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US National Parks

US National Parks

Modern society lives at a frantic pace when there is not enough time to enjoy the silence and the surrounding beauty or to engage in some activity outside the working chair in the office. Modernization and technologization of all spheres of human life led to a primarily sedentary lifestyle for many people, depriving them of the opportunity to spend more time in nature with friends or family. Man has become so adapted to everything around him that he does not even notice his distance from aesthetics and enjoyment of life. The main goal of everyone is to earn enough money not to deny themselves anything, to provide for their family and children, to become successful at work, and to make more money again. It seems that our life has become a kind of closed circle, in which there is so little room for some pleasant things.

Have you ever wondered how long it has been since you felt relaxed and calm? Where would you like to be if you had the opportunity to spend the weekend, not at home or work but somewhere else interesting? Perhaps someone's hobby is hunting, likes active recreation in the mountains or on bicycles, for someone, the way to relax is to contemplate nature in parks, on picnics, etc. A fantastic excellent option for recreation will be visiting national natural parks, which are not only a decoration of the area where they are located but also a refuge for many animals, plants, and other organisms that require special conditions for development. National natural parks aim to create such conditions for the natural complexes in their natural complexes, which contribute to the effective use of these resources, their preservation, and reproduction. In addition to preserving the environment, these parks perform health and recreational functions, leading to conditions for rest from everyday routine. Rest for the soul is much better for a person who spends much time at work. That is why visiting the national natural park is an excellent idea for a vacation with the whole family or, for example, a romantic date with your significant other. In any case, eco-tourism is the type of recreation that enriches a person with new emotions and impressions and brings aesthetic pleasure from the beauty surrounding him.

US national parks. History of foundation.

National natural parks of the USA are a real asset to American society. Many rare animals and plants have been collected here, which were saved from gradual disappearance thanks to the creation of conditions for their lives in a specially designated area. National parks are a unique example of untouched nature, a place of spiritual harmony and emotional rest from ordinary life. The main feature of the US national parks is the opportunity to enjoy nature not only for the privileged classes of society but also for ordinary people, for whom the chance to visit such a place is an absolute visual pleasure and recreation.

Each national park has its centuries-old history and distinctive culture. The history of national parks in the USA goes back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Their appearance is associated with the name of George Catlin. Mr. Catlin, a young artist, while traveling in America, noticed the conditions of life of the native population. It is not only about their unkempt houses and land lifestyle but also about the nature surrounding them. Kathleen was highly concerned about the state of the environment in North America and, because of her desire to help restore spirit to its original condition, began to look for ways to solve the problem.

His idea was to create such enclosed territorial zones in which local natural complexes would be able to develop. Such zones were to be industrially neutral and not to be used for anything other than recreational and security purposes. According to Katlin, the unity of man and nature in such zones would create an opportunity to preserve the uniqueness and picturesqueness of character and allow people to visit unique sights of the animal and plant world in one place.

At first, Kathleen's idea did not receive broad support among the ruling elite because, at that time, the state's economic and political situation was quite tense. However, the idea of creating national parks even then appeared as an undeniable necessity for preserving nature in its unique environment and increasing its resource potential. The creation of US national parks began in the second half of the 19th century at the initiative of President Lincoln. It was then proposed to set aside a specific area on the ground, which would be set aside exclusively for public use.

Although such a proposal was initially rejected, later preparatory work began on creating separate territories for a specially defined purpose - the protection of natural objects. The State of California was given a large area of land to care for and create a nature conservation area for public use to preserve unique species of flora and fauna in their natural environment. An essential condition for transferring land to a separate territorial unit was the impossibility of alienating it to other persons. That is, such a plot had to be for public use and was not intended to provide profit to third parties. The transfer of such a plot for local service to a separate state did not yet mean the creation of a national park in its modern sense.

However, this created an essential prerequisite for developing the nature conservation industry and disseminating knowledge about the preservation and reproduction of environmental elements.

A decade later, Yellowstone's first national natural park was created by separating a million acres of land from state ownership and transferring it to local use. On this land, it is forbidden to carry out activities to obtain profit. All funds received for the park's development must be used for their direct purpose and to benefit the natural environment.

