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Jan 12, 2023 | 10:41 am 960 0

How to prepare for the night paintball games?

How to prepare for the night paintball games?

That is an interesting observation. When we were children, we often played war in the yard. As an adult, it isn't easy to justify such thinking and preference for leisure time in this way. Perhaps it is genetic in us. But we invented rules, competed, played elimination games, built strategies, etc. It was interesting and exciting. 

Now we enjoy a peaceful life. But human nature is formed so that it always needs adrenaline. Therefore, the entertainment industry is thriving. 

If a company of friends is tormented by nostalgia for those times and wants to plunge back into these emotions and feelings (but with a more developed sense of self-defense), then paintball is a great entertainment option to do it. 

It has yet to be discovered precisely in what year this game appeared. There are many versions. There are plausible ones: "1981 - CIA for the training of special forces", historical: "1943 - Nazi Germany", ancient: "18th century -" French Algeria, interesting: "cowboys were marking trees or cattle with paint and decided, why not play a game." But looking at the listed options, one thing is for sure; it was a prominent and natural process. Such forms of competition appeared as soon as man took up arms. 

Paintball is a technical sports game from the category of extreme sports that simulates quick-fire contacts in a limited space. A particular pneumatic device (marker) and gelatin balls with paint are used for such imitation. Games are held indoors, with natural or artificial obstacles and shelters in the forest or open fields. There are paintballs as a form of recreation - for everyone, as a way of training - for security guards, police, or special forces, and as a sport - for tournament teams, individually or as a team, in different scenarios in the presence of judges. 

It's an excellent way to get out of your comfort zone and test your abilities, strength, accuracy, and resilience. But if you are familiar with this and want to increase your adrenaline level, you should try to play in the dark. 

Night paintball is an entirely different experience and has a mysterious atmosphere. Playing in the dark requires extreme concentration and specific skills. For many players, night paintball becomes another stage in developing their skills, allowing them to feel and prove themselves in a completely different environment. This an excellent offer for people who already have some experience.

Night paintball rules

There are some differences between day and night paintball. However, general rules work equally regardless of what time it is. 

Outdoor enthusiasts play paintball. The player must fulfill their roles according to a pre-planned scenario. Observers from the organizers constantly monitor the course of the game; their decisions are not appealed or discussed. Also, during the match, no disputes and clarification of relations are allowed; the game is based on honesty. These are paintball's constant and standard rules; they do not change.

Paintball is played in an open area with abandoned buildings or structures. Camps, team headquarters, and respawn are always located on the territory of the game - they do not belong to the playground, so the paintball rules prohibit shooting in them. Each of these objects must be marked on the maps and described in the game's Regulations. The area used must always be delineated and divided into squares. In teams, as in the army, a system of ranks from private to general is used. The point of the game is to hit the maximum number of enemy forces. Any player is considered defeated if a paint stain is visible on it. Affected participants must observe complete silence, raise their weapons with the muzzle, and go to their team's camp, headquarters, or respawn. They cannot pass the remaining ammunition and guns to their teammates.

Shots at enemy players are made with paintballs with paint (gelatin shells with water-soluble paint inside).

With a booming shot and hitting the enemy, the ball shell splits, and traces of paint remain on the player. Depending on the type of game and the agreements between the players according to the rules, if there is paint on the player's clothes or head, such a player is considered injured and leaves the playing field. In sports paintball, a player is deemed affected if there is a trace of paint after hitting any part of the body or on a paintball marker. In other types of paintball, players can play according to the rules, according to which the player is hit if there is a hit of paint in the body or head of the player.

These are the main principles you are guided by at night. But with the onset of darkness, certain restrictions and rules must be followed for your safety, the safety of your team, and your opponents. 

To begin with, shots are made from a shorter distance. If you are not very experienced in this, then contact the instructor and listen carefully to his advice and comments. To make the right shot and not injure your opponent, pay more attention to the setting of your gun before the game. Never point the marker at a person if you are off the playing field or if someone in the area is suddenly without a mask. If you are out of the game, your marker must always be on the safety.

Night adds a mystery; when the amount of light decreases, the ability of our eyes to see everything around us also disappears. So our other senses are sharpened, and it is an incredible opportunity to test your hunting instincts. Night can be both your friend and can play against you. Remember to follow the rule of silence. The fewer sounds you make, the more chances you have to survive until the end of the game or even emerge victorious.

If you are hit, you must loudly inform other players about it. This signals to them that you are leaving the battlefield. After all, it can be challenging to see the paint hit at night. 

It is also equally important to remember how vital communication between team members is. So even before the game starts, you will need to agree on how, when, and how you will pass messages to each other. This cannot be easy to do in good light. And in the dark, this task is even more complicated. 

