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Jul 26, 2022 | 11:02 am 920 0

What is the best bullet for deer hunting?

What is the best bullet for deer hunting?

It seems what can be challenging to hunt. You take a gun, and ammunition, go to the forest and wait for prey. But this is not the case, and the centuries of hunting practice have only confirmed this. But thanks to their failures and new developments, we now have more explicit theoretical recommendations that can be easily applied in practice. And in such a case, everything must be taken into account. Starting with a hunting permit, predicting the weather conditions on which you hunt a beast, guns, caliber, sight, cartridges, and so on. And today, we intend to discuss deer hunting and why it is so important to be careful in this matter.

Specifics of deer hunting.

And the first thing you must consider in deer hunting is your attitude to your prey, not the tools of your work. Once upon a time, feeding our family may have been necessary. Now it is a craft with its laws and orders formed by our ancestors, whom we must know and respect. You enter into a duel with nature, and despite all the privileges of modern devices you use in the process, it does not mean you will get out of here.  At the same time, it will manifest respect for the animal you are hunting for - a quick death without long-suffering. Therefore, you need to know where to shoot specifically so as not to scare the animal. You can shoot at the front shoulder, 12-18 cm above the chest - this is probably the most common point to aim at. This blow penetrates the heart and lungs, although, again does not always guarantee a 100% result, and there is a probability that you will have to run after the animal. Deer, despite their dimensions, the animal's weight is very fragile. It is impossible to predict how he will behave when asked and whether he will provide prey at your feet. The history of hunting knows many cases where such a shot was only a guarantee that the animal is afraid to run in the thicket, in the overgrown and no one can find it, or find it too late when the meat is already spoiled 

What do you need for deer hunting?

In addition to the quality tools you use, you need to prepare morally and physically for your journey. As for the first point, the main recommendation is to be very patient. Going hunting has no specifics on how long you will have to wait for a deer. And as soon as you see him, do not hurry to shoot immediately. Based on the rules of the area and the type of license you have, spend a few minutes checking that the deer in front of you is a legitimate target. Often it is legal to hunt males with a certain level of horn growth (usually six spikes), although it may vary from region to region. If the first deer you see is not a legitimate target, don't shoot. Wait. Deer often move in pairs or flocks, and there is a chance that others will arrive soon. And here, we approach critical point number two - physical training. After all, before hunting, you must spend a lot of time adjusting your rifle and yourself to work. Learn to shoot from any of your positions and the positions of the animal. There are ideal parameters and conditions when, for example, you have a stand on a flat surface in the grass, and the deer stands sideways to you. We have already mentioned where it is desirable to ask to conceive hearts and lungs. But any business loses its excitement if everything is always the way we want. If you are interested in an animal that did not fall immediately and intends to run somewhere, wait and watch in which direction it runs from the threat. Because you can only add adrenaline to an animal with your sharp appearance, and your chances of finding it are quickly reduced. You can see if you hit it right during the chase. This is visible by the amount of blood on the ground or the leaves in the thickets. If it's not much, then most of all, your shot was not successful enough. And now it's your job to find a deer as soon as possible to ensure he dies quickly. Even though hunting is about murder, we must not forget the humanity and respect for the suffering the wounded beast feels. 

How to choose a bullet for deer hunting?

Choosing the suitable cartridges is very responsible, as it is one of the critical parameters that can affect the success of your hunt. Therefore, it is essential to take into account the following risks: insufficient penetration of the cartridge into the animal's carcass; colossal expansion, which will only lead to superficial injury; or vice versa, poor bullet expansion. In general, we are well aware that bullets with expansion are recommended in this case, but they are also different. For example, balls with an extension for a fox will have a slightly different effect because they expand too quickly, so they cannot penetrate the deer's body to ensure rapid death. When choosing a ball, you will pay attention to the following parameters: it is the emptiness that is under the ball (this indicator itself affects the speed of expansion of the ball); and the tip (they can be sharp, narrowed, round, etc.); as well as materials from which the bullet and core are made. If you are interested in specific examples, then you should pay attention to the following options: Swift Scirocco (probably the most common choice and one of the best), Swift A-Frame (one of the best balls for cereal game and one of its main advantages is that it will provide a good result if you shoot from a short distance), Barnes TSX (the copper ball has a significant expansion and penetrates well into the body of the beast), as well as bullets from Nosler (this company has developed a polymer tip that is great for deer hunting because it retains a ballistic coefficient, resistant to deformation and expands only on impact).

In general, if you do not know what to choose, everything is much easier than it seems at first glance. In the article, we tried to highlight the main points that should be paid attention to when choosing a ball that can affect the result. In any case, on the shelves of the hunting shop, you will see bullets on which their purpose is written. Yes, you will need a consultation from a seller or experienced hunter. But even here, everything is not one hundred percent unambiguous. Any craft, as well as hunting, has its traditions and laws. Our grandfathers share this with us. People who have been hunting for a long time can share all the subtleties of the case—starting from where it is better to hunt the beast, ending with a knife which is better to process your prey. Yes, they were not and will not be in the conditions you are preparing for. Although the benefits seem to be on our side, this case was and remains dangerous. And your experience will always be yours no matter how much you are prepared for your first deer from the theory that another person gives you.

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