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How to hunt wild boar

How to hunt wild boar

It is difficult to imagine a hunter who has not hunted a boar at least once. Of course, hunting – is a personal matter for everyone. Every newcomer should try to get different trophies and already say what they liked the most. However, it would seem that climbing on a deer is different from climbing on a mouflon. There are a lot of nuances. It all depends on how much time you spend in an ambush, what weapons you use, what day you wait for your prey, and how easy or difficult it is to get a permit in your area, which will be cheaper or more profitable for you. But today, we will talk about wild boar hunting and try to reveal all the most important advantages of this hunt. But you only decide – this case for you or not?

Specifics of wild boar hunting

It is essential to understand and know the animal and its behavior to succeed in this case and in general during hunting. So let's start with the fact that such an animal is a boar "conservative. He doesn't like to change anything in his daily mood. This can mean, especially for a hunter. And he likes not only walking the same path but also resting in the same place where he created a "bed" for himself. Of course, this does not mean that he does not change anything in his habits at all. These changes are due to the influence of external factors: changes in weather conditions, the availability of food in a permanent city, etc. But in general, "he does not seek good. This animal is generally active in the dark season when it has to eat or what nature gives or can raid someone's fence. Boars do not stay where they eat and try to hide among such places where they have the opportunity to disguise themselves or in hard-to-reach places. When they even return after feeding to their home, they try to avoid the open terrain and pass through areas with dense vegetation. Big boar – the beast is serious. If necessary, he may stand up for himself and be very dangerous.  However, without good reason, the boar does not attack a person (only if a pig from piglets will rush to protect their children). Tremble in front of the boar, there is no reason but to follow when hunting it with reasonable care is necessary, and from frivolous impulses should be refrained. You can't rush happily, without reloading your guns, to the beast that fell after the shot.

What do you need for wild boar hunting?

In the question, it is better to have a boar while hunting. You need to start with the season and weather conditions when you go. Of course, this applies to clothing. First, you must take care of your health and safety. In any case, even if it is hot on the street, you should not prefer T-shirts or shorts, because you risk scratching and there are a lot of insects in the forest, which can be a hindrance and enjoying the process. Therefore, it is better to choose thermal clothing, which should be camouflaged. You do not have to stand out among the environment. Your smell can betray you. In addition, check your backpack and ensure you bring all the necessary documents: license and hunting permit (especially when it comes to hunting at night): rifle, flashlight, card, extra battery for your optics, and cartridges. In this case, many newcomers question whether it is best to use a gun. We recommend looking at the following options: Browning BAR ShorTrac Hog Stalker, Remington AR-25, Ruger American Rifle.

Brief playbook for wild boar hunting

The most popular method of hunting wild boar is gathering a particular group of people and driving it. I want to wash away that it is not desirable to use dogs now. Because many times it has led to unpleasant consequences: either the hunter hears a bark try to shoot as soon as possible and risks touching a friend, or there is a risk that your pet will suffer in this case. After all, as we have already mentioned, the boar knows how to stand up for itself if it has such a need. So collective hunting begins by checking documents that each hunter is obliged to have with them. Safety briefings are provided, and each participant must know the area they will bypass and what role they should play in this matter. It is essential not to harm your comrades and to have the desired result at the end of this exciting process. So after the first group of people bypasses the territory, they should try to direct the beast toward the arrows. There is a logical question about how to do it. This requires a more significant who knows what trails this animal passes. But it is almost impossible to drive wild boars where they do not want to go. They will stand in the thickets, fly in front of the commanders and eventually break through the last line. Therefore, the arrows should be placed on the salary side through which there is the maximum number of trails and transitions. 

There is another popular method of hunting this animal; in this case, you can do everything yourself without additional help. You first leave the animal's food and then point in the ambush when it comes to this place. If you know his place of rest, then wait nearby. 

Of course, the best time to hunt wild boar is at night. But keep in mind that night hunting is not allowed in all states. Of course, if you do not hunt on a private farm. There these rules are set by the owner. If you have the opportunity to get a boar in the dark, you should remember a few recommendations. First – you have the day to explore the area to navigate in space in conditions of insufficient visibility. Second, your reliable friend, in this case, will be not only your gun but also an additional device to it, which will increase your ability to see - a night vision device. This can be a standard monocular and maybe a thermal imager in general. But usually, there is a sight that has such a function. And a few more critical recommendations. We mentioned earlier that you could use the (chipboard and corn, someone generally recommends wetting the bait in beer). Near it, you can place additional lighting that will improve visibility. But don't forget that bright light can scare an animal. The boar hunting season coincides with the deer hunting season. That is, late autumn and winter. Because it's just the peak of the chase, and they are more active because of trying to find food. Therefore, the feed works much more efficiently. 

The most important thing you need to get from hunting – is a pleasure. Theoretical knowledge and understanding of what awaits you, what are the hunting options – all this is essential. But your failures are waiting for you. You will meet different situations in which you will be unwilling. And still, before you go wild boar hunting, consult more experienced people on this issue.

Moreover, find an experienced companion who will accompany you. He will tell and show what points to pay attention to during the persecution that the beast leaves behind. And this is the beast. After all, the forest is vast, and not only does the boar live in it, you can get on anyone. And you have to be as ready for it as much as possible.

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