It is also essential to remember the following. Never take off your mask while on the battlefield. Never. Even if you can hardly see. You must follow the safety rules. The bullet flies at a speed of 90 meters per second, quickly knocking out your eyes forever! If your eyes are still dear to you - do not ignore the constant reminders of judges and instructors that the mask should always be on your face! Put on shows before entering the playing field, and take off masks only when you have left the area.

Night paintball equipment

To play paintball, you need to wear special protective equipment. The essential equipment element is a paintball mask, which is put on the head and protects the player's face and neck. It is used to protect against the fired balls' power and the paint.

The mask is a durable plastic that can withstand up to 15 shots per second. There are regular masks and masks with double athermal glass, which does not sweat during the game from the player's breath.

Of course, given that you are playing in the dark, you will need additional accessories to help you see at night. Professional paintball suits for protection from paint and balls hitting the player, and experienced players use special paintball suits.

If you have just tried this entertainment for the first time or do not intend to do it professionally, you can rent camouflage clothes you put on your own and use in different weather. Clothing plays a significant role. Because your goal is to be light and mobile and move quickly and silently; otherwise, you will be vulnerable to the enemy. And for maximum comfort, it is better to prefer elastic and breathable sportswear under the outerwear. If you play in winter, you should pay attention to thermal underwear. The main thing here is to choose something you do not feel sorry for. The paint is generally such that it does not leave stains after washing. Meanwhile, it is better to be safe in this case. 

Paintball is a very active game. You will have to run a lot. And this means that you need comfortable shoes. It should correspond to the weather conditions. If the game is played in the forest or on the dirt ground, it should be waterproof and not afraid of dirt. At the same time, it should be comfortable to run and jump. Players come to the paintball club with their shoes for the game.

It will be reasonable to take with you a spare set of clothes and shoes which you can change into after the game because the clothes during the game are likely to get wet as after a good workout in the gym. 

Special equipment is designed for playing paintball. A paintball marker is not a sniper rifle. The paintball marker is the primary weapon in paintball. It consists of the following parts: a title, a barrel, a feeder (a magazine or a container containing paintballs), and an air cylinder. This weapon works as follows: when you press the trigger under compressed air pressure, the ball is shot and flies out of the barrel.

Paintballs consist of a shell based on food gelatin and water-soluble paint. In addition, the color consists of natural ingredients and does not harm the environment or human health. Even if the paint gets under the suit and stains the player's clothes, it can be easily washed off.

Also, during the night game, you need a flashlight and additional lenses to help you see in the dark and navigate in space. You cannot rely only on your eyesight in such conditions. Therefore, you will need to use a sight with NVG functions to increase your ability to neutralize the enemy. 

What other things should you pay attention to during the preparation and the game process? 

Choosing a person who can lead the team to victory is extremely difficult. The captain is the team's central figure, and you need to listen to and follow instructions. Constantly keep in touch with him. If you have the opportunity to take a paintball instructor as a captain, then your chances for an intriguing tactical game increase. If you do not have such a candidate, then your primary task is to get as much pleasure from the process as possible and trust your instincts.

Choose the correct position on the playing field; that is, take a place that will allow you to shoot comfortably, quickly, and easily change your status on the court and give you maximum visibility not only of your players but also of the opponent's players. You must be precise and methodical. If you hide behind the cover, you will undoubtedly remain unharmed, but you will not hit anyone and will not even see. Therefore, try to be as active as possible. Active and effective. Plunging into the atmosphere of such excitement, when all the senses are sharp, the main thing is to avoid fuss. No need to jump up and down. Experienced paintball players avoid such special effects in their actions because they are highly impractical and sometimes even traumatic. As practice shows, simple movements are the key to success in paintball. 

When you go to play, you have to agree that every player is obliged to do what the referee tells him without question. Any disputes with the referee are not allowed. The referee is doing his job; he is strict with you in the name of your safety. If the referee says that the player is shocked - it means that the player is shocked and leaves the playing field! You do not try to prolong your participation in the game with tricks; you do not wipe the paint. You honestly raise your hand, warn that you are a defeated participant, and leave the field. You will have another chance to win back. This game is addictive. So you will return to this battlefield.

In fact, following these rules is easier when your approach to this form of entertainment is based on respect. It would be best if you respected the judge, instructor, your teammates, and it is equally important to respect your opponent. Do not shoot from a short distance or make a second shot if the player is already hit. 

Since you aim to have a great time, all the above rules and recommendations are fundamental. In general, two main principles can be deduced from this that will guide you during the night game of paintball. Respect and safety. When these two central truths accompany you during the preparation and the fun of pleasure, calm emotions, as a result, are 100% guaranteed.

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