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Jul 19, 2022 | 07:42 am 1060 0

How to hunt mouflon

How to hunt mouflon

Hunting requires a permit – everyone knows this. Usually, during the hunting season, hunters return with deer, ducks, wild boar, and other species of animals, which are popular and common trophies. The animal is a product to be processed because, as a result, you can get meat, leather, and fur that we can use in the home. Or have another trophy as proof of your victory in the hunt, such as horns. And what is the point in this case if you got permission and still want to hunt down the muffle ram? The horn of such an animal will be a beautiful decoration for your trophies.

Specifics of mouflon hunting.

The first thing to understand is this type of artiodactyl animal you will not see in your forests. After all, there are specially set aside farms with an extensive area where they live their everyday lives. The adult ram reaches a height of up to 130 cm and 90 cm in height. Because of the massive spiral horns, the weight of males significantly exceeds the weight of females and can reach up to 50 kg. Mouflon leads to a herd image of life; these communities consist only of females and lambs and have 100 or more heads. Males of wild rams are kept separate from the herd and mixed with it only during the “marriage period,” and a strict hierarchy regulates their relationship. Muffle females usually give birth to over one lamb, so the population of this species grows faster relative to other species of wild rams. In summer and autumn, their lives depend very much on the presence of water sources near the water, and these animals adapted to drink not only fresh but also salt water. Rams may not leave a shaded place for a few days in the heat. The mouflons eat mainly grass and shrub branches and do so all night until dawn.

What do you need for mouflon hunting?

In principle, everything you take with you on a regular hunt you take and on a muffle hunt. But let’s repeat all the essential tools that may be needed. The first–is a hunting permit. A license that you are allowed in a particular region to do your favorite thing and that you have the right to return with the trophies of that animal. Once you have arranged and taken all the necessary documents, everything else should lie in your trunk while traveling to your destination and waiting for your time. Because you will be in Spartan conditions, you will need to think about everything about your clothes. Be foresighted in what you choose for this mission.

After all, although hunting usually occurs on these animals when the temperature of Celsius is high, you need to protect yourself from the environment, which can also be set against you. These are thermal clothing ( long-sleeved shirt), long pants (shorts are not worth wearing ), long boots, a hat or a handkerchief to keep the head of the sunstroke villa, and sunglasses. The recommendations are the same if you plan to go hunting in winter. Only the clothes should be hot. The raincoat will also never interfere with having it. And don’t forget that clothes should disguise you in the environment. We have something to learn in nature. After all, the same ram is well disguised because of the color of its fur. It will be appropriate to use the enemy’s weapon against himself. Of course, what should be in your backpack, that insect repellent, water, a card, and personal care products? As for weapons, here you decide for a start what you will try to hunt an animal. It can be a bow and arrow. There may be a gun with bullets, so it is necessary to have a good sight for such a set of additional batteries. If you plan to stay in the open air for a few days, the mandatory attributes are a tent, bedroom, and carriage. For the camp, you need to take food containers where you will cook it. And after parking, do not forget to clean carefully so as not to pollute the ecosystem.

Brief playbook for mouflon hunting.

We have already cited the main specific points associated with mouflon hunting. Everything else already depends on your preparation for this case and your experience. After you have collected all the necessary documents, collected your backpack, checked your weapon (this is very important, you have to be sure of it), and loaded the car, you will have an exciting journey. Then some points depend on whether you are hunting alone or in your friend's company. If this is the first option, then, to begin with, you need to get acquainted with the area. We mentioned that mouflon hunting takes place on specialized farms, so here you will be helped by a consultation of an experienced person who will explain where they can be found more often or even spent in these places. Pursuit and expectation – you can choose the option you like more. The most crucial thing in this case – is to enjoy the process. If you are in an ambush, you need a lot of patience and not to miss your prey. After all, males usually move one by one, and their trophies are worth a long wait. Be organized and calm when you are finally lucky enough to see the long-awaited goal. Here, it is worth aiming in principle where and deer for a guaranteed result. It is a question of the fact that you need to damage the lungs and heart, which means shooting behind the shoulder. It is not desirable to shoot in the head. Again, everything depends on the type of weapon you use. But in this case, there is a high probability of damaging the horn. What to do is undesirable.

So these were all the basic recommendations for hunting an animal like a mouflon. There are no significant differences from conventional hunting. The main thing is to remember and follow simple recommendations and established rules. In this case, you will enjoy the process and have a good trophy at your feet.

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