After the creation of Yellowstone, there was a noticeable increase in the creation of similar parks in European countries. Leading political figures of that time began to promote the preservation of the environment and its return to the state that existed before the beginning of active industrial activity of people. The number of created national parks began to proliferate, and the idea of creating territories for the unique existence of natural complexes spread worldwide.

Cultural significance and role in popular culture for the Nation.

Considering the long history of the creation of US national parks, we can conclude about the desire of Americans to preserve and gradually reproduce the state of nature that existed long before human activity and any changes in the natural environment due to its activity. Americans are proud to talk about their national parks because it was in the USA that the first national park - Yellowstone - was created. National parks are an excellent example of Americans' historic and cultural life, as references to these attractions are present in many works of art, which will be discussed later.

So, the famous Yellowstone National Park became a staging ground for filming the favorite disaster film "2012". The events center around the fact that humanity will soon cease to exist entirely because of seismic activity on the earth's surface and the Yellowstone supervolcano's eruption.

It is interesting that after the release of this film, rumors began to spread about its actual possible explosion in the next decade. However, there were objectively no prerequisites for this.

Also, the same Yellowstone became the center of the plot of the series of the same name, which was released in 2018. The series broadcasts real-life images of the national park and tells the story of the past, when the land, which was later designated as a conservation area, was coveted by the government, developers, and indigenous people. The main character is on the side of protecting the environment and seeks to defend his home from invasions by strangers.

Yosemite Park is depicted at the beginning of Star Trek 5, and Grand Canyon Park is defined as the place where Cinderella lived in the Disney cartoon.

Many videos of famous pop artists, such as Selena Gomez or Nicki Minaj, also have pictures of nature from national parks. For example, Selena's music video for the famous song "Love you like a love song" uses photos of the Arches National Park.

In addition, the topic of national parks is present in the school programs of American schools since the creation of these parks is an example of how people should behave toward nature - to protect it and try to improve what already exists.

As you can see, national parks are part of the cultural life of Americans. They are often mentioned in films and TV series; they are a location for shooting and creating various works of art, which find a response from viewers worldwide. Each national park is unique, and behind each is a story that goes back to when there was no Internet or television. Although national parks are often depicted in various forms of pop culture, there is nothing better than simply walking through them, spending time with the family exploring the area at particular sites, and seeing nature up close for what it is.

What to do in the national park.

Visiting the national natural park is an excellent opportunity to spend both active and passive rest from everyday worries. What is not a great activity to contemplate the beautiful nature and breathe fresh air away from the city bustle? For people who willingly like to eat something tasty, there are separate areas in the parks where you can have a picnic. This is a great idea, especially when a person wants to spend time with his family, gather with a tight family circle in a picturesque place. You can also bring table tennis, volleyball or soccer balls and play active games.

Since the national park is a nature conservation area, it is important to observe basic principles of environmental protection. First, you can't litter, and even better - sort the garbage in unique bags available in any park. Second, it would be a good idea to get to the park using an electric car that uses electricity instead of gasoline or diesel, whose combustion products pollute the air. Yes, the most famous Tesla electric cars allow traveling from 200-600 miles using electricity. In addition, electric vehicles are efficient, and currently, there are many options for autonomous chargers to not spend much time on recharging.

Many national parks offer a wide variety of activities for children. Children can visit exciting locations and play games, including volleyball, badminton, table tennis, etc. Also, in national parks, there are locations where you can climb a mountain and engage in more extreme sports, such as jumping from a bridge, rock climbing, etc. A trip on quad bikes or jet skis will be a great activity for adults and children. Practically every national park has areas with uneven terrain, where it is an objective pleasure to ride quad bikes. Of course, reliable instructors will be by your side, for ensuring a safe trip for tourists is a profession. That is, the national natural parks of the United States offer many options for activities that are suitable for people of any age and with different interests.

Since national parks are an excellent location for people who admire nature and everything related, what vacation is possible without using optical devices that bring you closer to nature and its riches? Yes, everyone who visits the national park can carry binoculars, a monocular, night vision devices, and thermal imaging devices. In some states, specific optical devices are allowed only if a person has a special permit and is registered as a user of this or that device in the database. Why use these devices? Everything is straightforward because using various optical devices improves the image's quality and allows a person to contemplate reality in a broader range of colors. It uses thermal imaging cameras to observe nature or other objects in the area. Yes, some parks are available for visiting, even in the dark, making it impossible to visualize the situation for those who do not have particular devices. The use of thermal imaging devices solves this problem as follows.

