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May 24, 2022 | 09:05 am 2249 0

Laser sights vs red dot sights for Pistol

Laser sights vs red dot sights for Pistol

A pistol is a weapon whose compactness and ability to shoot quickly make it in demand in various fields of activity. It is slightly different from analogs for larger weapons and has its characteristics. Knowing them, you can quickly choose the suitable model to perform specific tasks. To improve a particular model and maximize the accuracy of shots, it is necessary to use special pistol optics.

Laser sights and grips

There are many types of scopes that gun owners can use. The most functional of them is a laser. Such optics show themselves perfectly while shooting from any distance, allowing for increased accuracy. This feature makes laser sights popular among professional athletes and hunting enthusiasts.

All produced laser sights for a pistol are divided into categories by type, location of the laser activator, beam color. Each of these classifications divides all models into groups with standard features, simplifying finding suitable optics.

Classification by type of optics:

  1. Embedded. These scopes are very rare. They are mainly equipped with military models, the cost of which is very high. Such devices are valued for their compactness, reliability, and efficiency under any external conditions.
  2. Detachable. Laser sights of this type are familiar and available to everyone. They are mounted directly on the gun's barrel or placed under it. This feature increases the dimensions of the weapon but reduces its cost.

Classification according to the location of the laser activator:

  1. On the frame. Sights of this type are widely used in pistols designed for self-defense. They are the most convenient in operation, as they allow you to quickly and easily activate the laser.
  2. Out of frame. Such an arrangement of the activator has practically no effect on the speed of turning on the beam, but it makes it possible to increase the reliability of the laser. Models belonging to this category are used on pistols of various types. Most often, they are installed on army and hunting weapons.

Beam color classification:

  1. Red. Pistol sights with such a laser are the most common and affordable, even for people with little financial resources. They create beams of the standard red color, which is widely used in models designed for larger weapons.
  2. Green. This type of optics is more advanced. It creates a green laser beam, which notices the human eye faster. Best of all, such models are suitable for long-term aiming. Due to this, they are actively used in hunting and during tasks of increased complexity. The cost of pistol optics, which creates a green laser beam, is slightly higher than that of the "red" models.
  3. "Invisible." This is a particular type of pistol optics used in conjunction with night vision devices. The latter makes it possible for the shooter to see the laser beam. Because of this feature, "invisible" models are operated only at night and are useless during the day.

Miniature red dot sights

Red dot sights can be used for entertainment, sports, and hunting. They are also actively used to protect various objects. The optics will have a unique set of characteristics that adapt it to perform a specific task in each case. The main feature of such a device is its compactness. This makes it ideal for pistols of different brands. In addition, the small size of red dot sights has a positive effect on the weight of the entire structure, which makes the operation of the optics as comfortable as possible.

The design of such sights provides for a curved lens that does not create a magnification effect. It acts as a reflector capable of redirecting a focused beam of light. The position of the point made by the beam can be adjusted to the current operating conditions. In addition, the user can change the size of the dot depending on the distance to the target. The latter becomes visible during aiming and helps the shooter aim the weapon at the target.

The optics turn a simple pistol into a precision weapon. It makes it possible to increase shooting accuracy and successfully cope with any tasks. With careful choice of optics and their correct use, you can achieve the desired results in the shortest possible period.

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