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May 09, 2023 | 10:57 am 919 0

Unusual types of hunting

Unusual types of hunting

Hunting is the most ancient entertainment on Earth. Initially, it was necessary since getting food any other way was as difficult as possible. Over time, people's need for food was satisfied, so hunting began to be used solely as entertainment. At this time, unusual hunting methods began to appear, which are used to this day. In the Middle Ages, in many countries, this occupation was available only to aristocrats, which is why the attempts of ordinary people to kill animals were strictly suppressed. Nowadays, anyone can hunt. Now you need everything for this, ranging from hundreds of weapons to night vision devices. The latter makes tracking prey in the dark possible, which is an exciting activity.

Deer prey by wolf's hunting

Since ancient times, deer have been one of the leading hunting objects. To get such a trophy, you can use traditional hunting tricks or use the effective way of our ancestors. It consists in finding in the forest the moment of hunting for deer wolves. It is as difficult as possible to do this, but knowing the habits of predators and the habitats of ungulates is entirely possible. Next, you must wait for the situation when the wolves kill the deer. After that, you should start shooting at predators. In most cases, they will quickly run away, and the hunter will get their prey.

This method of hunting has been in demand in some countries since the 19th century. They are rarely used these days. However, those who want to get new emotions can use them. In modern realities, such a hunt is best done early in the morning. The wolves are the most active at this time, and the probability of their attack on the deer will be high. If the street is dark enough to track the animals, then you can use night optics, which adapt the ancient method of hunting to the modern world.

Prey for mammals by hunting a lion or a leopard

This unusual hunting method originated many centuries ago in Cameroon. The tribes in this country obtained their meat and materials for tailoring by hunting wild cats. In those distant times, people used available means such as stones, fire, and heavy clubs. The principle of such a hunt is to search for a leopard or lion pride. As soon as this happened, people began to sit in one place for hours, or even days, waiting for predators to hunt. After the latter got their food, the hunters attacked the leopard or lion, killing the animal. Then all that remained was to pick up the trophy and the mammal killed by the predator.

With the advent of Europeans on the African continent, this method of hunting was slightly modernized, and firearms began to be used in it. This made the hunters' task more manageable and maximized the chances of success. Nowadays, such hunting is only an unusual entertainment. Officially, it is not allowed anywhere. Therefore, it is possible to use the old method only in some countries where landowners do not strictly comply with the laws. Modern hunters prefer this method at night for a more significant effect. To get the trophy, they take with them thermal imagers to search for animals and various types of classic NVDs.

Hunting with golden eagles

For many centuries, the inhabitants of the steppe regions used birds of prey during hunting. Representatives of Kazakhstan and Mongolia have made the most significant progress in this matter. This is not surprising since most of the territory of these countries is occupied by steppes. Unusual hunting is carried out on horseback. Several hunters go to their destination, taking with them their pets - golden eagles. Since childhood, these birds have been brought up next to people, so they feel calm with them. Having reached the age of 4 years, they become suitable for hunting.

The process of catching animals begins from the moment a potential victim is discovered. Then the hunter releases the bird and commands it with his voice. Golden eagles have excellent eyesight and immediately notice the prey and inflict a fatal blow on it as quickly as possible. After the hunters get to the prey, they take the prey from the birds, giving them some delicacy in return (for example, pieces of rabbit meat). There are practically no misses in such a hunt, so it can be safely called one of the most effective.

The modern version of such a hunt officially does not exist. Therefore, everyone who wants to use this method must repeat the same steps as their ancestors who lived centuries ago. However, in some countries, a semblance of hunting with a golden eagle exists. During the process, hunters use other birds of prey and use modern equipment (such as binoculars to search for games, NVDs in poor visibility, and more).

Using a boomerang

The boomerang is an amazing human invention. It appeared a very long time ago and was used mainly for hunting. Due to their relatively small size, boomerangs are used exclusively to hunt small animals (rodents) and birds. To catch prey, you must first track it down. Then the hunters carefully approach her at a distance from which they can throw a boomerang. After launching this wooden weapon, they remain in place, waiting for it to return to their hands. Even with constant practice, achieving a high percentage of hits is impossible. Therefore, for professionals of such a hunt, only every 5-8 attempts succeed.

In modern realities, boomerangs seem outdated. Therefore, only lovers of ancient hunting methods use them for hunting. However, recently the situation began to change for the better. Numerous master classes on possessing these weapons are now being held, and hunting is organized. The latter uses modern optics, which helps to find small animals and birds quickly. Also popular is night hunting with a boomerang. Different types of NVDs are used during it, without which it is almost impossible to find a potential victim in the dark.

