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Dec 19, 2022 | 07:57 am 1839 0

Additional airsoft equipment

Additional airsoft equipment

Over the past decades, humanity has changed so much that it is difficult to perceive what happened before. The latest technologies, globalization, improvements in production, and many other things have made our lives more diverse and straightforward. On the one hand, it is a big plus that humanity is developing and bringing something new to all production areas. However, on the other hand, great discoveries are also a great responsibility, which rests on the person who creates them and the users.

A banal example of such an improvement is the Internet. Thus, an extensive global network of information search and communication between people has dramatically simplified the life of many individuals. Finally, it became possible not to spend much time in the library, studying materials from a hundred books, or to send letters through the mail, constantly wasting your time. This is an absolute advantage of the Internet and social networks, which appeared a little later. However, there is another side of the coin that people quite often ignore. It is about the problems of cyber security and the reading of personal data, cyberbullying, etc. Therefore, there a positive and negative sides to every invention. To effectively interact with such inventions, one should carefully study their functionality and know how to apply them in practice.

Of the many inventions today, the most popular ones are those most often used for work and leisure. We are talking, first of all, about different types of weapons. Indeed, for many people, shooting or hunting is an excellent alternative to spending time on a day off. Statistics show that more and more people choose similar activities as their hobby and devote quite a lot of time to it. Also, such enthusiasm can be explained by a person's desire to work in a team and enjoy everything around him. As one of the sports increasingly finding supporters among different population segments, Airsoft can give just such emotions.

Since the main element of airsoft is precisely the pneumatic weapon, we will briefly consider the history of its origin and development.

The first similar samples of pneumatic weapons have been known since ancient India when people just started using similar mechanisms of action of firearms in their activities. Yes, even then, the properties of air weapons, or those that used gas power when pushing out a projectile, where known. However, at that time, pneumatic weapons had yet to acquire their modern appearance and were far from ideal.

The natural formation of this type of weapon took place closer to the 16th century when people started hunting more intensively. That is, hunting was needed to survive and become a hobby for wealthy people. Then, a pneumatic weapon was invented for the first time, which had a similar appearance to the modern one. Since few manufacturers of such a device at that time, few people could see it. First, these were rich people, for whom pneumatics became another property. However, after the king of Germany discovered this invention and demanded to buy it from the manufacturer, real hype for this type of weapon began. Everyone wanted to have in their arsenal something that the king himself had. Since then, pneumatic armaments have been considered an indicator of a person's wealth and purchasing power. More and more nobles wanted to show off such guns and used them on hunts and during competitions.

A century later, many enterprises appeared that produced pneumatic weapons. The problem arose in the competitiveness of each of them and the possibility of bringing something new to the already known mechanism. Another replaced one invention, various designs were created, new ideas and achievements were introduced, etc. That is why many types of pneumatic weapons are currently known, and you can choose them for any taste.

You will be wrong if you think pneumatic weapons have not been widely used in practice. It is in no way inferior to a firearm and is often used for hunting and various games such as the already mentioned airsoft. And these are far from all areas of its use. In particular, it is usually used by representatives of law enforcement agencies that monitor order in the area. Of course, using weapons in such a case is more of an exception than the rule, but in extreme cases, the police use them to subdue criminals or to detain them. They affect not vital areas of the skin, but those that will somewhat slow down a person's reaction, etc.

As for airsoft, this sport appeared relatively recently, but more and more, it attracts the attention of many people. This sport is exciting and requires the involvement of all possible skills and abilities of a person. In addition, it promotes endurance and the ability to make decisions in a brief period. In a word, there are many advantages, and that is why this sport has become so popular and exciting for people. However, each game has rules that you need to familiarize yourself with before starting. We will continue to talk about such regulations.

Basic rules of airsoft

The first and essential rule of airsoft is the ability to handle weapons. Many consider air guns to be frivolous, that is, to be "toys," the opposite of firearms. However, this is not the case at all. Air guns can have fatal consequences due to improper use. Before you start using it, you should ensure that you know the safety rules and have all the necessary skills inherent in the weapon user. It is not for nothing that most states have introduced a permit system for air and firearms. Such a mechanism will protect against possible harmful consequences that can be caused by the use of weapons by inexperienced persons. Moreover, compliance with these legal norms is mandatory, and non-compliance is punishable by a fine or criminal prosecution.

