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Dec 12, 2022 | 12:06 pm 690 0

Myths about airsoft

Myths about airsoft

In today's world, when time moves faster and you sometimes need to find time for yourself and your favorite activities, a specific dilemma arises. What to do when you go to work to get the basics of existence but also to rest and spend time for yourself? Of course, the answer is obvious because one's spiritual self-development and time to be with family and friends should prevail over acquiring material values ​​on an ongoing basis. There are many options for activities for such occasions - from a family picnic to team games of football, volleyball, paintball, etc. The choice of an extracurricular activity largely depends on the person's interests, skills and abilities, and the desire to work in a team.

Quite often, a person chooses a hobby that provides an opportunity to relax and develops specific functional skills: dexterity, intelligence, and others. Such an example can be hunting, in particular. So, during the hunt, the hunter not only learns how to hunt this or that game. It is also essential for him to be constantly on the lookout for unforeseen situations and to react quickly to the circumstances they encounter. The hunter's wisdom appears over time because he understands how to behave correctly in this or that case, what tools to take with him on the hunt and what weapons to use. Weapons are the essential attribute of a hunter. She and her correct use contribute to an effective result on the hunt. Recently, more and more hunting experts prefer firearms and pneumatic ones. It is becoming increasingly popular due to its properties, manifested in the fact that it is not so loud when fired and, therefore, will scare animals less. Thus, there are greater chances to obtain prey in the future during the hunt. Increased interest in pneumatic weapons and their increasing use in hunting contributes to the intensification of scientific research in its improvement and obtaining more information about its capabilities. We will continue to talk about pneumatic weapons, their main features, and principles of operation.

Basic data about airsoft

Pneumatic weapons have been known to mankind long before firearms. The first similar samples were found in ancient India when the local population used weapons with a spiritual mode of action. However, such a weapon received a more modern look already in the Middle Ages. It was then that the original pneumatic gun was invented, which was later used by both hunters and other ordinary citizens. In the 18th century, there was an increase in the production of pneumatic weapons, which contributed to their spread among some of the population. 

It should be noted that initially, such weapons were popular only in wealthy circles of society. Everything is explained by the fact that it was bought mainly by kings or nobles, who considered the presence of such weapons in their arsenal as an indicator of wealth and wealth. Eventually, the situation changed, allowing more people to purchase airguns and use them for sport or hobby hunting.

It is important to note that using pneumatic weapons requires an appropriate permit, which will prevent the receipt of such certificates or warrants by persons who are not responsible for their attitude to this activity. Yes, in particular, in some states, a permit system for the use of weapons is introduced from the age of 14; in other areas, it can be 16 years or more. It mainly depends on how a person feels about his duties and whether he fulfills them properly. So, for example, it is believed that the older a person is, the more he understands the responsibility entrusted to him when performing specific tasks and implementing the corresponding functions. Therefore, a particular limit is established, up to which individuals do not have the right to own and use air weapons so as not to injure themselves and others.

When researching the functioning and use of pneumatic weapons, specific questions and peculiar myths often arise in everyday life. Before using any gun, not only pneumatic, it is essential to dispel all the tales of its use and carefully familiarize yourself with the serviceability of the weapon. In addition, you should also study the instructions for operating the object and possible difficulties that may arise during use. It is about such myths and their explanations that we will discuss further.

Myth 1

So, let's start with the first myth currently circulating in society regarding air weapons. Quite a few people believe that turning an airgun into a firearm is pretty straightforward and that there is no difference between the two. However, this is not the case at all. The fact is that weapons have different structures and principles for placing components inside them. The mechanism of operation of firearms is entirely different from pneumatic weapons. That's why pneumatic weapons, given their structure, cannot be converted into guns, pushing bullets into the air entirely differently.

In addition, it should be noted that pneumatic weapons, unlike firearms, are also used in sports activities. It does not injure the skin as much as a firearm and is relatively safer, making it popular in various industries. For example, pneumatic weapons are often used by police officers. For instance, during the arrest of a person who is fleeing from the representatives of the law enforcement system or avoiding possible negative consequences for his illegal behavior, police officers have the right to use pneumatic weapons to compel the person to act. That is, the person will be only slightly injured, but the result will not be fatal.

