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The AGM Clarion: Two Thermal Scopes in One?

The AGM Clarion: Two Thermal Scopes in One?

2024 started with an incredible rollout of new products from AGM Global, and the Clarion has gotten a lot of serious low-light hunters very excited following its release.

The majority of thermal scope options in the market as of 2024 typically require someone interested in getting into thermal to make a set choice on their preferred lens size and resolution. Each model of thermal scope has its starting optical base magnification. Then if you’d like to zoom in further, you can utilize digital zoom. Digital zoom is great, but every time digital zoom is used, the image resolution gets cut down. (Similar to what you’d see when you’re zooming in on your phone camera and the image gets more pixelated)

So with an understanding of the basics of Base Magnification, many who are shopping for their next thermal scope are sometimes torn between a smaller lens size with a lower starting base magnification and wider field of or a larger lens size with a higher starting base magnification for a clearer picture at further distances.

To learn more about Base Magnification and why is important, make sure to read Understanding Base Magnification in Thermal Scopes: A Comprehensive Guide for Night Hunters

Why did AGM make the Clarion Thermal Scope?

Many coyote hunters with open terrain taking longer shots might prefer a thermal scope with a larger lens and higher base magnification. Having a higher base magnification typically means your field of view (FOV) will be narrower than a thermal scope with a smaller lens and a lower base magnification. This is especially helpful for hunters in areas in more open terrain engaging targets at further distances.

Hog hunters normally prefer a quality thermal scope that is ideal for closer shots in tighter terrain. A scope like this has a smaller lens so that you can have a wider field of view and a lower starting magnification.

But what about those night hunters that hunt at both longer distances for coyotes and tighter quarters for hogs?

In the past, most would just compromise and pick a lens size that would apply to the majority of their intended applications. Other Thermal Hunters would get two different scopes, one for longer ranged hunts, and another for closer ranges. (If its within budget of course.)

The Clarion Thermal Scope was designed to essentially be two scopes in one giving night hunters the capability to have two fields of view, or two starting magnification levels.

How does it Work?

On the forward section of the thermal scope right in front of your front focus adjustment ring, there’s a small lever. Rotating that lever allows you to manually switch between two different lens sizes thus giving you two different base mags and fields of view. As you switch back and forth between the two different lens sizes. The software within your scope will recognize the change and will automatically update everything to your pre-set zero profile for that specific lens size.

The Clarion Thermal Scope line has two different models. One is the Clarion 640 with a 640 resolution sensor. The Clarion 640 is equipped with a 35mm lens with a base magnification of 2x and a wider FOV (12.5° × 10.0° or 65 ft @ 100 yards) then quickly switch to a 60mm lens with a base magnification of 3x and a narrower FOV (7.3° × 5.9° or 38 ft @ 100 yards)

The Clarion 384 as the name suggests has a 384 resolution. It comes equipped with a 25mm lens with a base magnification of 2x and a wider FOV (10.5° × 7.9° or 53 ft @ 100 yards) and a 50mm lens with a base magnification of 4.5x and a narrower FOV (5.3° × 4.0° or 27 ft @ 100 yards)

How long does the Clarion battery last?

Just like our Rattler V2 Models, the Clarion Thermal Scopes come with two removable and rechargeable batteries that can last from 9-11 hours each. These batteries are called the NE-4400 Batteries and can also be purchased separately if you wanna keep even more backups. 

What are some other use applications for the Clarion?

Even if you aren’t in an area where you’re hunting two different types of game, having a clarion gives you a distinct advantage over standard single-lens units.

For example, Many professional night hunters have found that its incredibly easy to scan with the smaller lens using its wider field of view, then once they’ve identified their target they can quickly switch to the larger lens with the higher magnification without sacrificing any image degradation thus providing them with a more accurate and confident shot.

Are there any other features other than the Dual Base Magnification Capability on the Clarion?

The Clarions software and hardware features also include Shot Activated Recording, Video, Photo, and Audio, Save Multiple Zero Profiles, One-Shot Zeroing, Wi-Fi hotspot so you can stream to your mobile device, an American Defense Manufacturing Dual Cam Cantilever mount so you never lose zero, and much More!

If you'd like to learn more about the Clarion, or get some hands on experience behind one before you buy, make sure to visit an Authorized AGM Dealer near you!

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