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Mar 24, 2023 | 04:57 pm 600 0

Pilot helmets - from night vision to rear vision

Pilot helmets - from night vision to rear vision

The last few centuries in the development of humanity were marked by a significant scientific and technical revolution, which absorbed the entire sphere of human life and helped to approach the solution to all the problems that man faces every day more systematically. If earlier it seemed impossible, for example, to find specific information on the Internet, instead of sitting for hours in the library, going through books, now it looks like a normal thing that happens more or less every day. The protest behind each invention remains its history, your prerequisites for its formation, advantages and disadvantages, etc. Therefore, to understand its nature and basic rules of use, it is necessary to understand it in more detail.

Also, if we consider the example of the banalest thing in modern life - the car - then its history goes back to the Middle Ages. No, it does not mean that it was invented then. However, the beginning of the realization of what it is and how it should work began right then. In the Middle Ages, the wheel was made - it became the basis for the formation of machine tools, means of transportation, and other objects for which it is the main component. And there are many such examples. Learning something new about each product is extremely interesting and educational. That is why today we will consider the example of US Army pilot helmets and analyze their main characteristics, where they are used, and what latest technologies are currently being actively implemented to increase their effectiveness.

Types and capabilities of the helmets of the pilots of the American army.

The development of technological progress and subsequent changes in connection with improving the balance of inventions and their implementation in life led to the gradual improvement of opportunities in all spheres of human life. At first, of course, it affected those industries that directly affect the country's state in the international arena. That is, it is about the military sphere. There was always room for imagination and creating something qualitatively new and exciting. And this did not escape military aviation, which only continued to develop and acquire more unique and progressive features.

So, if we talk about aviation, it is difficult to imagine any pilot bound by the duties of flying an aircraft without special equipment. Of course, the essential part of it is the helmet. This is the main attribute that every pilot should have, regardless of age, experience, or other components of his status. Therefore, the focus should be fixed on this element, its capabilities, and its functionality.

A pilot's helmet is not just an attribute of every pilot but also about safety, comfort, and technologies that open up many new possibilities. They are equipped with everything necessary so that the person on board can feel comfortable and does not need anything extra. Touch sensors, which are placed in each helmet, deserve special attention. They allow you to see all the external factors and factors with which there may be contacted in the air or the environment as a whole. And modern helmets, unlike those in use several dozen years ago, also have several vision cameras, including those with a thermal data transmission mechanism.

When the pilot is at work, he must always have a helmet because six or more cameras are installed in it, which provide a panoramic vision of reality and can be helpful in any situation. In particular, one camera can be installed on the front, another on the back, another on the side, and so on. All this is for a person to have a complete picture of what is happening around them and, if necessary, to make a particular decision. In addition, there is one special camera located right in the center of the helmet. This is a camera with a thermal imaging mechanism. Its peculiarity is that with its help, the pilot can see all the things inaccessible to the naked human eye and understand what is happening below the plane.

Ideally, a correctly selected helmet becomes a part of the pilot's body. It moves in the same direction as the pilot smoothly moves in space in proportion to the movements of the pilot's head and restrains him from certain disturbances that may happen during the flight. For the helmet to work well and perform all the necessary functions, it must be precisely the size of the pilot's head and meet all the specified parameters. Only then will it be able to perform the various functions provided for by it during operation?

Why is a pilot's helmet so expensive?

Have you ever wondered how pricing happens and how the manufacturer determines what will be included in the cost of the product? First, such criteria as the importance of this or that invention, its prevalence, and the material of manufacture and technology used are considered. Accordingly, depending on this, the formation of one or another price per unit of the product occurs.

Considering the importance of such an invention as a pilot's helmet, it can be assumed that it should be made of high-quality material and take into account all the necessary components that will ensure comfort for the user. Many data directly affecting the pilot's work and performance depend on the helmet - pressure, terrain visibility, night vision cameras, and many other things that may not be completely clear to an ordinary person.

The technologies used in each pilot's helmet are state-of-the-art. They require considerable effort by scientists to understand them and understand the essence, which is essential in the performance of the tasks provided by the management. Such helmets, in addition to night vision cameras, which by their very nature are expensive and have a high cost, have many other sensors that affect the work of pilots in various environmental conditions.

Another reason for such a price of helmets is that they need to be more common on the market. They are not produced in vast quantities, which creates conditions under which manufacturers can set a slightly higher price because the demand for such products has always been and will be, and there is not so much of them. Therefore, it has always been the case that if a manufacturer understands his value and irreplaceability, he will dictate his rules, which everyone will follow.

Of course, another absolute criterion is that helmet manufacturers care a lot about the safety of pilots and use many technologies to increase the possibility of survival in any unforeseen situation. After all, various things can happen during combat missions, and a person's head must always be protected from any external influence and remain in place. Therefore, it is not for nothing that the helmet is called one of the essential attributes of a pilot because it protects him from possible injuries and damages.

Night vision capabilities in pilot helmets.

Night vision technology has become quite popular relatively recently. This is still considered the latest technology, which is only at the stage of its development and further research. However, the first mentions of it are known since the 19th century, when a German scientist conducted an experiment and discovered the ability of infrared rays to penetrate objects and reflect their images on another surface. What does it give in perspective? Everything is evident because a pilot, like any other person who exposes himself to danger through his work or hobby, needs to know what is happening around him and what to expect. And the technology of night vision is a great help in this and makes it possible to make sure that the maneuver is correct and that there is no danger waiting for you ahead.

Night vision is a fascinating phenomenon. Its functionality is quite simple, as it derives from the ability of infrared rays to scan the terrain. That is, as a result of such work of the beams, we get a thermal picture of reality. Those objects with a higher temperature than the environment are colored bright red or orange in the image, and those with a lower temperature are colored blue or purple. In this way, you can learn to distinguish between different objects and understand which belongs to living nature and an inanimate character.

Image clarity is essential because there may be some difficulties with aiming or landing during the flight; for this, you need to have all possible information to avoid trouble. For the pilot, this is very important because, in his helmet, there are night vision cameras and thermal sights. With their use at night, it is easier to perform combat tasks and be sure that you will achieve the planned result.


Summarizing the above, the following main points should be noted. First, scientific progress has come a long way in its development and has allowed people to expand their capabilities and perceive their reality in a new way. Things that were previously beyond comprehension are now perceived as self-evident. This is undoubtedly a big step forward, and human nature as a learner of reality will contribute to further work in this direction. Secondly, every invention, and every discovery, gives rise to the responsibility of each of us to understand the rules of handling it, its main functionality, advantages, and disadvantages. Only in this way can you understand the essence and meaning of a particular scheme and know what to expect later. Thirdly, those devices and mechanisms created for strategic purposes and the state's defense deserve special attention. In particular, auxiliary elements, such as pilot helmets, play an important role. They are an attribute of protection for the pilot and a reliable assistant when performing combat tasks of varying complexity. Its equipment with night vision cameras, scopes, sensors, and other exciting objects makes it indispensable in any situation. That is why it is given such an essential role in studying the equipment of aviation workers. By purchasing a high-quality helmet, you will be sure you will be reliably protected, and nothing else will bother you when solving the problems presented.

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