Pneumatic weapons and their varieties are also used during professional paintball games for a realistic effect. However, there are nuances here as well. First, you should get a special permit for pneumatics, and only then can you use it. At the same time, all players must know the safety rules and protect themselves from possible injuries during the game.

Myth 2

The second common myth about airguns and the sport they are used to is that they are a costly hobby. You can repeatedly hear criticism of this sport because of its high costs. However, in reality, the situation is entirely different. Like any other activity, it also requires specific fees, but not those mainly discussed. At the beginning of your journey in this sport, you will have to spend some money on the initial elements of the uniform. You must purchase a suit, comfortable shoes, goggles, gloves, weapons, etc. It is also essential to get permission to use it. That is, mainly the costs are associated only with the initial stages of introduction to the sport. In other cases, the prices are the same as for any other type of activity. For example, you must find a particular area and pay its rent to play paintball. Considering several teams usually play paintball, the rental costs decrease proportionally with the number of players. Therefore, talking about the high price of playing paintball is unreasonable. On average, people spend the same money as they do on surfing, snowboarding, or other activities. Before choosing the right place to play airsoft, you should explore the area and understand its complexity, routes, etc. After that, it is worth comparing the existing prices on the market to choose the most optimal option for yourself, which will satisfy the whole team. Then you can forget significant expenses and practice almost every weekend.

Myth 3

The next myth, which the opponents of the airsoft game quite often mention, is the danger of air weapons used during the game. If you delve into this issue in more depth and detail, you can see that such a game is relatively safe and well thought out. It is not for nothing that all participants and players are given protective clothing that protects all critical parts of the body. During the game, the eyes, mouth, chest, knees, back, and so on are always safe. Of course, it becomes evident that if a projectile hits an open part of the body, it will not only hurt, but depending on the location of the damage, it can lead to death. Therefore, specialists in this field always emphasize compliance with safety regulations and a detailed study of all the basic game rules. After all, there are always specific questions about the safety of players and the ability to protect them from potential injuries. Every person's life should come first, but this is only possible if a person wants to care for himself.

Myth 4

Also, quite often, the subject of debate is the statement that the game of airsoft or paintball is only for men. However, where have you seen such rules? In the world, thousands of women skillfully wield weapons and know how to handle them no worse or even better than men. Of course, such myths appear in our deep childhood. We play different games, and we have other options for spending time, but it is established that girls play with dolls, and boys play with cars and guns. However, when we talk about more mature people, it becomes clear that each person is unique and has interests and hobbies. This affects the choice of an activity that will allow you to relax and get pleasure from it. Women, by the way, have good attention and the ability to assess the situation critically. When playing airsoft, this is quite important because you always need to keep an eye on opponents who are in different corners of the area and, at the same time, remain unnoticed. In almost every professional airsoft team, you can find a woman who will play on an equal footing with other men. Here it's not about gender but the desire to play a particular game and succeed.

Myth 5

Quite often, you hear the myth that pneumatic weapons are not severe and do not threaten the environment. However, this is not the case at all. As mentioned above, failure to wear specific protective equipment can result in severe injury and even death. It is important to remember that air weapons also require careful preparation before using them. You should ensure you understand the basic rules of its use and only then carry out certain activities. So, first of all, you must correctly hold the weapon in a downward direction to avoid intersections with the body. Secondly, the gun must be unloaded before it is fired. This is necessary not to press the trigger accidentally and not hit someone. Third, you must avoid contact with the trigger before using it directly. And it would be best if you also remembered that your weapon should always be supervised and in a safe place. It should not be easily accessible, especially if you live with children who may consider it a toy and touch it without an urgent need.


To summarize the above, every invention has two sides to the coin. On the one hand, it somehow improves our life, diversifies them, and gives them a new color. On the other hand, it can cause irreparable consequences that can harm one person and society. Air weapons are no exception. Yes, its properties, working mechanism, and functionality attract and motivate you to buy one. However, at the same time, its improper use and carelessness can lead to even fatal consequences. That is why it is essential to know what you are using and all the necessary safety rules available to avoid endangering yourself or others.

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