The device seems to scan the area and produces a multi-colored image. The color of the objects in the picture directly depends on the heat it emits when interacting with the environment. Red color, for example, can depict a nearby person, and orange - an animal a little further from the observer. Blue and violet colors indicate objects with a comparatively lower temperature than the environment in which they are located. Thermal imaging cameras make it possible to see everything happening in minor detail. A person using these devices seems to see through particular objects, which gives him more information about the environment around him.

A person who aims to enjoy nature in its usual form can also use binoculars or a monocular. The difference between them lies in the presence of two optical tubes in the first and one in the second. There are also specific differences in their use. Yes, a monocular is mainly used to see a specific object at a certain distance. It focuses the image on a particular terrain area and provides high quality. At the same time, due to the specifics of the monocular construction, it is considered uncomfortable to use it for an extended period. Yes, it is much easier for a person to use binoculars because two eyes are involved in contemplating reality, which is natural for him. Also, binoculars provide a more comprehensive range of reflection and therefore are used chiefly for objects that occupy a large area on the terrain.

National parks

The national natural parks of the USA are an integral part of the history of this country, and they also represent the rich nature and complexes located on their territory. The USA has the most significant number of objects under the protection of local jurisdictions and situated in national parks. Their number is about 400. Each garden is unique and contains specimens of animal and plant life and historical and cultural significance objects.

An interesting fact is that the highest office in the USA is the president, registered in one of the national parks. The well-known White House is located in an area under the control of exceptional service to protect national parks. The park surrounding the White House is part of a national park listed by this service. Therefore, it can be said that every President lives in a national park.

The peculiarity of the natural parks in the USA is that visiting them is free. In this way, the government encourages people to protect nature and understand that such beauty can be preserved only by joint efforts to fight for an ecological environment. If every person sorted garbage at least once a week, it would already reduce the pollution level in the whole world, and therefore less damage would be done to nature.

Since there are a lot of US national parks, let's focus on the characteristics of the most popular of them.


It is logical to start the story about national parks with the first park, which was founded in the second half of the 19th century and is one of the most recognizable in the world.

It is about Yellowstone - a national park famous for its rich history and wide popularity. It is the largest national park, and its territory is within three states. The part of Yellowstone was not involved in economic or other activities, which made it possible to preserve nature in its original form. It is impossible to describe this national park in two words. Yellowstone is home to vast plains, caves, canyons, picturesque lakes and rivers, and formidable volcanoes.

The nature of this national park is highly diverse and rich in contrasts. A considerable part of the area of this park is covered with lava from the outside because the volcano on which the park is located has been active several times in the past millennia.

The history of the creation of this park went through many stages, characterized by numerous studies of its territory and features of natural resources. Thus, geysers were discovered at the beginning of the 19th century, which broke through the earth in powerful streams. Later it became known about the lake's existence, which has a similar name and is the largest in terms of area in the world. Gradually, this territory was separated from civilization, and a nature protection regime was established.

The peculiarity of Yellowstone is that a vast area of its surface is covered with volcanic rocks. The whimsical relief of the character, non-standard hills, rocky terrain - all this is the result of ancient seismic activity of volcanoes. Some manifestations of their training were observed several million years ago, while others were observed several thousand years ago. Such beauty, at the same time, captivates the eye and expresses a kind of anxiety, as there have been repeated talks about the possible eruption of the volcano.

Small earthquakes are often visible in the territory of the park. According to the Richter scale, they are so imperceptible that a person does not notice them. However, history also knows cases when earthquakes occurred that destroyed numerous water and other structures. Thus, in the second half of the 20th century, several earthquakes were recorded, changing the area's relief and creating new reservoirs, territories with a unique surface, etc. Unfortunately, it was not without human losses. However, no significant seismic activity is observed today, which makes this national park an object of active tourism every year.

Another problem park workers often face is forest fires, which often destroy many trees and representatives of the animal and plant world. Fires occur mainly from lightning strikes. Although fires are stressful and shared in the national park, the staff is always ready to extinguish them. Thus, there are several fire stations on the territory of the national park, which are constantly staffed. In addition, it is interesting that the placement of trees in this park helps the drier specimens to avoid fires since they grow primarily in wetter places than others.

