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Night Vision Weapon Sights


AGM Global Vision Night Vision Weapon Sights: Technologies and Features

Our night vision weapon sights utilize a high strength aluminum design

to service the rugged day to day requirements and ever changing environments. Controls and adjustments are easy to operate and include power on/off switch, reticle brightness, eyepiece focus, range (distance) focus, plus windage and elevation adjustments.

Our night vision weapon sights also offer:

  • A fully-adjustable electronic fine reticle for precision shooting
  • Professional-grade lens materials and ergonomic design
  • A digitally-controlled boresight, allowing you to change the position of your reticle while still viewing the running center coordinates
  • A locking quick-release mount
  • Wireless remote control

To develop our night vision weapon sights, we used specially-coated aircraft alloy. It is equipped with a double-lever quick-release mount that allows the highly-accurate rail positioning to maximize user comfort. The manual precision top wheel focus provides improved accuracy and ergonomics.

AGM Global Vision superior night vision weapon sights are made only from high-grade materials that are tough, weather-resistant, and proven to last.

Our Night Vision Weapon Sights

We offer a diverse selection of Military-grade night vision weapon sights, featuring:

  • Fully adjustable electronic reticle
  • Digital boresight function
  • Variable gain control
  • Integrated MIL-STD-1913 rails for accessories (Detachable long-range infrared illuminator included)
  • Powered by two CR123A Lithium batteries
  • Precise (1 m resolution) Laser Rangefinder capability (with optional rangefinder)

An ergonomic design combined with precision top wheel focus give our night vision weapon sights the power to provide exceptional accuracy when positioning and targeting, while enhancing comfort and convenience.

AGM Global Vision Weapon Sights: Precision Targeting in Total Darkness

All AGM Global Vision night vision weapon sights are built using high-quality materials that are lightweight but tough, and include a variety of features that allow our customers to feel safe, stealthy, and completely in control during routine patrol procedures, undercover or covert operations, terrain exploration, military trainings, or hunting expeditions. Our night vision weapon sights are weather-resistant, and designed with tactical professionals in mind. AGM Global Vision customers can trust that our products represent the best-performing night vision weapon sights for sale on the market.

Night vision weapon sights
– Buyer's Guide

Indeed some hunters love night hunting and enjoy only being in the forest at night. Of course, everyone has different preferences, and there are many advantages to each of them. For example, you can meet a deer during a night hunt, which is quite rare to see during the day. And during the day, especially in the winter season, you can catch a hare that can hide in snowdrifts or bushes covered with snow. But no matter how cool, night hunting has always remained and will remain dangerous and complex, and at the same time, it is fascinating and beautiful in its way. The danger in the night forest of the hunter can lie in wait anywhere. For example, bears prefer to hunt at night, and to be in its clutches is quite simple. And to turn your leg is expected because, in such darkness, you can stumble or not see the aperture that you would see during the day. We can say a lot about such dangers, but from this, we can conclude that this type of hunting is intended only for experienced and trained hunters. If you want to try yourself in night hunting, you should learn about all its specifics and risks. And if you have learned everything, you can safely start hunting.

For lovers of night hunting, we recommend taking a night vision device with you. All because it is with him, it will be easier for you to consider the surroundings in the forest, an animal that is poorly visible in the dark, and the unevenness of the road in front of you. For a more accurate hit on the target, you will need a specific type of night vision device - a sight. Thanks to him, you can easily hit the mark. We will look at all kinds of night vision sights with you, as well as their advantages.

Night vision sights - main characteristics

There are four types of night vision devices, and every hunter prefers one of them that suits him best. Let's take a closer look at the device that looks quite simple and has only one lens. This type of night vision device is considered the most common and affordable. It is famous among all devices for its robust construction and reasonable price. This type of night vision device works quite simply. Some source emits light, whether it's stars or the moon, and it is reflected by the object you watch. So, the night vision device collects this emitted light and amplifies it many times. Thus, you will be able to see things in the dark.

Such devices are assembled according to the principle of pipes. The device that we will talk about today has one tube, unlike binoculars and glasses. Such devices are inferior to larger devices in the depth of the picture and the observation range. But, all these disadvantages are irrelevant if we are talking about night vision weapon sights.

This device is designed so that you can see the main thing. Moreover, in combination with a reticle, you have the ultimate tool that allows you to track your prey and prepare the final shot.

The selection of a device is always individual and should consider the apparent indicators and your specific requirements for the scope. There can be no trifles. Everything is essential, even how anatomically the eyepiece of the device fits you. Of course, we know that no sane person will shoot with their eyes pressed to the scope. This is obvious. But sometimes, you want to use it for simple observation, and believe me, such little things will be essential to you.

Weight is also the most important indicator. It's not that it will be difficult for you to carry the equipment. The point is that a wrong choice can make a significant imbalance in your weapon. Is it worth explaining the consequences of such an omission?

At the same time, the importance of the generation of night vision devices should not be overestimated. This is important. But, we advise you to be guided first of all by your needs. Obviously, for example, the third generation is better than the second. But at the same time, the second generation may be perfect for your goals. An objective understanding of your needs is the key to savings and a successful purchase. Weapon sights are the type of night vision device which plays a prominent role in night hunting and is used for military purposes. In its structure has an amount to fix it on the weapon. The optical system is very similar to the monocular. However, the functionality of the sight is sure to be helpful to the hunter, who has the goal of accurately getting into the animal. The list of its functions includes a reticle, centering, and incredible device strength with protection against external damage.

Benefits of night vision sights

Night vision sights can be the most valuable and ergonomic device in your inventory. Of course, only if you correctly formulate the tasks that he must solve and the requirements you present.

Being a monocular, night vision sights combines all its advantages, including low weight with full functionality. At the same time, the device's specificity allows it to cope with the significant recoil force of the weapon. A convenient mount will allow you to attach it to any weapon equipped with a weapon rail. But, at the same time, it is still the same monocular that can be used as a device for observation.


  • Low weight
  • Full functionality
  • Incredible device strength

How to choose the best night vision sight

Surely you want the device you bought to serve you for a long time? Indeed, a night vision sight isn't so easy to choose. The quality of the device depends on the internal parts, external factors, and the care of the device. But we have for you a couple of tips on how to choose a suitable quality device.


So, the first is the processor. This internal detail can significantly spoil the image quality, although the considerable distance distorts the image and makes it cloudy. For the picture not to hang and be clear, at least 120 frames per second are required.

battery capacity

Pay attention to the battery capacity. Surely you don't want a discharged battery to spoil your night hunt, so the power-saving mode also doesn't hurt.

ballistic calculator

The ballistic calculator is an excellent find for the night hunter. It allows you to find the exact target and calculate the trajectory of the bullet. This will significantly help the hunter who is at a great distance from the necessary object.

video shooting

If you want to capture the very moment of shooting, then pay attention to the function of video shooting, photography, and recording resolution. For high-quality video, it is desirable to choose HD quality, and for photos 1080p.

sighting nets

Check the number of types of sighting nets. The more varieties, the better they belong to specific shooting conditions and will better adapt to them.

infrared lamp

Also, don't forget about the presence of a built-in infrared lamp (its wavelength and power), body protection, and mounting system, which should not take much time to remove or mount.

First of all, you need to remember the rules for using the night vision device and its storage to serve you for a long time. Therefore, please don't use the device in the daytime, direct it to glowing objects, and not touch the device's lenses. Also, you need to store the device strictly in the case and try to protect it from shocks and other harmful external facts. After reading this article, we hope it will be easier for you to choose the proper night vision device for you, which will be helpful during your night hunt and make it productive.