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Sep 14, 2022 | 03:35 am 2872 1

What is Caldwell's lead sled, and how to use it?

What is Caldwell's lead sled, and how to use it?

Buying or getting a new weapon is always a real treat for the shooter. This gives him unforgettable emotions and allows him to look forward to the subsequent shootings. However, for new rifles, shotguns, and carbines to work as efficiently as the old ones, they need to be shot. To do this without the use of any additional devices is quite tricky. In this case, the cost of effort and time will increase. To avoid this, you must use a Caldwell lead sled (CLS). This product is the best among similar devices, thanks to which it is popular with beginners and professional shooters.

What is Caldwell's lead sled?

Caldwell is one of the oldest companies producing sighting and shooting devices. It is considered the world leader in the industry and is part of the Battenfeld Technologies Corporation. The company's products are on the market in dozens of countries worldwide. It has a different cost, making it available to everyone. In all price categories, exceptionally high-quality, reliable, and durable products will become indispensable during zeroing. One such device is the Caldwell lead sled.

The CLS is a unique platform used on ranges and shooting ranges. With its help, zeroing in on weapons is simplified, which no self-respecting shooter can afford to miss. The Caldwell lead sled is used to check the guns or optical instruments during work. It gives you a chance to make certain adjustments that will help you improve your accuracy, find the optimal ammo, determine the effect of recoil on the percentage of inaccurate shots, and much more.

Most beginners and professional shooters choose the CLS. This is due to many advantages compared to similar devices and a minimum of disadvantages.

Key Benefits:

  • Versatility. All Caldwell lead sled models produced today are adapted to zero in almost any weapon. Such versatility makes it possible to work with rifles and carbines of different sizes, weights, and calibers. Thanks to this, people who deal with several types of weapons do not need to buy a separate installation for each model. This saves not only many nerves but also money.
  • Easy to set up. CLS is as simple as possible to fit the targeting weapon. The user does not need to use any tools and accessories to carry out this work. In addition, all manipulations carried out do not require special knowledge and skills.
  • Structural strength. Caldwell lead sled stands out for its welded construction. It consists of steel pipes with thick walls, which provide the necessary rigidity and strength. In addition to the base, other structural elements (plates, spacers, pallets, etc.) are made of increased thickness sheet steel. It withstands heavy loads and does not bend under heavy weight.
  • No assembly problems. All CLS models are assembled and disassembled in a few minutes. When performing this work, the user does not spend a lot of effort and energy. This advantage makes it possible to disassemble the structure before sending it to the shooting range, simplifying transportation as much as possible. Upon arrival at the site, a few simple manipulations will be enough to combine all the constituent elements and bring the installation to “combat” readiness.
  • Protection from external factors. All manufactured CLS are reliably protected from any impact. They are not afraid of even strong blows and can withstand falling from a height. Steel structural elements have a special coating that does not allow moisture to reach the metal. This eliminates the appearance of rust and increases the life of the product. CLS is also not afraid of sudden temperature changes. This makes it possible to use the design for shooting weapons any time of the year.
  • Recoil reduction. Caldwell's lead sled helped to eliminate any negative points during shooting. One of these is the recoil of weapons. It becomes almost imperceptible since the structure absorbs most of the energy. This fact is significant for shooters who zero in on multiple rifles. They spend much time at the shooting range, and constant exposure to recoil can harm their health.
  • Lightweight. Most produced CLS models weigh 8-9 kilograms. These are relatively small values, given the structure's thick-walled pipes and many steel elements. Low weight is a significant advantage, as it allows the product to be easily transported, loaded, and unloaded without assistance.
  • Durability. The Caldwell lead sled is a design built to last. It can serve its owner for decades with proper operation and minimal maintenance. At the same time, it will remain as valid and as effective as possible.
  • Affordable price. CLS is a sought-after product due to its versatility, quality, reliability, durability, and reasonable cost. It makes such a design accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial capabilities. Even models from the premium category are cheaper than most analogs released by competitors.
  • Lots of positive feedback. One of the leading indicators of quality is a lot of good customer reviews. Different CLS models always have a lot more of them than negative reviews. This feature leaves no doubt about the correctness of choice even among people who originally planned to purchase other products.

How to use it?

Using the Caldwell lead sled to zero in a gun is a simple task that every experienced shooter can handle. However, to avoid mistakes, you must perform all the steps in the correct sequence. Only in this case will it be possible to prepare the structure for operation qualitatively and to shoot the existing weapons well.

The correct sequence of actions:

  • The first step after arriving at the shooting range is to assemble the rig and properly adjust it. Start with assembly. This process is quite simple and requires minimal time. You should be guided by the instructions attached to the product during its implementation.
  • After the assembly is completed, they begin to adjust the structure's height. To do this, raise or lower the front seat platform (depending on the user's needs). Perform this work using a particular adjusting wheel. When the platform has reached the desired height, it is fixed with a locking screw. This is done simply since the screw has a comfortable handle in the form of the letter "T.»
  • The next step in the adjustment is raising or lowering the rear pillar. It can change its position within small limits, so this height adjustment is used only to bring the structure to the optimal position.
  • After completing all the above steps, proceed directly to work with the lead sled. They are placed on a shooting bench, trying to direct them straight to where they will send bullets. The product is fixed and checked for the absence of any external defects.
  • If necessary, increase the weight of the lead sled. They do this only in those cases when they shoot large-caliber rifles and types of weapons that have strong recoil during firing. To increase the weight, you can use almost any load. Most often, they are bags of lead shot placed on a pallet. Depending on the weapon's characteristics, up to 4 such bags may be needed, each weighing 11-12 kilograms. If you are using the maximum additional weight, place the first pair of bags under the frame bar and the second above the frame bar. Teams of weighting agents are best placed one on top of the other, orienting them perpendicular to each other.
  • At this stage, the weapon is installed and fixed. This work is carried out as carefully as possible and in compliance with safety rules. The latter provides for installing only discharged rifles or carbines with an unfastened magazine and an activated fuse.
  • Next, the forearm of the weapon is set slightly above the front stop, and the butt rests against the backstop. The latter is soft, which makes it possible to reduce the negative impact of recoil on the constituent elements of the rifle.
  • The lead sled guides move a little to the side. The magnitude of this shift depends on the current wind conditions. The stronger the wind, the more you have to deflect the guides.
  • After that, control the height of the A-pillar. If necessary, it is slightly raised or lowered to the required distance. Do this gradually so as not to knock down the setting of the entire structure.
  • If necessary, re-adjust the height of the rear pillar. To do this, gently raise or lower the support, achieving the optimal position. After completing this work, the lock on the central support is firmly tightened.
  • In the next step, the shooter presses the right shoulder (if shots are fired with the right hand) firmly against the outside of the back gauge. Next, he takes the fore-end of the rifle with his left hand. In this case, the butt is pressed tightly against the inner surface of the backstop. The butt is “hugged” with the right hand, and one of the fingers is placed on the trigger.
  • After completing the above steps, check the correct adjustment and alignment of the sight. If everything suits your needs, then a single shot is fired. Next, make adjustments, if required, and continue to sight the weapon.
  • Having completed the work, unload the weapon, carefully remove it from the installation and place it in a carrying case. After that, the Caldwell lead sled is disassembled and prepared for transportation.

Zeroing in on a new weapon always causes its owner many problems. To simplify and speed up this process, you should use the help of a Caldwell lead sled. This device will allow you to quickly complete the task and do it with the highest quality. If you strictly follow the rules and experts' recommendations, a beginner can perform such work efficiently.

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