If you think that being in the national park territory, you will live in tents or move here on foot, you are very mistaken. Over the last decade, the infrastructure of this area has developed significantly, as more and more people come to the park every year and spend several days traveling through its endless spaces. This led to the development of a system of hotels, houses, entertainment complexes, museums, and many roads intended for walking and transportation. To get to Yellowstone, you must reserve places several months before the trip because the demand for visiting this park is exceptionally high. About 3 million visitors came there last year alone. Every year, this number grows.

Yellowstone's importance in Americans' lives is also evidenced by the attractive cultural subtext characteristic of this park. Yes, many films were shot about this park, such as the disaster film "2012", a documentary film, and a TV series with the same names. The series "Yellowstone" is widely prevalent among viewers, and its rating on leading sites is 8.5. Interest in this national park can be explained by the various natural phenomena occurring on its territory, which take your breath away, and its vast area. Filming documentaries or other filming is allowed in the park only with a special permit from the US National Park Service. The main primary condition for cooperation with the park staff and the need for granting permission for filming in the park is the mandatory preservation of the natural complexes of the park and the absence of harmful effects on the organisms that live in it.


As you may have already understood, the most vivid emotions in the USA can be obtained not from walking along the streets of New York, not while crossing the San Francisco Bridge, but specifically during a visit to national parks, which are accurate historical and cultural values of the country.

Another national park that is a prevalent location among foreign tourists is Yosemite Park. What makes this park unique? First, next to Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, this park is one of the Big Three national parks of the United States and one of the largest in terms of area and number of visitors. Yes, the impressive beauty of the terrain, majestic waterfalls, unique examples of natural complexes, and many more exciting objects on its territory make Yosemite a desirable location for more than 3 million visitors a year.

On the park's territory, there are particular roads for tourists and transport routes, which can be used to move around the area.

The history of the establishment of this park is quite intense and prolonged. Unlike its predecessor - Yellowstone - the natural resources of Yosemite Park have always been under the watchful eye of people who wanted to get rich and conducted excavations there. Yes, the famous gold rush of the mid-20th century also affected this park. Several hundred people came every year to get rich by digging for gold. However, at the same time, the destruction of many types of plants, trees, and the top layer of the soil destroyed the nature of the national park. In the middle of the 19th century, many foreign tourists began to come to this park and admire its beauty of the park. Due to the activation of ecological tourism and the dissemination of information about this park by the famous artists of that time, Ayres, and Hutchinson, to different parts of the world, the government decided to grant it national status. It published a corresponding document in the second half of the 19th century. With the adoption of this document, an end was put to further excavations in the area, and all possible ways of damage to the unique nature of Yosemite Park were leveled. Thus, this park became a nature conservation area.

Yosemite Park is a place of contrasts, where you can feel both admiration for the surrounding natural environment, full of various animal and plant life species, and observe formidable rocks that, in their way, captivate the eye and cause goosebumps. The famous attractions of this park include, first, the waterfall of the same name. This is the highest waterfall in the USA, which impresses its beauty from numerous viewing platforms in its lower part. Yosemite Park also provides an opportunity to test your strength on rocks available for climbing under the supervision of professionals. These rocks are so rich in minerals that they would be enough to build a massive crossing between the rivers. The decoration of the park is also a swimming pool located on top of one of the waterfalls. Its feature is crystal clear water that has never been affected by human activity. This is a unique natural monument located at the height of 100 meters and available for viewing on unique platforms along the waterfall.

Previously, visiting Yosemite, you could see a massive fireball. Yes, people first thought it was a bright waterfall that turned red from the setting sun. However, it later turned out that this was the dropping of the burning remains of trees from the top of the waterfall, which looked like a fire from a distance. This phenomenon is not often seen because it requires appropriate lighting, a certain angle of observation of the waterfall, and a particular time of the year when the weather conditions make it possible to see this beauty.

Most often, tourists come to Yosemite Park to visit Yosemite Valley. By the way, this is the most visited place in the park. This is not surprising, since it is in this area where the most beautiful lakes and rivers are located, during walks you can meet many species of rare animals there. There is also the opportunity to relax in particular areas for tourists. In addition, on the territory of the valley, there are the giant trees in the world - redwoods, which can live for 2500-3500 years. On the part of the valley, there are museums, hotels, and various entertainment centers, making this location the most popular in the park.

