50mm lens options: Features a high-sensitivity 640x512 thermal detector paired with a 1024x768 OLED display. Base Magnifications of 2X and 2.5X, and astounding detection ranges of 1800 and 2600 yards. Perfectly balanced for flexibility in hog and predator hunting.


Why Did We Upgrade the AGM Rattler Thermal Scope?

The RattlerV2 series continues the legacy of the original Rattler Thermal Scope with additional improvements influenced by advancements in thermal technology and feedback from our amazing customers. AGM Global Vision is proud to offer these advanced scopes as superb additions to any hunter's arsenal, further cementing our commitment to innovation and excellence in the night hunting industry.

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Modified: Jul 02, 2024 | 12:54 am

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