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May 17, 2022 | 08:45 am 738 0

Checklist criteria for a scout rifle

Checklist criteria for a scout rifle

Scout rifle (SR) is a unique weapon that can be used for various purposes. Such versatility makes it popular and widely used, despite almost 40 years since its inception. To appreciate all the advantages of this weapon, you need to study its features carefully.

What is a scout rifle?

SR begins its history in the 80s of the last century. At this time, the legendary Colonel D. Cooper came up with his masterpiece, which became a real revolution in the field of firearms. His rifle became a full-fledged replacement for most of the famous models of that time, as it was suitable for a wide variety of tasks. With the help of this weapon, they went hunting, guarded the territory, carried out military operations, and went in for shooting sports. Nowadays, SR remains in demand and is widely used by representatives of various professions.

The SR turned out to be so successful that many manufacturers repeatedly tried to copy it. The result was good quality rifles, which still could not compete on equal terms with Cooper's creation. At the same time, most of the copies produced could only effectively cope with a specific task. The secret of the latter lies in its versatility. Another essential feature of the SR is its low weight, which allows the user to aim for a long time (hands do not get tired) and move actively without any discomfort, choosing the most convenient position for firing.

The SR differs from many of its counterparts in its high rate of fire. It was this feature that Cooper was most proud of, as it allowed him to gain a tangible advantage over the enemy. An additional benefit of the SR is the reliability required for combat operations in extreme conditions.

Checklist criteria for a scout rifle

SR can only be called a weapon that meets specific criteria as described by its creator. There are relatively few of them, but each of them is very important for the perfect functioning of all rifle elements.

Primary criteria for SR:

  1. Weight. One of the leading indicators of SR is its lightness. Therefore, for a weapon to be classified as this type, it must weigh no more than 7 pounds (approximately 3.17 kg). In this case, even with additional accessories (carrying strap, scope, etc.), the SR will remain light and comfortable to wear on the shoulder for hours on end. Also, the lightweight will help the weapon owner overcome complicated sections of the path without any problems.
  2. Size. Another essential criterion that distinguishes the SR from other rifles is the size. According to Cooper's idea, the weapon should have a length of no more than 39 inches (99.06 cm). In this case, the rifle's barrel must be less than 19 inches (48.26 cm). These are far from record figures when compared with modern rifle models. However, for weapons 40 years ago, such dimensions were unique.
  3. Accuracy. Cooper created his rifle intending to make a large number of shots in the shortest possible time. At the same time, according to the SR compliance criteria, he paid particular attention to accuracy, which should be about two arc minutes by 4 inches at a distance of 200 yards. At the same time, such indicators should be achieved not only with single but also with serial shots.
  4. Bolted gate. An essential criterion for a scout rifle is the smooth operation of the shutter. It increases comfort during shooting and eliminates additional difficulties for the user. Also, this structural element should be as reliable and durable as possible. In this case, the type and appearance of the shutter itself can be any.
  5. Cartridges. SR provides the need to use standard ammunition capable of hitting large objects with a single shot (for example, a person or animal with a significant weight). They are sold in all specialized stores and have an affordable cost. Therefore, the creator of the SR chose the popular .308 caliber cartridges for his rifle.
  6. Sight. This structural element should be installed as low as possible and provide considerable eye relief. The presence of a low-power sight characterizes all models of the SR type.
  7. Belt. An essential criterion for the SR for its creator was the presence of a belt with a quick loop. It will make the process of carrying weapons more comfortable and create additional support during firing.

Reasons to own a scout rifle

The SR is a slightly outdated rifle. Despite this, it remains popular among the military and civilians. This became possible due to many advantages and a minimum of disadvantages.

Reasons to buy SR for personal use:

  1. Versatility. SR can be used for a wide variety of purposes. With its help, you will be able to shoot a large trophy while hunting, protect your house from intruders, and compete in shooting at any targets. Such versatility will allow replacing other types of weapons designed to perform only one task.
  2. Ease of use. SR is simple and easy to use. This rifle is lightweight, allowing it to be carried on the shoulder all day or aimed for long periods without tiring your hands. In addition, such weapons are pretty compact, which significantly simplifies the process of transportation and storage at home. An added benefit is the reliability of the SR, eliminating the need for frequent adjustments and repairs.
  3. Accuracy of fire. SR can be purchased only knowing about this dignity. With proper zeroing, the weapon can deliver high precision and accuracy even in the case of burst firing. Also, the rifle is distinguished by its speed and ability to produce a large number of rounds per unit of time.
  4. Availability of ammunition. Scout rifle requires .308 caliber cartridges to fire. This ammunition is standard throughout the world and can be easily purchased at a specialized store. An additional advantage is the relatively low cost of cartridges, making them available to everyone.
  5. Economic benefit. The SRs themselves are expensive. The high price is observed even among little-known manufacturers that do not have many customers. At the same time, such a rifle can simultaneously perform the work of several other types of weapons, the purchase of which can be abandoned.
  6. Stylish design. Another reason to buy yourself an SR is its attractive appearance. Initially, the creator of this rifle did not set himself the goal of getting a stylish weapon that frightens opponents with its appearance. However, the finished design turned out like this and became recognizable among other rifle models.
  7. Lots of positive feedback. Despite almost 40 years of history, the scout rifle remains popular with customers and receives many good reviews. This became possible due to the weapon's reliability and a set of its characteristics, which many modern rifle models can envy.

Scout rifle is considered a reliable and easy-to-use weapon. It is perfect for hunting, entertainment, military operations, and protecting objects. Such versatility makes this model popular in various fields of activity and does not allow modern weapons to replace the SR completely.

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