Grand Canyon

As mentioned earlier, the Big Three national parks of the USA include Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is a unique monument not only of diverse flora and fauna but also of geological phenomena that occurred 10-15 million years ago. Just imagine that according to the latest research, the history of the creation of this natural area dates back to the time of the dinosaurs.

The territory of this national park was first discovered during the Great Geographical Discoveries when the conquistadors carried out conquests on new lands. While passing through the area near the Colorado River, they noticed vast expanses of rocky terrain on both sides of the river, high mountains, and forested regions inhabited by indigenous people.

However, after some time, the population left the territory of the Grand Canyon, apparently due to unfavorable conditions for life, accompanied by periodic droughts and sudden climate changes.

Intensification of research into the natural resource potential of this park took place in the middle of the 19th century. As a result of the expeditions, hundreds of species of unique vegetation and many geological monuments were discovered. The possibility of creating a nature conservation area in this zone was also clarified. So, first, a forest reserve was formed on the territory of the present park, and later, at the beginning of the 20th century, this territory was given the status of a national park.

Grand Canyon Park is a prevalent location among tourists, and the number of visitors varies from 3 to 5 million annually. For familiarization with local attractions and the convenience of movement, there are many observation decks in the park, which can be reached by special buses. Near the observation decks are tourist recreation areas, camping areas, hotels, supermarkets, museums, and everything inherent in human civilization. The territory of the national park, in terms of its functionality and what is offered to people as types of activity or recreation, resembles a modern city with a developed infrastructure.

Any visit to the Grand Canyon begins with the highest viewpoint, which offers a view of the park's picturesque scenery. The one built in the shape of a horseshoe and made of glass is also a popular playground. This observation deck is not for the faint of heart, as walking on it gives the impression that there is no surface under your feet and you are simply flying over the endless expanses of the Canyon.

The national park is divided into two parts. Still, the location for tourists is the southern part since all the necessary buildings, roads, and means of transportation are located on its territory, which is required for a walk in the park. So, in the southern part, many hotels, recreation areas, and catering establishments open all year round have been built. The feature, which was already mentioned, is that movement from one attraction to another takes place with the help of unique shuttles, which determine the routes along which the excursion will be carried out. There is even something like a movie theater on the territory of the national park, where you can relax and watch exciting films about the Grand Canyon or just enjoy a romantic comedy. The routes laid during a walk through this national park are unique and offer numerous options for visiting famous sights.

But this is not the end of the options for spending time in the Grand Canyon National Park. Tourists can visit previously inhabited locations by indigenous peoples and see the caves and the area where their life was raging. In addition, there are even staging of performances and recreation of the situation that existed several thousand years ago, to show tourists life as it was then. Other activities available to visitors include boating down the Colorado River and renting a helicopter for an aerial tour of the national park. As you can see, this national park is a true find for the avid hiker and has something to offer people with various interests.

Sequoia National Park

As we focus on the most exciting places willingly visited by millions of tourists every year, we should also delve into the history of Sequoia National Park, located in the state of California.

One researcher wrote that by enjoying the nature of Yosemite Park, you could see a different location south, which is even more mesmerizing with its majesty and beauty. We are talking about Sequoia National Park.

The name of this park comes from the giant trees that grow on its territory. Redwoods are the largest organisms in the world that can live several thousand years.

This is incredible because these trees are subjected to numerous difficulties of weather conditions and phenomena and continue to amaze tourists with their inviolability and power.

The history of this park is not relatively standard, as it was not managed to be officially registered the first time. Yes, it was supposed to be the first US national park, but its registration was refused at the last stages. The first person to discover this area in California was an ordinary farmer who built a house and started farming on its territory. Over time, the population began to grow, and many people also started to engage in various industries, including animal husbandry. The intensification of human activity in this area hurt the state of nature. There were numerous damages to sequoia trunks, many of which were cut down during industrial action. This worried people involved in environmental protection, and they started preparations to recognize the area of the remarkable growth of a thousand sequoias as a nature reserve. Stewart, the editor of a popular newspaper, was actively engaged in this issue and covered the issue repeatedly in his articles. And only at the end of the 19th century was an agreement reached by the government to create a national park on the territory of massive redwood growth.

