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Author: Paul Leslie

Better than Expected

  • Review Add on: 12/12/2022
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Purchased the TC19-256 from a local retail shop. This is my first thermal and I couldn't be happier. Light weight, fairly simple to use and the clarity is exceptional. It is used primarily for rat control on my farm attached to a FX Maverick PCP air rifle. Easily identifies rats out to 75 yds. First shot was a miss but I was attempting a head shot at 60 yds. Second shot did the trick. 12 rats down as fast as I could pull the trigger. The thing that amazed me was just how detailed the image was at 60 yds on the base magnification. Very simple to use, clip it on, turn it on and you are rocking. Cannot wait to put this on my AR and try it on something bigger. Scanned the back fields and spotted rabbits 300 yds away. If this is the entry level model, I cant wait to try the more powerful ones. GREAT PRODUCT!

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