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Night vision

AGM Global Vision Night Vision Devices: Features and Technologies

AGM Global Vision night vision devices represent a wide variety of top-tier, precision electro-optical instruments, all of which include:

  • An innovative design that’s always well-suited for any nighttime missions, and which enables exceptional visibility and adaptability for different users
  • The highest-quality lens materials and ergonomic, durable construction for increased reliability
  • A large selection of included and optional accessories, such as a detachable extra long-range infrared illuminator, advanced range-finding stadia, upgraded carrying and storage cases, and more
Our NVD Product Offerings

We offer a wide range of tried-and-tested, Military-grade night vision devices and accessories, including:

  • Night vision riflescopes
  • Night vision binoculars and monoculars
  • Wireless head- or helmet-mounted displays
  • Short, medium, long, and extra long-range IR illuminators
  • Limited two-year warranty Long-range flashlights
  • Gen 2+ and Gen 3+ image intensifiers
  • Goggles, eyecups, multifocal lenses, rechargeable battery kits, and more

AGM Global Vision diverse selection of night vision devices are lightweight, rugged, and built to last with aircraft-quality aluminum alloys, optional lenses for various levels of magnification, and an ergonomic design.

Night Vision Monoculars

Night Vision Binoculars

Night Vision Goggles