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Dec 18, 2023 | 09:29 am 466 0

Setting up an AGM USA Shoot House - The Greatest Demo of Thermal and Night Vision in The United States

Setting up an AGM USA Shoot House - The Greatest Demo of Thermal and Night Vision in The United States

At AGM, our dedication to growth and innovation in the outdoor and firearms industry has driven us to new heights. With each passing year, our products gain popularity, but we knew that merely showcasing them at events wouldn't do justice to their full potential. We craved an experience that would leave a lasting impression, one that would let you really get the chance to put our products to the test and have fun while trying them out!

What is the AGM Shoot House?

Whenever AGM’s team gets the chance, we’ll set up a large arena tent or building at some of the largest 2A and outdoor events in the country. The arena will be completely dark inside. There will be two entrances, one side for each team. The inside of the arena will have halls, corridors, rooms, and barricades set up for you to navigate and practice your building-clearing skills while becoming familiar with our thermal optics. The goal is to provide a more fun and immersive way to demo our product and make for more memorable events put on by leading brands and companies in the industry.


Setting up Hallways, Corridors, Rooms, and Barricades

The layout of our arenas is constantly being switched up and modified. Each event will be an entirely new experience.
The sides of the arena mirror each other so that each team starts in the same environment with the same equipment. Barricades are placed at varying heights so you’ll have the opportunity to try shots at odd angles, down low, or up high.


Rules and Safety 

A standard AGM Shoot House setup allows for 3 vs 3 matches, smaller venues will require 2 vs 2 matches
Each team member is given a gel blaster with a full magazine and stationed at the entrances on each side of the shoot house. 
At the call of the Shoot House Officers, You and your team will be given 3 minutes to enter the shoot house and prevent the opposing team from making it to your side of the arena while working to get your entire team to the opposite side.
If you are hit by the opposing team you must call out “Hit!”, raise your hand, lower your weapon, and return to the starting point.
Upon returning to the starting point, you must count out 10 seconds before you can rejoin the fight.
Each Magazine in your Gel Blaster holds a lot of rounds, but if you do run out of ammo within those 3 minutes you will be out for the round.
All shooters are required to wear eye protection at all times in and around the shoot house. 
During the matches, all gel blasters will stay on the semi-auto setting.
Barricades and props cannot be moved.
Avoid shooting at the face
Hits and Time counting are all based on the honor system. Be honest and call your hits. Have fun with it!


Night Shoot Demo Weapons/Gel Blasters:

Every fighter will be equipped with a EMG/Noveske Gel Blaster built to look and feel just like a standard AR-15, a fully loaded magazine filled with glow-in-the-dark gel beads, and tracer end units.

Thermal Optic Equipment and Preferred Settings:

Each Gel Blaster will be equipped with an AGM Rattler with a default setting to the White/Hot Pallet and its base magnification of 1.5x. Reticle Choice is up to the Match Directors.


Where will AGM USA be Next?

Interested in taking the shoot house for a spin? Want to try out our thermal optics before you buy your own? Come join us at our upcoming events and demos!
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