Fire hunt

For thousands of years, this method of hunting has been used by the Aborigines of Australia. With its help, they extracted the local delicacy Goanna. This lizard has nutritious meat, which is considered the most valuable resource. The principle of hunting was the use of fire. Before using it, people closed all the entrances to the burrows of lizards, after which they set fire to the grass. The holes were opened as soon as they burned out, and the reptiles began to crawl to the surface actively. After that, only killing them with any heavy objects or makeshift spears remained.

Ecologists call this method of hunting inhumane. Therefore, it is officially prohibited. However, in some cases, it can be used. This happens when the population of lizards reaches dangerous values for the ecosystem. In such a situation, it is possible to lure reptiles out of their holes in an old way, catch them (without killing them), and move them to other territories. It is better to do this at dawn, so during the event, it is advisable to use NVDs, which will improve visibility in low-light conditions.

Persistent hunt

This unusual method of hunting originated many centuries ago. Despite its inefficiency, it continues to be used today. This is done by the Bushmen of Botswana and representatives of the Raramuri people in Mexico. The principle of hunting is to wait for the optimal moment to attack. The event begins with the search for an animal of interest. 

Further, his long pursuit is carried out. During this process, hunters periodically approach the animal briefly, frightening them and preventing them from eating or drinking water usually. After some time, the animal weakens, and killing it becomes as simple as possible.

Such an unusual method of hunting requires physical strength and endurance from the participants. It is this feature that attracts the attention of hunters. Today, they use the technique more to know the limits of their physical abilities than to gain any benefit. Some countries even organize tours where everyone can test themselves on such a hunt.

Very often, the pursuit of animals lasts several days and nights. To avoid losing sight of potential prey in the dark, it is recommended to use various NVDs. They will improve visibility and help you keep up with the animal.

On a boar with a knife

In many countries, wild boars are an invasive species. They destroy the ecosystem and harm agriculture. In this regard, hunting for such animals is open almost all year round. The most unusual method used by hunters is Hawaiian. It is named after the famous islands where it originated and is still used. There are several options for hunting wild boar with a knife. The most popular of these involves pursuing animals with the help of dogs. After the animals are driven into a trap, a person comes into play. He kills them with a simple knife. The latter is an alternative to firearms, which are prohibited in many places in Hawaii.

This method of hunting is still popular today. It is used not only by residents but also by numerous tourists who want to taste wild boars. In most cases, collective hunting is carried out. People drive animals into natural traps from which there is no way out. Most often, they are small caves. They are always dark, so many hunters prefer to use NVDs. They will help even in complete darkness to deliver an accurate blow with a knife and avoid various injuries.

Hunting underwater

Any representative of the local fauna is chosen as an object of hunting, ranging from different types of large fish to octopuses, squids, and turtles. This type of hunting can be safely attributed to the number of unusual. It provides for carrying out various actions not on land but underwater.

Spearfishing is widespread all over the world. It originated a long time ago but is still popular today. Modern underwater hunters use harpoons and special guns that shoot pointed objects. In some cases, participants in such an event must dive to great depths, where visibility drops to almost zero. In this situation, night vision priors come to the rescue, which is specially adapted for working underwater. These devices will help to find potential prey and overcome various underwater obstacles. In addition, they will make it possible to avoid meeting with dangerous aquatic inhabitants that can turn the hunter into their prey.

Hunting with a crossbow

An unusual but exciting method is hunting with a crossbow. This ancient weapon replaces traditional shotguns and rifles, transporting the hunter back in time. The latter enjoys the process of obtaining trophies in the same way as his ancestors did.

Hunting with a crossbow is not allowed everywhere. Therefore, studying the current rules and laws in advance is essential. During the event, it is necessary to be extremely careful. Otherwise, getting close to an animal or bird at a distance of a shot will not work. When hunting, it is recommended to use different types of NVDs. Recently, night hunting with a crossbow has been gaining popularity. This lesson in itself is unique and gives all its participants unforgettable emotions. They will help hunters navigate the dark forest, find potential prey and increase the percentage of accurate shots.

Day and night hunting has a long history. During its course, these classes have been transformed many times, and the methods of conducting them have changed depending on a person's current needs and capabilities. Sometimes hunting methods became so unusual that now legends are made about them, and enthusiasts are trying to repeat the actions of their ancestors. Relatively recently, a new era in the history of hunting began. Now it uses various types of weapons and night vision devices. All this diversifies an already exciting activity, giving hunters new sensations and emotions.

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