AGM Global Vision Binoculars: Technologies and Features

AGM Globalvision thermal binoculars use cutting-edge infrared imaging technology to pick up temperature differences and changes that occur with both natural and man-made objects and use that data to generate an image. This enables visibility in near to total darkness, across rough terrain, and through challenging or changing weather conditions. Our thermal binoculars also offer:

  • Digital photography and video recording capabilities
  • Professional-grade lens materials and ergonomic design
  • Integration with iOS and Android smart devices

Our thermal binoculars utilize the scientific principles of black body radiation (any object with a temperature above absolute zero must emit infrared radiation). Thermal photography, or thermography, works by detecting the level of radiation that an object emits, which will change in response to any increases or drops in that object’s temperature, even if those variations are very subtle.

AGM Globalvision is dedicated to using the latest available technologies to develop top-tier thermal binoculars. These technologies allow you to customize your device dashboard, choose from several color pallets options, and either manually or automatically reduce pixelation. All of our binoculars are made of high-grade aircraft aluminum alloy, making the them both lightweight and highly durable.

Our Thermal Binocular Products

We offer a wide range of expert-tested, professional-grade thermal binoculars. They feature:

  • Lightweight, compact, durable construction
  • Long-range observation
  • Tripod-mountability
  • Ergonomic, easy-to-operate controls
  • A limited three-year warranty

Our thermal binoculars come with tons of built-in features and a robust selection of included and optional accessories, like IP 65 protection, high-grade aluminum alloy housing, a variety of Germanium objective lenses, wireless remote control, digital zoom and menu navigation, and more.

The AGM Globalvision Guarantee: We’re the Right Choice for Tactical Professionals

All AGM Globalvision thermal binoculars are tough and ergonomic, ensuring that users feel safe, agile, and in total control during training, covert missions, territory exploration, and everything in between. Our thermal binoculars are weather-resistant, and always constructed with the most demanding military professional in mind. AGM Globalvision customers can rest assured that our products are of the highest quality, providing exceptional performance and viability at the lowest possible price.