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Nov 07, 2022 | 04:14 am 12243 1

How to use a security camera’s night vision through a window?

How to use a security camera’s night vision through a window?

Recently, the number of crimes committed has been recorded in many countries. Most of them occur at night when it is difficult to identify the robber and bring him to justice. To protect yourself and your property, you must use night surveillance cameras. In most cases, these devices work effectively through the glass to be installed in front of a window without fear of a substantial deterioration in video quality.

Types of night cameras for home

Devices that can be used in the dark are pretty diverse. Among them, cameras are best suited for home use. All manufactured models are divided into three groups, each of which has its characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. With this information, you can choose the best option for your home.

Main types of cameras:

  1. Classic night vision. These cameras are ideal for low light conditions. They use image enhancement technology that increases brightness and enhances clarity. At the same time, the video recording is obtained not only in high quality but also in color. This advantage of classic NV cameras is the main one, but not the only one. Also, experts highlight the ability to work effectively in the light of just one dim lamp. Another significant advantage is the relatively low cost of most models. Thanks to this, they become available even to not the wealthiest families.
  2. Infrared. Models of this type are the most popular in cases where video surveillance is carried out on the territory of any significant objects. However, these cameras can be used for domestic purposes. All of them are equipped with IR LEDs, which can create an image even in the complete absence of light. Among other positive aspects, most models' reasonable cost and ability to save battery power or an external power source connected are distinguished.
  3. Thermal. These cameras stand out for their unique way of working. They use thermal imaging technology to help create a thermogram. The latter is repeatedly converted, and the user receives a sound-quality recording. In this case, all living and non-living objects that emit heat will be visible in the video. Among them, the most heated points will be parts of the human body, so it will be pretty easy to recognize them. An essential feature of thermal cameras is the ability to capture heat from a great distance. Thanks to this, it will be possible to record the territory in a small radius around the device and far beyond it. Also, the advantage of thermal models is the ability to "see" through smoke, vegetation, and other similar obstacles. This feature lets you get high-quality video recordings in foggy, snowy, rainy weather.

Potential problems when security cameras are used through glass or behind a glass window

NV CCTV cameras are in demand all over the world. They help to monitor the situation in the dark, as well as fix any illegal actions. However, in some cases, the performance of such cameras may decrease. This is due to various problems resulting from placing the device in front of a glass window.

The most common problem is glare or similar camera reflections in the glass. They cause a deterioration in the quality of the video recording and make it more difficult to identify persons caught on it. In the presence of glare and reflections, the picture becomes blurry. Also, white spots and excessively light areas appear on it. Another significant problem is the difficulty of triggering various sensors (for example, those that respond to movement). Because of this, the camera may not notice a person's approach and remain turned off.

Do infrared security cameras see through glass/windows?

IR devices work well without any obstruction. However, when glass appears in front of their lens, the video recording quality drops sharply. This is due to glare and camera reflections in the window.

To correct the situation, you need to follow a few simple steps. The first of these will be turning off the infrared illumination. This will slightly reduce the quality of the resulting video but will avoid the appearance of glare on the window. It is also worth turning off all indications on the camera. In this case, it will not be reflected in the glass and will not interfere with creating a good-quality recording.

Another effective way to get rid of glare and reflections is to place the device as close to the glass surface as possible. So any defects will be minimized, and the image will become more apparent. Sometimes, a suction cup mount is included with night surveillance cameras. It can be used to fix the device on the outer surface of the window. This will avoid any distortion and achieve perfect video quality.

Does motion detection/recording work through glass or behind a glass window?

It is very long and challenging to view records made all night long. Most manufacturers of such devices began to equip their models with motion sensors to solve this problem. They capture any movements of objects and people while simultaneously activating video recording. This addition to the cameras makes it possible to record a minimum of information, simplifying the process of studying it as much as possible.

Night cameras use two types of sensors. The first of these is the passive IR sensor. It will activate video recording as soon as it detects heat or infrared radiation. If you place equipment with such an addition outside the window, the sensor will react to any actions only in 20-30% of cases. This is unacceptable in most cases, so users should take steps to eliminate this problem. The correct solution would be to install the equipment on the windowsill in front of the open window. An alternative would be to fix the device outside the glass barrier.

The second type of sensor captures any changes in pixels. Its work is based on a particular software algorithm that allows you to activate video recording in the presence of any movement. Cameras equipped with such sensors work effectively even through glass. Therefore, they are recommended to be used in most cases when it is impossible to place the device outdoors.

How to set up your camera correctly and how to fix problems

Night surveillance cameras do not always work effectively through the glass. You need to configure the device properly to correct the situation partially. In this case, it will function properly and provide the user with sound-quality video recordings. Also, do not forget about other measures that should be taken to improve the resulting picture.

Recommendations for setting up the camera and arranging the surrounding area:

  1. For the cameras to work well through glass, it is necessary to illuminate the surrounding area with high quality. To do this, it is recommended to install a motion sensor on street lighting (for example, a lamp near the garage or front door). This will provide the camera with enough light to achieve better recording quality. In this case, the presence of a sensor will activate the light only when motion is detected. This will not significantly increase energy consumption and practically will not affect the financial condition of the user.
  2. Turning off the IR light will help eliminate glare and reduce the negative impact of reflection on video quality. However, in this case, the picture will become less clear. The solution to such a problem is to install an infrared clarifier outside the room (in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe camera). Activating it will give the missing IR illumination and eliminate any defects in the captured video.
  3. A small gap will be enough for a night surveillance camera to cope with its task effectively. Therefore, it is recommended to slightly open the window and point the lens to this place. So you can get rid of the negative impact of the glass barrier on the quality of the resulting video.
  4. If it is impossible to leave the window open, move the device as close to the glass as possible. This can be done up to the contact of the material's surface with the camera lens. The closer the technique is placed to the window, the smaller the negative effect will be, and it will be possible to eliminate glare and reflections.
  5. Using the zoom function, you can eliminate glare and reflections in the glass. Not all night surveillance cameras have it, so you need to find out in advance about its presence. It is enough to zoom in on the image to get rid of most of the defects. However, it is worth remembering that excessive zooming will reduce the field of view, and the technique will be able to cover a smaller area with its “look.”
  6. For the device to work effectively, it is necessary to provide darkness at its placement. In simple terms, the room where the equipment is located near the window should be darker than the street. This effect can be achieved by turning off all lighting fixtures and devices with light indications. An alternative would be to turn on the light on the street (for example, a lantern or spotlight).
  7. The easiest way to improve the quality of the image through the glass is regular maintenance of the window. It must be constantly washed with unique products that do not leave streaks and other defects. In this case, there will be a minimum of obstacles in front of the cameras, and the video recording will become as straightforward as possible.

Night surveillance cameras can work effectively even with various obstacles, such as glass. However, for this, they must have unique properties and characteristics. If you manage to purchase such equipment, any crime committed will remain on video recording, and it will become much easier to find the violator of the law.

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