The most accessible to visitors in the park's territory is the forest in which the famous redwoods grow. The national park is home to five of the giant trees in the world. The base of the trees reaches a diameter of about 30 feet, and the walkable length of the forest is about 40 miles. This makes the park attractive to people who enjoy active recreation in nature and bike rides along the forest.

Have you ever seen unusual natural tunnels? In Sequoia National Park, a tunnel made of a tree fell due to unavoidable natural phenomena and blocked the roadway. However, people cut the lower part of the tree, which obstructed the car passage, and as a result, a tunnel was formed, which from the outside looked like an entrance to a natural cave.

Tourists visit this park obviously to see the giant redwood trees and take pictures of these trees. In social networks, a challenge was even launched, which consisted in finding a big tree in diameter and trying to stand in a circle with several people and hug it. However, redwoods occupy a relatively small area in the park. High rocks, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and many other exciting places are also worth visitors' attention. Visitors to the park can observe nature in the state in which it existed hundreds of years ago since many restorations works and works on the preservation of natural complexes were carried out to recreate the original picture that existed before the active activity of people.

Also, this national park is a real find for people who like fishing, horseback riding, and long walks in the terrain. On the park's territory, there are many locations where you can do your favorite activity for free and for an additional fee. Since the park can be visited at any time of the year, in winter, it is considered possible to engage in skiing and take part in snowmobile excursions. So, if you want to enjoy the beauty of the national park and spend your time actively, Sequoia Park will gladly provide you with all the opportunities for this.

Zion National Park

Another park that attracts millions of visitors every year is Zion National Park in Utah. The picturesque national park, located in the heart of Utah, never ceases to amaze visitors with its natural beauty of rocks, plains, and mountains.

For a long time, the national park could not acquire the title officially because, for this, it was necessary to fulfill the mandatory conditions for the accessibility of tourism. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was impossible to get to this park due to the lack of road surface. And only after eliminating this problem and building a road system it became possible to travel to this area. After that, this park was officially granted the status of a nature protection zone and began functioning fully.

This national park is a true paradise for connoisseurs of various seasons. The nature of the garden changes dramatically depending on the season. Yes, everything is covered in different colors - from red to yellow, orange, or black in autumn. In winter, you can see beautiful snow-covered mountains, which you can climb or ski. Spring is the time when everything comes to life in the park after a long winter, and the waterfalls once again delight the eye with their bubbling. The park is available throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.

Before its establishment, Zion National Park was not a popular tourist destination because very few people knew of the area's existence, transportation problems, and the lack of road surfaces. In addition to spectacular rocks, diverse flora, and fauna, this national park offers tourists to visit a temple on its territory. Zion is one of the few national parks in the United States where there is a temple in the environment, where anyone who believes in Jesus can pray.

Another feature of this national park is that it is located not horizontally, as in other parks, but at a significant slope, which is explained by its geological structure. Yes, there are many whimsical figures from the ground on the park's territory, formed over several million years because of the shifting of tectonic plates and the filling of areas with sand and gravel. Zion National Park is a place that will please the tourist who is interested in studying the tectonic structure of the earth, minerals, and archeology. A walk through this park is not only pure pleasure but also a kind of cognitive activity, as the guides will tell in more detail about the peculiarities of this park's creation and its exciting sights.

So, the national parks of the USA are not unique examples of the unique natural environment but also excellent locations for recreation with the whole family. In addition, these parks have their own historical and cultural value. Thus, the history of their creation was determined by the desire of activists to protect bright examples of biological activity from deterioration of their condition due to the implementation of various types of human activity. Situations had repeatedly occurred when it was necessary to take immediate measures to preserve nature in the form it was before the implementation of various actions that spoiled it. People cut down trees, built industrial facilities, and used the land for other purposes, allowing unique natural monuments to disappear without a trace. Can you imagine what would happen if these territories were not given the status of national parks or nature conservation areas? All activities related to protecting the environment must be a priority, and the preservation and increase of natural resources are the duty of each of us. Nature gave us life, and we must thank it by caring for it and creating conditions for its prosperity.

National parks and their natural terrain and beauty are also locations for filming movies and inspiration for many artists to create outstanding art pieces. Therefore, visiting national parks, as a natural and cultural wealth of the USA, is something that not only every American should do, but also foreigners, because such unique natural complexes, gathered within one territory with such a long history of creation and development, you will no longer found anywhere else in the world.

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