The next rule follows logically from the previous one and involves the ability to carry a weapon properly. It is comprehensive and includes those elements that will help protect yourself and others from harm. First, you must remember that the gun should be carried with the muzzle down so that the projectile does not accidentally jump out. In addition, you should also not keep your hand on the trigger, as this may cause an accident that will cost another person's life. It is also important to remember that the weapon must be discharged before using it in the game. This will allow you to prepare for the next shot and not harm anyone effectively.

Another important rule that all beginners and experienced airsoft players must follow is to wear protective clothing while playing. For example, protecting vital organs in the first place is always recommended, without which it is impossible to function outside the game entirely. It is about the organs of smell and vision, and it also protects the knees, reproductive system, etc. That is, the safety of a person while playing airsoft should be in the first place, and excitement and an exciting game should not stand in the way of ensuring the normal functioning of vital organs.

The previous rules mostly applied to the stage when the game has not yet started; that is, it is a kind of preparation for the game and its central moments. And the rules relating to the airsoft game are detailed on the Internet. Let's focus on the main ones.

First, it should be emphasized that it is forbidden to aim at unprotected areas of the skin during the game. This is because air weapons, although not as impressive as firearms, can be fatal if they hit an open area of ​​the skin. This especially applies to the fact that you cannot aim at the neck or head. That is why these areas are constantly protected, and players closely monitor this process.

Next, you should not forget to consider the target and where to shoot carefully. To avoid a ricochet, you should examine the area and ensure that there is no one behind the target or behind you. This will allow you to be safe and go through all stages of the game as well as possible without damage or injury.

During the game, you also need to watch out for other players, so they don't blind others. It is essential to always have everything in sight and not to allow suspicious maneuvers in your direction and the direction of other players.

And, of course, one of the game's main rules is to exit the game in time. If you have already been kissed and want to let others know, let the other members know. Unfortunately, there have been situations in practice when a person did not warn that he had already left the game, took off his protective equipment, and was targeted by a person who thought he was still in the game. Therefore, in many ways, you should rely only on yourself and your prudence in this matter.

Additional Equipment

The uniform that should be stocked up for an airsoft player should be noted here about a properly selected suit, shoes, and protective pads. Of course, clothing should be comfortable and such that it will not restrict movement during movement. Choosing shoes with a tractor sole is advisable, as it is universal and will help stand on any surface. As for protective pads, as already mentioned above, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the eyes, mouth, chest, neck, hands, and knees. Without it, staying safe and successfully reaching the finish line of the game without damage is impossible.

Since airsoft is a popular game and many players love the extreme and new sensations, it is often played in the evening. This enhances the game's effectiveness and allows participants to feel like they are on a real hunt. If the rules allow, you can use additional mechanisms, particularly night vision devices. These include a night vision scope, a thermal imager, binoculars, etc. Each has an appropriate purpose and is used depending on the situation. So, for example, using a thermal imager when playing airsoft at night allows you to see the thermal reflection on the terrain. Yes, the thermal imager seems to scan the entire environment around and selects areas with increased temperature. In particular, those objects with a higher temperature are colored red or orange, and those that do not differ in any way from the environment - in blue or purple. This allows you to see through the surrounding objects and gives its user a unique advantage over other players.

The same can be said about binoculars or night vision scopes. Their primary purpose is to eliminate visual obstacles in observing objects at night. For example, binoculars should be used when you need to see a wide area on a surface at a long distance. And the night vision sight allows you to focus on the area and highlight a separate object from among others nearby. That is, each of the devices has its function and field of use.


Thus, considering the above, we can conclude that new inventions improve our lives and enable us to implement various activities as best and as quickly as possible. In addition, they help employees in multiple spheres of life and contribute to achieving the set goal. However, if misused, every such invention can have negative consequences, which can provoke many troubles in the future. This is especially true of dangerous everyday items that many people use. They need to familiarize themselves with safety rules and realize they own a source of increased danger to get permission to use them. And such a permit system is mandatory and helps maintain order and regulate meaningful relationships in society.

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